Zero DS ZF 13.0 reviewed around the Lake Como

This my review of the American electric motorcycle Zero DS ZF 13.0, from the Dual Sport range of their bikes. It is my second experience. If you want to see my honest first impression, watch this:

Some people asks about the clothes I usually wear on the bike. Here it is:
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Technical stuff
GoPro 6, sometimes Sony A7, sometimes Garmin VIRB 360. Microphone RODE Smartlav+. For sounds of motorcycles I use Zoom Z4N Pro

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John Hyland says:

Wow what a good looking Zero! I have been looking at these to buy and i wish Zero would design a bike like this. Great review!

Ryan says:

Is this color and seat option available straight from ZERO?

kellyozore says:

Nice review! I’m interesting in this bike for my first “real bike” after my XJ6S 2015. I like the Zero but the DS is so expensive… 17000€ is a lot. So I’ll probably get a VFR800X for now 🙂

Banditmanuk says:

Great review. Are you lucky enough to be able to run this review channel as a full time job? Certainly lots of excellent new content. I follow another channel, the Missenden Flyer, he managed to crash one of these electric bikes….. lots of torque, damp road, no traction control.

David Walker says:

For those like myself who got a Zero and want super quick charge, digiNow has a replacement to the stock 1.3kW charge pan that’s 9.9kW and adapts to all input types. Check the indegogo campaign they’re currenly running:

Javier Sarria says:

American company? America is not a country, America is an continent, Brazil is America too.

Ducky Duck says:

The price the price 🙁
Great video I just subbed and will be watching the rest of your content.
Also notification bell has been turned on.
Great review.
Greatings from Suriname ( South-America)

tempac91 says:

Highly overpriced bike.

Daniel Kross says:

So heavy for electric..

Toni Beitlich says:

Super Test Video. Thanks

lostro one says:


lostro one says:

after years of riding..
I am tired of the gasoline smell..

PFMPROD.COM線上學法語 says:

You’re a Britalian biker. 😀


ICE cycles are NOT the future!  — unless you are looking in museums.

splodge 57 says:

Thought the electric bike had instant power, have they altered the delivery? Traction control would be better along with twin discs and good sports road tyres. At least they’ll have abs in the UK. Look forward to trying one, bit like a powerful twist ‘n go?

lostro one says:

after years of riding..
I am tired of the gasoline smell…

Tunes ForToons says:

It’s nice to see you showed the custom bike this time in the review 🙂 That’s what I missed in your earlier video. Really nice.

mbrar2009 says:

Thanks for doing he review in a beautiful part of Italy. I wish to visit one day. Thx From Canada.

Jens Larsson says:

I actually think they should build in some kind of limiter on the power when you move the gas just a little.. I tried an electric moped today and sure, it was actually more powerful that I thought it would be, but it kind of felt like.. if I was going 30 and wanted to go to 35 and pulled the gas a little.. it gave me full acceleration. Well.. if I wanted full acceleration then I would have pulled the throttle/gas more. I think they should limit it so if you just want a smooth change in speed you can get it easier and if you want the POWAH pull the throttle/gas more.

Jean-Paul Mallard says:

Thanks for another insightful and entertaining review….you are worthy of many more subscribers. J-P

Azhar tatan says:

I think electric bike is the future, but need more exterior style improvement

SSchithFoo says:

They shuold add some mechanism that makes noise depending on speed, a siren or something. Motorcycles are dangerous enough even with a powerful exhaust sound.

Páll Sigurður Björnsson says:

Very nice review of a (what I think) very good motorcycle in a beautiful country. Living in Norway, I really want to travel again to southern Italia. I’ve been in South Tirol and on the lake Garda. It’s so nice there 🙂

I just want to know how tall you are. I really want to buy me one like this but wondering if this one is to small for me. I’m around 200 cm tall.
Thanks 🙂

NewZeroland says:

Great videos about this Zero! You look really comfortable flicking it in the corners. If you can test ride an SR, definitely try that. More power and torque!

Harold Shim says:

This coming from Italy, I would chime in that I used to ride a Ducati but now ride a Zero DS 2018 too. As sexy as the Ducatis are and as much as I did love the sound, I didn’t like the maintenance and the heat between my legs. The Zero is quiet and smooth (you can see whats in the mirrors! The ducati vibrated to the point that the mirrors were difficult to look at.) The Zero is the best bike I’ve owned. I don’t do frequent long distance trips. I do work commutes, fun rides through the city and outskirts. If you’re into long distance riding I don’t think the Zero is the best choice but for those who like to ride for fun for a couple of hours at a time this is hands down the most fun and easy to maintain bike out there IMHO.

Roddy Robertson says:

Hi, thanks for another good video. I think these bikes will eventually be the future of motorcycling whither people like it or not! Instant torque across the rev band, next to silent operation, really cheap running and service costs. It will be interesting to see where electric motorcycling will go in the near future but i guess the plot on the graph will be very steep. I love my Transalp Xl700 for it’s grunt and flickability but i can feel the wind of e-bikes coming up behind me and soon they just might overtake. Watch this space! 🙂 Thanks.

Frank Perham says:

I have heard Zero has restricted the torque output for initial throttle opening for safety reasons. That may be the reason why you have to wait until 40kph to get the big kick in acceleration. I enjoy all of your reviews so keep going. You deserve many more subscribers.
Cheers from Australia. PS Italy is beautiful, just got back home a week ago after nearly 4 weeks in Italy and France. Awesome scenery and nice people

Torsten Heissler says:

Great review! You should compare with the Engergica Eva Esseesse 9

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