ZERO DS Electric Motorcycle Review

Tony Wang and Bryan Burnett review the ZERO DS Electric Motorcycle for BYB


solosnail says:

so its a $15000 scooter :/ just say its a scooter dressed as a motorcycle

Ride AMAP says:

I’ve ridden one. I was impressed with its speed and acceleration but it reminded me of my spree scooter as a kid cause there is nothing for your left hand or foot to do. Wish it was cheaper

SLOBoe says:

“11.4 kilowatt battery”??? BAD REVIEW. Batteries are not rated in kilowatts. That is not a unit of measure of energy. Kilowatts measures power only. You need a time element. Try kilowatt-hours, kilojoules, kilocalories or watt-seconds.

ElektroT says:

Why don’t You americans use metric(SI) system? It’s hard to understand for Europeans what what are you talking about.

FreakinPeanut says:

nasal voice is annoying, good review though, just speak with a bit more air in your lungs when you present something 🙂

Golden Ratio says:

Wats with the Damn color effect?

CrankyHippo says:

Arrrgh i will never live this slip of the tongue down 🙁

Paul Henderson says:

In the same space as the useless “gas tank lunchbox” a portable back-up reserve battery (with internal flip switch) would be of much more use. Even if it were a $1000 option, and or, only gave you 10 extra miles, it could get you out of a jam.

EPSTomcat11 says:

Very cool and great review. Where did you guys go off-roading? Looks like around portola valley, CA?

thehandyman34 says:

My god the shaky camera work makes me carsick. The zoom button is not a toy!

Brandon Ng says:

Did he say “So, when you first look at the Brammo, it definitely feels like a premium… “? Zero guys, Zero. Otherwise, great review!

Dallas Brokke says:

A pointless waist of money get a Drz!!!!!!,,

Stan McBeth says:

This video is pretty much true about this reviews. Australian is working on Lithium Sulfur battery for greater storage than Lithium-ion battery. When we able to get greater than 25 Kilowatts per hour storage in motorcycle, this would be much better. We also needed much quicker charger from 220 volt 30 ampere circuit with over heat battery. In the future; needed public charging station for 5 minutes quick charge with one big problem: Major electrical overload at the charging stations for more than dozen of e’ vehicles at once. I had figure out for charging stations during surge power will be nearly as much electricity as whole sawmill use because of very quick charge. American people will find out around 15 to 20 years later. Another problems in our future: As more than dozen of vehicles will plug in public charging station. Station’s computer may “Dumb-Down” your rate of much slower charge, it something like your internet speed during the peak time. Some people will be late to their work because of too slow charging to save on their electrical grid. 

Ihaveausernametoo says:

I liked it, thank you. However, many of these reviews don’t mention that gasoline costs _money_, and a lot of it. Pollution etc.

solosnail says:

power plants are one of the main reasons for world pollution today. Now tell me where this thing gets its energy from? So how is this green? I’ll stick to gas. At least a gas engine has I can refill whenever or wherever I want and it does not lie about keeping to planet green

robinson Mike says:

this is so cool!!!

gc82000 says:

Dodd he just call it a brammo

Cloroxbb __ says:

Its not like the “prius” of motorcycles, its more like a Tesla 🙂

martysk8r says:

I like the electric bike concept.  Wish the physicists out there would come up with a revolutionary battery that had 10x the capacity and 1/10th the weight and cost.

Glenn Heston says:

So the reserve battery kicked in at around 50 miles, and he’s claiming the reserve is good for 25 more miles. One third of your battery is reserve!?! This is just more bullshit from Zero and Brammo where they claim over 100 miles on a charge and real life is lucky to get 60% of that.

Ralph Green says:

Im a Zero rider, but im sure he called it a Brammo at 1:10.

Scott H says:

With an $11,000 battery, good luck trying to sell a used bike after several years.

601 The Mississippi Gulf Coast says:

Must be nice to listen to your I Pod while riding your bike !

canadianfortruth says:

needs a trans ,3 speed at least.

Mariz Zahir says:

2:15 -_ – you kidding me? The brakes & duh >>gas<<<<<<<<

Grafight23 says:

Expensive but cool.

vicentox1999 says:

I quit watching at about 1 minute because retarded cameraman can’t keep the camera still and zooming in and out

SLOBoe says:

Belt driven? 7-1/2 hours to charge. 56 hp. “Eco mode”? I bet the 55 mile range goes to 30 miles in “sport mode”. Even less off-road. 400 pounds!!! Weak sauce. Overpriced. Garbage. Novelty toy for the eco guilt-ridden slave sect.

David A says:

skip the shit 00:40

Esteban Cazarez says:

Unless you have a death wish, bikes need to be loud so drivers can hear you. I will stick with Premium Gas for now!

Carlos Conrad says:

Nice review guys. You ‘re totally in Petaluma where I lived a couple years, right?

johnathan stith says:

I want one

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