Zero FX – 2018 – Electric Motorcycle – Test Ride & Review

Electric powered motorcycles. Are they the future of riding?

In this video I will totally surprise you and will test the new 2018 Zero FX – Electric motorcycle.It’s coming with nice looking body, 21-18 Inch tires and only weigh 130kg. It was really strange for me to ride something like that, but I like it. The power of this simple engine suppose to be only 44 H.P, but the feeling is that I ride 100H.P motorcycle. It is like that, because you have it immediate, from the moment you twist the throttle and they are there. I had a really fun riding day and enjoy it so much. This could be a great option for many of you who just use the bikes to commute for example. The battery life is about 100km and the charging time is 8-9 hours. The only con I found so far on it was the price – 12,200 Euro in Germany.

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Alan Boulter says:

The only thing that concerns me about any electric vehicle is the number of pedestrians that cross the road without looking if they do not hear a vehicle, I suspect more accidents until the public become more aware?

Lewis Cast says:

Seems expensive but there are savings as it doesn’t need gasoline, oil, filters and maintenance work. I like it !!!

nsf com says:

do people buy this for 12000 !!!
no way , it’s a toy.

Jollytall 27 says:

When I wear out my current fun bike, BMW G650 X MOTO, I will certainly consider something like this. Reckon it might need a gentle right hand on wet roundabouts though.

Vasco Avila says:

Hi awesome video!!! but what abouth engine brake? i mean does it feel somthing like it?

gasdive says:

9:36, the guy in the background is just staring. You get used to that on a Zero.

stathis papadopoulos says:

bad idea pavlin SORRY

Uk tramp says:

A great city bike no doubt, at the price though it is a bit severe. Your reviews are highly regarded by myself and lots of others watching your vids. Thanks for this review , Would love to hear your views on the Yamaha 700 tracer as part of your mid sized tourer series. Safe riding.

Hafiz Mirov says:

You were wondering what you are going to do with your left hand, now you know that its for holding a mirror…))) lol.
Good review as always! I’m your fan!!

Christian Wicks Lightfoot says:

Thanks again Pavlin. Very good video.

I hope you don’t mind but I will add my opinion on electrical bikes..

These bikes are the future even the Isle of Man TT has an electric bike category. The manufacturers will make these bike the future in the same way as they did with 4stroke engine technology. Simply put if the pro riders are riding these bikes people will want it..

The downside isn’t battery life it’s the infrastructure, a clever way to increase journey distance is for example a refuelling station providing charged batteries to go then your journey can be continuous. But if the battery is integrated like in this model or the batteries require so many different styles of connectors just like in battery power tools then this isn’t a viable solution..

In an ideal world these companies will invest in interchangeable technologies and incourage owners to keep their bikes when the battery needs replacing but in reality these conpanies will need you to buy a whole new bike essentially destroying any environmental credibility they are preaching.

Sorry for my 2 pence..


Ponchy Ponchy says:

Lovely video. I feel like the passenger in the seat behind because of your accurate details. Great man :@)

Ivan says:

What happens when you chop the throttle? Is it breaking hard or nothing?

adno1965 says:

motorcycle without a soul, I accept electricity in trains,trams and trolley buses 🙂

Eduard Neculau says:

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do with my left hand”. easy, you hold the mirror

foo bar says:

perfect bike for busy people who want to have fun during a break or after work in the evening for an hour or so.

Abderrahmane HABBAAINA says:

Future !!! 🙂

Josue says:

FYI you could adjust the nut on the left mirror so I can lock on the position that you need it. Just lift the rubber cover and I just as needed. Great review like always!!!

C M says:

I hope this isn´t the Future, I really hope! This only feels like an option cause the World is guided by Idiots! Sorry to say that but it´s true 🙁

“Pollution free” vehicles ARE an option! There are no discuses about that, but in case of electric vehicles do the f… somebody cares about where all the freakin energy for our batteries should come from???

We want to quit nuclear power, we want to quit coal… i mean wtf!?

John Smith says:

Pavlin, if Money did not matter, which Bike would you choose? Honda Africa Twin or Yamaha 700 Tenere (when the Tenere will go in Production) for your Travelling?

brothersoulshine says:

Nice. We’ve had a nissan leaf as our family car for the last few years and that low-end power from the electric motor still makes me smile. It’s so strange to feel the strong pull right from a standstill. I think you’re right – electric bikes are probably the future, especially for city riding.

Gerardo Musano says:

This is what our grandsons will ride everyday in the future .For the city they say people with use electric bicycles and not 50cc scooters or small bikes .We will see iff we still live .

Joez86 says:

Excellent review… I think because it’s powered on a battery, they call the engine a motor. If it ran on petrol it would be considered an engine. In either case, it looks like a fun bike to have for sure.

Usman khan says:

You inspired me a-lot i am planning to travel from italy to pakistan on bike in December this year , i need a suggestion which engine displacement should i choose for this trip, i am interested in triumph tiger xca 800

Spanner Monkey says:

The thing I love about bikes is I never have to stop pulling oily bits off of them or Stripping bits down and rebuilding them. That’s the trouble with electric bikes, too quiet, too clean too simple too expensive by all accounts, but for me too boring. The wonky mirror was the only good bit. Sorry just my opinion. Glad you liked it Pavlin, you are a good sport and this was a very good review. I did enjoy it very much. Great little machine. Can I ask is this bike road tax exempt in Germany or isn’t that appplicable there ?

Chris H says:

Chain and sprockets for offroad….good point …enjoyed the vid 🙂

László Labancz says:

Me, I dont have any heart ache for petrol engines. Electrical is perfectly fine….except not today….just too expensive, few places where you can charge

John Smith says:

Hallo Pavlin, ich schreibe Dir in Deutsch, wenn Englisch besser ist schreib es mir einfach und ich schreibe es nochmal auf Englisch.
Ich habe jetzt einige Tage gebraucht um mich auf Deinem Kanal umzuschauen. Habe jetzt fast alles durch, als letztes die Mongolei-Reise.
Bin nur zufällig auf Deine Seite gekommen. Habe es aber nicht eine Sekunde bereut.
Top Infos über die verschiedensten Motorräder, Selbsthilfe-Tips, Reparatur-Tips, Bekleidungs-Tips, Umbau-Tips und dann die fantastischen Reise Videos. Als ob man die Tour selber macht.

Mit Abstand der beste Motorrad Adventure Kanal den ich bis jetzt gefunden habe. Nicht eine Sekunde in Deinen Videos war langweilig oder unnötig.

Ich hoffe das Du weiterhin diese wahnsinns Videos machst und sie mit uns teilst.

Bleib Gesund und mach weiter so.

Vielen, vielen Dank!!!

J. Smith

Kuba Gajda says:

Is the engine-braking effect strong on this one? Most electric vehicles (bmw c-series electric scooter for example) even turn the brake lights on when if you try to coast, since the bike slows down so fast.

Guillermo N says:

Good review as always ! First time I perceive what is to raid an electrical bike. Indeed pricy, and battery duration very short. Maybe after a few years, price will be down and battery life, much longer. Let’s be patient… Yet indeed, as you said in the video, electric is the future of bikes

Roger Vallve says:

like a tesla put ferrari motor sound through stereo system

Malvina Carabas says:

That mirror went out of it`s way to tell you the story about building quality of the bike it witnessed . The thing i liked on this bike – it`s the front pegs .
You got the open mind . Thank you ! As always , nice honest review .

Henrik Have Lindberg says:

A bike that can do 120-130 kmh and perhaps reach up to 100km… Well, it’s not for me 😉

Saul Torres says:

Very nice video.
Keep it up.

SuperLubot says:

This is one bike that can give you ‘more smiles per mile’. It’s not the range but the fun factor per distance. Sure the initial cost is high but I’m sure the savings will come in the long run since it won’t have to come in for shorter service intervals for lubrication, etc. It’s a perfect bike to go through small neighborhoods and even quiet country side roads without disturbing anyone with a loud pipe or buzzing engine. Power always comes instantly in most electric vehicles (like Tesla cars) because of its direct drive system which can become addictive haha. I’d love to own an electric bike like this someday.

Monika Mikrut says:

Hey, I really like your chanel and your reasonable attitude to motorbike travels! I have a question related to your trip to India: how are you going to get there? Go through Pakistan or Afganistan? I plan my motorbike trip from Poland to South East Asia right now and I wonder which option is cheaper and easier to get permission. Is it easy to get visa to Pakistan/Afganistan if you do a motorbike trip? And also: is it more reasonable to get carnet for Pakistan and India or pay duty on the border?

Elends Huraglump says:

Hi Pavlin, it is a very interesting bike. Since years i am a fan of electro mobility and i already drove a lot of kilometers with a electric car (BMW i3) in my job. The acceleration and the driving fun is really fantastic!!! But the electro vehicles are still much to expensive …. i will wait a few years for a used one. Ride safe, Hans

Richard Underdown says:

Definitely the future .
Nice speaker on the back for a variety twin sound track please. Or whatever you want. Turn volume down in town.
Yes. The future.

Ehtesham Qureshi says:

great review no engine sound fells like flying with wind

René van Oyen says:

Very cool! Nicely done.

László Labancz says:

No noise has advantages to, no need for earplug

László Labancz says:

Only problem is the price 🙁

Olis says:

When electric bikes have a range of >300km and charging stations away from cities they would be hard to ignore for most people. The whole no noise thing I just can’t get used to. I’m sure one day there will be hybrid bikes which could be very interesting!

Dmitriy Mazanov says:

Great bike! Now I wish to buy one as second bike! Thanks for review!

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