Zero FX with Modular Batteries Review

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Md Fairus says:

Can we get a dual sport version like the africa twin?

Michael Gebhart says:

What is the weight of the 3.6KWh battery?

scott ferguson says:

why is the $600 charger an accessory when you NEED it ???

Erik Leypoldt says:

Just get a gogoro way cheaper

Shiv says:

They didn’t go over what kind of noise the bike makes. I am assuming it is completely silent and that lead me to the question of safety. In many cases exhaust noise from bikes helps keep other drivers and even pedestrians aware of their presence on the road.

Mike Camaro says:

I would give my first born for this bike..

Chobaca says:

It’s not like gas bikes are any better energy-efficient wise on freeways

Stuff says:

lmao whomst the fucc rides a bike for more than 60 miles anyway.

priyesh pushp says:

this machine can be a good bike but never ever a good ev

Kalvin One says:

we all really need removable battery and 3 wheels for emergency curve breaking as all of us live in appartement on the 6th floor and we do not have a garage. the removable batteries need to be on wheels and 1 second exchanged.

GingerRuss75 says:

Why hasn’t Tesla stepped up and made a cheap bike, the Asian market for them alone makes it worth it.

khuprock says:

so basically a battery review video

Z kai says:

Need Akira Bike style so ride can sit lower for better Aero

Dylan Crawford says:

You buy this exact bike with the same batteries off of DHGate for about $1,700.

Christopher Alden says:

I’ll pass, and wait until the competition and battery tech catch up to reality.

gaurav mandal says:

the modular battery is very useful for ppl who live in apartments and don’t have their own garage. pop out the battery n take it home to charge. also when you take out the battery, its difficult to steal it

KAKAN says:

A non-modular EV bike is being developed in India that will give a 100km range along with a 100 km top speed. It’ll cost around 2000-3000$ according to the rumors.Pretty much near the gogoro’s territory

Darkhorse87 says:

Sounds like a Ryan Little beat in the background. Don’t see any credits though.

joblessalex says:

Sadly, gas is still the way to go. I just can’t keep up with any of my riding friends. Same pack thats in this, but they just spend 2 minutes at the gas station and keep on ticking…

Bobby Roy says:

Love the concept and overall execution of the machine but at 10,000 bucks, it is hugely expensive. But then again, batteries are expensive indeed…

C013 says:



What is the top speed…of this bike

De ViceCrimsin says:

Come back to me when they make a full faring sport touring bike with at least 250 miles of range then you can have my money.

okleydokley says:

The cost of these bikes plus the poor highway range is why none of the Japanese companies are making electric bikes, but are developing them. The gas bike equivalents are still better bikes, and thousands less expensive. Even for people with a short commute, a 650 twin uses little gas, so what’s the point? These are a niche market for EV enthusiasts.

Kaj Hedekar says:


Zafer Kaya says:


Rakesh Shetty says:


Roy Batty says:

Still inconvenient when you consider that you can refuel a non electric motorcycle in approximately 1 minute.

Nagato is better than Punk Naruto says:

range is too little to be completely used as a single bike. 60 miles is so less when you have to travel long distances. Even if you think you do not need long range, u might end up needing it someday.

Jaspreet Singh says:

there is a bike called Tork , review that and its affordable .

zepcrazyfre says:

10K for a dual sport is high but ok with me…the batteries (omg smh) I need to start and ride cost up to $3000 smh.

….I’ll just say no.

Marc Lenray Magdaraog says:

Great. but I can’t even use it as a way of transportation from home to school… lacking of range greatly … >.>

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