Zero DSR Electric Motorcycle – 2018 Real World Review

I recently had the Zero DSR Electric Motorcycle for a couple of weeks, thanks to the English Electric Motor Company (, so was able to test it in a variety of circumstances and rides, to really evaluate a 2018 Real Life Review vid for you here at TeapotOne.

I’d no idea what to expect from the Zero DSR or Electric Motorcycles but this certainly didn’t disappoint.

Check out the Zero DSR Review 2018 vid now to see what I thought of it, and remember folks, Live Your Life!

The English Electric Motor Company website:

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Adi ws says:

hmmm electric, nice but. i still asking the durability of those kind of bike.

Pilotdaffy says:

I’m going to spank it, ride it like I stole it, ride how I normally ride lol Love it, oh, and the bike…

Honda Cbr1000rr 2013 says:

Nice One teapotone…

Robtno1 says:

Nice but sounds like a milk float.

Nicholas Lojik says:

Great video and an excellent review. It would be interesting to see how quickly these bikes develop into something which has both good range and affordability. Once they can guarantee a range of 150+ miles and a sale price of sub £10k then they might be on to a winner. On another note, if you ever fancy a go at a bit of clay pigeon shooting and find yourself in my part of the country (Leeds) let me know. It’s a really nice ride of about 45mins to an hour from here to the Coniston Shooting Ground in North Yorkshire though you and Helga would probably do it in much less time…

Gerardo Musano says:

Nice review as always we can hear from your voice you enjoy it .I think that it has to short range for now so why not put a Small petrol engine with it and make them ibrid so you can make long rides and more noise ??

neil christie says:

So im nae gonna make Ullapool and back to Dufftown in a day just yet then, We had best embrace it because its coming. Great review cheers

joe caterman says:

4:29 – that’s strange, would have expected strong regen braking… so electromagnetic braking…. effectively that would produce an EMF (electro-motive force), which should have been possible to build into the system. Not liking the sound of this. There’s a reason why fee-wheeling is illegal. Think UK law should demand Zero build in some engine braking. Its pretty easy to do.

Carl Richards says:

Mr Teaptone 120kg’s? pah! on a good day 🙂 loving the review 🙂

Nick Mac says:

That looked awesome. Thanks for your upload, good evaluation, like your “real world” style :p

Ian Wheldale says:

Merry Xmas to you too. They even have fake Xmas trees and piped music in the stores here in Thailand.

Michaela M says:

It’s a super cool idea, and I could totally see myself getting one when the technology improves. And if it gets cheaper.

Austin A says:

The only way you see cost benefits of a zero is if you REALLY use the bike. At least 1,000 miles a month to see any significant cost savings. It’s the most cost effective highway commuter out there, and the most fun

Thor Stambaugh says:

Excellent review teapotone. For the petrol heads these are a great second bike because they are not cruisers. The people I know who have both tend to ride the Zero far more for the joy. If you ever make it across the pond near the Great Lakes let me know and you can take a spin on my slightly modified 2018 SR. Hehe

Siôn Jones says:

I genuinely considered one of these after seeing TMF’s vlogs earlier in the year, but with nearly a 100 mile commute, I would have empty battery anxiety every time I got within 10 miles of home. I also like to go out for a day and see where I end up. 300 miles is often done. I can’t do that with the Zero, and with the cost almost as much as a new GS, I obviously went for the GS (and I love it).

Michael Inkster says:

The quick charging improvements are very welcome. Imagine, though, if a salesman tried to sell you a vehicle on the basis that it only took 90 minutes to “fill up” … you’d think he was pulling your leg! 5 minutes at the filling station is quite long enough for me. Good idea in principle but I’m not convinced about electric vehicles, YET. Even with cheaper running costs this is offset by the higher capital outlay at the outset.

Adrian Bethune says:

Shame it sounds like a milk float.

David Forbes says:

i did tell you the anker power banks were great…that bike is just like a huge one lol, not sure i could get used to the quietness of the bike

TheLikeableRider says:

Cool vid Bruce!

Robbie smitherman says:

I rode the small electric bike, equivalent to a 125 up at Boxhill recently, in sport mode it was great fun, I didn’t find the brakes too bad, the seat wasn’t very comfortable tho and that was after only 25 mins. One thing I haven’t seen anybody ask is, can you take the MOD 1&2 on it ? They will have to allow the electric bikes at some point if not already. Good vids Bruce, keep up the good work

Jochen Bauer says:

“The greater good! THE GREATER GOOD”
I see what you did there. 🙂

Darren Phillips says:

I was going to buy one but ended going with a tracer 900. I agree on if as a computing or given one I would have one. But I like the delivery of power.
The is alot more to be done on zero but look forward to next bike in five years time the electric bikes will be to the level we need to match the standered level of compustion engine bikes.

I just found the up front cost of buying the bike is more than what I spent on standered bike.

Shell are fitting electric charging point to all service stations.

MOTOGP E racing starts in 2019.
Winter coat i agree, bears use rounder body to help survive the winter.

Marc Elvin says:

Great video, I tried a Zero when they were up in Edinburgh. It’s brilliant. There may be huge improvements in the bikes but the point you touched on about infrastructure is key. Can’t use it for touring given current charge times and infrastructure and £13.5k for a commuter is a lot. Look forward to see what happens in the next 5 years. Still going to get the 1250 gsa in March…

John Ward says:

First thing that will happen ref. the range. They will kill the power no doubt. Enjoy while you can. Also the fun police government will legislate it down to the power of a moped. Cheers Bruce

Mike B says:

Anyone else see electric bikes causing a resurgence in cafe racing, or maybe starting electric relay races? Quick charge modes on the newest generation bikes and short range at high performance sounds like a recipe for who can get charged, slug a mug, and get gone before the next guy. Also, it sounds like fun!

Amir Malik says:

The greater good…The greater good. Funny bit from Hot Fuzz??haha!!

David Carr says:

I know it would add a level of complexity, but I wonder if using some sort of CVT transmission would be of benefit? You’d still get the effect of all the torque, but the motor would be spinning more slowly at higher speeds. This would surely drastically increase the range?

James Weber says:

With no engine braking the bike needs twin discs up front. We had a car that had virtually no engine braking and I was regularly replacing pads and rotors as the wife was constantly on the brakes. Take your foot off the accelerator and it was like you put the car in neutral.  Good review, thanks.

Grafight23 says:

I think the 200 mile range is claimed only with the optional power pack, which you don’t have on that bike.

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