Zero DSR Electric Motorcycle Review

Zero DSR Electric Motorcycle Review: I’ve been wanting to ride an electric powered motorcycle ever since I first heard they were a thing. In general bikers seem to turn their nose up at electric powered bikes because of the lack of sound, gearbox and raw reciprocating manliness of an internal combustion engine. Well I was one of those too until I rode the Zero DSR – a real world, practical and not too insanely expensive simply brilliant fun motorcycle. Enjoy!

Many thanks to HGB Motorcycles in Ruislip for making this review possible.

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Dougie says:

I do kind of like the idea of the two wheeled milk float. The worry as you pointed out is the lack of sound making us more invisible than ever. I think the future has to also in the vehicle to vehicle tech accident prevention. I have yet to see an electric motorbike that actually looks good to me but that will come. The BMW future bike looks interesting and a bit space age, doesn’t fall over, head up displays through glasses. One day maybe, but the sound and smell of a petrol bike gives the bike personality. Maybe a good commuter option.

Lod dude says:

:Warning – This vehicle is fitted with a ‘Tazar Anti-theft’ seat unit – do not attempt to ride without correct code:

Two Lane Blacktop says:

Tried the exact same model last summer with a buddy of mine, loved it, quite the interesting ride. We were both amazed at the torque and acceleration of these bikes, just a little pricey but a lot of fun!

Caz Gerald says:

The rear brake should be a hand lever.

Andrew Benfield says:

This is the dual sport model – the “naked” is the SR model and has a lower seat. There is also an option to put in a fast charger which would allow a top-up charge for longer journeys. Also there is a £1500 grant available from the government to make a dent in the price. Check out the Zero website – this is a West Coast US company and the bike makes more sense there. Less filtering which scared the pants off me when I rode it…

Moonfleet41 says:

Two pints ‘o gold top and a box of eggs please Earnie..! Seriously mate, Tiz the near future without doubt.. all we Luddites can wail and gnash teeth, but its coming whether we like it or not..! but not for green reasons, IMHO it’ll be because today’s “motorcyclists” want them..!

Mark Arlidge says:

what a fantastic little bike , it must be so weird to ride, no exhaust no nothing really . I think the issue they will have is the price tag, with lithuim in short supply and the prices increasing as fast as they are, this will soon be a 16k bike and so on . is there any indication on what the input wattage is for charging ? just wonder what the split would be against fuel .. also as a side thought I’d love them to take this on a drag strip with a tesla!

Richard Ward says:

TMF I have ridden at least three of the electric Zeros plus the BMW C Evolution. Liked them all. Would love to have Zero bike, one with the bigger battery and range.

Daniel O'Sullivan says:

While I do like the idea of a bike like this I have to say that the one thing which’d draw it back could be the cost to your electricity bill for a nine hour charge time as of course it’d be on charge every night or most nights also.
I reckon that if they are going to start making electric vehicles they will need to cut out the “re-charge” by mains and add generators on both wheels of which when the bike is in motion, and depending how long you are riding it for then the motion generated by the wheels would be enough to keep the bike charged up thus no need to plug it into a mains.

Matthew M says:

Electric vehicles will continue to be an issue. We will need to keep two vehicles in the garage, one for around town and one for long range and quick fill ups as to not be left stranded. Another problem with all electric vehicles is that they are too expensive and it just gets very difficult to justify the cost. Maybe electric vehicles are more suited for track racing because all I would be wondering when riding an electric vehicle day to day is how many miles I have left to go and can I make it home. Not a great feeling.

fazertho fzs says:

love your bike reviews bud, arguably one of the best on here, Be very interested in you view on the new kawasaki sx 1000 kinds regards neil

Jakey B says:

One rider made a good comment that eventually when lots of people have these that we could go to a station and just change your flat batteries for charged ones and away you go again this option has got to be the way to go for electric bikes

Jimo368 says:

Its really suprising that it doesn’t have an LED headlight and signals. I like it though

Nick Turnbull says:

First time I’ve seen a review on an electric bike which left me thinking I wanted one. Excellent stuff.

Michalis Xenopoulos says:

Great vid. Would love to see a ‘living with’ review.

Addy E says:

I will stop biking when petrol engines cease because I don’t like the idea of moving along silently especially filtering sometimes the only weapon in the arsenal is a ReV to wake up the driver who has decided to turn into you or creep over at a give way

Jakey B says:

How much would the range be effected by carrying a pillion and also how much does it cost to replace the batteries.

k j says:

can’t wait to see a larger platform like touring type. That would allow for bigger motor, more batts.

Denis Calvert says:

Probably been said but needs to be half that price

ian hodson says:

If any one was thinking of spending £14000 for one of these i would advise you to do a lot of research beforehand, they have a 5 year limited mileage warranty then god know.what your going to do when the warranty runs out.
I would give them a wide birth for at least 10 years, battery tech needs to improve a lot more.

Bonnie-Voyage100 says:

I’m sure this is the distant future of motor biking, but to me it’s taking all the skill and romance out of riding a bike.Basically a soul less bit of machinery that any idiot can jump on and think they can ride, just like a scooter, but much faster. I guess I am a Luddite when it comes to bikes.

Jon Radcliffe says:

Are there any reviews of this bike anywhere that test how fast it will go/what it’s like cornering hard/how far it will go on a ‘tank’ (rather than reading out brochure figures)?. If it really has the ‘equivalent of’ 70hp surely it will do more than 120mph? If the motor has to be covered in fins – does the brochure say if the top speed is restricted? or what % of the battery energy gets lost as heat?
Surely riders wanting to use their £14000 bike for more than commuting through the rush hour want to know all this!

Mark Ullyett says:

I so wanted to hate it but I admit I love it. Great review as always

Peter D says:

Is it free tax?

AoToGo says:

Nice one TMF. I’m guessing it must have traction control, all that torque in the wet could make her a bit lively!

MusingRabbit says:

It’s the time required to recharge that bothers me. Why have hydrogen fuel cells lost popularity? Hydrogen can be extracted with the use of renewable energy just as it can be with energy generated from any other source. Hydrogen CAN be a totally clean fuel source. And it’s abundant.

two wheeled pilot says:

I would like to ride one maybe to even own one but I would have to have a petrol engined bike also I would miss the sound and also going through the gears! It’s all part if the experience

TheMissendenFlyer says:

Wow – this one has been a popular upload! – nearly 10,000 views and 500 comments within the first 24 hours – sorry folks that I’ve not been able to respond to all the comments…I do read them all but in this case just haven’t been able to keep up! Thanks for watching and do please keep the comments coming…I promise to at least read them all if not answer them all individually. All the best – TMF

virtualvortech says:

Very bizarre but love the acceleration. I think they have done a great job. Nice review.

P85 TMS says:

2018 Zero SR or 2018 Triumph Street Triple RS for a commuter bike if price and insurance were the same on both?

Ian Lawrie says:

Hi Mr Flyer, Phenomenal! Sir. Yours Ian

ADRIAN says:

Too many parked cars and too much traffic for my liking……Looks like high risk riding…..Certainly looks like it goes hard, instant torque and acceleration. Looks weird not having a clutch lever. A Black Bike that doesn’t make noise looks like a recipe for disaster to me……

Fire Blade890 says:

I like it a lot

paul marshall says:

Mmmm still not sure doesn’t seem right to me without any engine noise

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