Zero FX electric motorcycle FULL REVIEW e-bike Enduro test – Autogefühl

Some other interesting facts:
– one complete recharge costs approx. 1 Euro
– equipped with ABS (anti blocking system), mandatory in the EU since 2016
– front disc brake tends to squeeze a little when being pulled really tight
– exact spring travel: 21 cm / 22 cm
– wheelbase: 1,43 m / 4 ft 7
– weight: 131 kg
– power output: 44 hp / 106 Nm
– warranty: 2 years on the bike, 5 years on the battery

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Zeus54321 says:

Makes me think of Kirk’s bike from the 2009 Star Trek movie!

Zenith Red says:

Sounds like a RC toy -.- But yup, should be fun other than the ridiculous price tag.

dante 2016 says:

My first motorcycle will be electric. I’m argentinian, and the fx have dealer in Chile. The price is really good for the USA product (excelent)

ast5515 says:

Can you feel the extra weight of the batteries? Does it feel heavy?

By the way I would like to see some more motorcycle content on this channel.

L.GH. Djoetma says:

Interesting to see Thomas driving something with a Dutch license plate 🙂 Did the distributor send it over? How does something like this work?

I wonder how a racing bike would work with an electric engine… Probably top speed will be a problem (as in draining the battery quickly), but for normal road use… Could become very interesting. Same for smaller, low power options (scooters, mopeds, tuktuks, etc.) in countries like India and China. Hopefully these options will become cheaper quite fast and those countries will get cleaner air (in the big cities) and at the same time usage of fossil fuel will be less.

auxiz11 says:

This should enter the Philippine market..

Prasad Chawan says:

Don’t look promising. Heat sink placement is not right . No led lights . Tyres are not good for stability. And drive belt.???? It’s rubbish

Vitalii Gladun says:

Dart Weider face bike 🙂

E. Simons says:

You bikers are all the same!

chubbybrown4real says:

Anti Lock Braking system,Gret review.
Any wheelies?

11green11 says:

Def a fan of eBIKES . The only physical aspect i can see that hasn’t been addressed in many reviews is their low speed maneuverability. These clutchless, transmissionless bikes have 0 centrifugal rotation at a standstill and minimal rotation while creeping forwards in tight/slow traffic. That (to me) is quite an important aspect of safely riding 2 wheels on a day to day machine.

zhu tian says:

it’s wonderful that Tomas have make this kind of video,I have a shop sale electric scooters in poland,have the same function and fashion style,welcome to contact me and enjoy the magic power of electric 😉

Dave auf dem BMW says:

Definitely cool.
Does Zero make a bike comparable to an R1200R, standard bike but can add panniers, small windshield, longer range, that is heavy and powerful enough for freeway/Autobahn?

crazy.funny,dumb, jerk says:

You can bring emergency gas but not emergency electricity.

kraenk12 says:


Eric Shattow says:

This video review does correctly capture the sounds of the machine. Some other reviews say the bike does not make a noise, but as a rider of a Zero DSR that I can tell you there are sounds and you are hearing them in this review. Very nice!

Le Quasar says:

that’s very VERY dangerous. electric bike is far too dangerous. nobody can ear you when you drive. so like in 90% of moto accident, it’s a car who made a mistake. i let you imagine if they don’t ear you !! me i’m driving a gsx-r 1000 and when i “see” a dangerous possibility i just do what we call in frnech “une sirette” (that mean i make lot of noise with my engine) just to say ” HEY IM HERE !! DON’T CUT THE ROAD !!”

Ricardas Vasalauskas says:

Nice how much does it cost

brett20000000009 says:

I have a really short commute that doesn’t even fully warm up my motorbike this would be perfect but it’s just too damn expensive here in Australia. I really want one tho but just can’t justify the price.

Steve Osyka says:

Enjoyed the review. Electric cars and bikes are the future. Especially for France with their plans to ban diesel and petrol by 2040.

Sofronio Chen says:

what the heck? a bike? hahahahaha soooo cute!

kevin tan says:

great video i see you almost crash your bike anyway nice review as usually

shak dog says:

This bike is boss. Very good commentary. I am deciding on fx and fx s. It’s the future people. Cheers

Matt McManiac says:

You don’t talk about the brakes. Thoughts? I feel it’s extremely under braked considering the acceleration.

TheBlackestImp says:

I was considering how many more animals will die on the roads due to the very low sound of electric engines. And not only non-human animals. I think this could be a problem. A few months ago walking in ztl I was about to get hit by a hybrid taxi because I didn’t hear it.

Stawberry Berry says:

Great content, Love it

Edward McKinnon says:

Good review. The charging time and range limit it a bit for anything apart from local commuting, plus it’s not cheap.

TheMrL10 says:

more motorcycle !!!!

Barry Elliott says:

hi Thomas…it would be great to see the bmw m760i . in detail . ive seen all of your reviews. I would really like a close look at the materials bmw are using with this flagship model . is it competing with the s63 ? Irish viewer here . in addition I think ur detailed reviews of interior and exterior are fantastic. I also prefer reviews with no music . great work . BE31

firepower9966 says:

Very detailed review 😀

Patrick Van Reusel says:

A nuclear powered bike. How many rare earth metals are used in it? How much polution was needed to mine those metals? What the enviromental footprint of this bike, inclusive production and recycling at the end of his life?

dominic small says:

the MSRP on these bikes is very affordable especially when compared to similar gas powered bikes.

ozzycarnut says:

great review thomas. i can see this being the future for couriers especially.

Komodospitfire says:

that’s sweet!

donblub says:

is there a way to move the rear brake to the handlebar?

Gickel Arasu says:

Good job Thomas keep it up . I love motorcycle

Scott Thompson says:

+Autogefühl another great review! Please do more motorcycle reviews in the future, it would be great to see some special edition and rare bike reviewed.

Csaba Kovacs says:

Motorgefühl… I am happy to hear from it! Becouse of your video I start to be interested in 2 wheel’s again! 🙂 Of course because of the new electric engine on it! I’m really happy that You liked it! I would be happy to see more reviews of electric bikes, coz there are a lot of interesting models!

adrianTNT says:

6:18 wow, I already have the computer cable to charge it, all I need is ~10 000 $ for the bike 🙂

Autogefühl says:

Some other interesting facts:
– one complete recharge costs approx. 1 Euro
– equipped with ABS (anti blocking system), mandatory in the EU since 2016
– front disc brake tends to squeeze a little when being pulled really tight
– exact spring travel: 21 cm / 22 cm
– wheelbase: 1,43 m / 4 ft 7
– weight: 131 kg
– power output: 44 hp / 106 Nm
– warranty: 2 years on the bike, 5 years on the battery

Maciej Olejniczak says:

Whats the weather like ??

Worstintheshire says:

Excellent review,very comprehensive!

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