World’s Coolest Electric Motorbike? | Meijs Motorman

It’s a grand statement, I know, but the Meijs Motorman could well be the coolest electric motorbike, moped, bike around!

With the practicality of a heavy duty electric bicycle and impeccable vintage motorcycle styling, its the perfect mix of head-turning old-skool cool and a truly usable electric vehicle.

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St Tropez, France.

Sony RX100 V with LOKI One camera rig. Huawei P20 Pro. GoPro Hero 6 Black.


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Paul Stewart says:

Been into bikes all my life and yes this is mental and cool at the same time

Clique53 says:

Very cool, I also like the bikes over at Vintage Electric in Cali – very similarly priced!!!!!

Tremain Bowman says:

fuuuuug dat 6K price tag. I can build something dope and electric for half that…

Chris Till says:

A rigid bike for that much money seems steep to me. I think you can do a lot better in terms of practicality and comfort elsewhere. Riese & Muller Delite with the high speed Bosch motor is very plush, and extremely well made. It doesn’t have the motorcycle look, and is pedal assist. So if you desperately want a throttle, you’d have to look to something else. But I think there are a lot of great options out there.

Anything from bicycles to full size electric scooters for that price. The Vespa Elettrica might even be somewhat competitive on price when that comes out. Probably more but maybe not that much more.

Darillium says:

Was expecting the price to be way higher than that…

Bu5z m4n says:

The Super 73!

Great review as always.

Vincent Park says:

Great review as always Jason – All the necessary categories covered – Thank you!

Rob Barnes says:

Taking nothing away from the rest of the Gadget show group, I have properly missed Jason, and I love his youtube videos. Great stuff Jason, keep it up, can’t wait to see more!

steve walker says:

Awesome bike dude

Jonathan Faulkner says:

You were right, yep, did love this! What a beautiful piece of design. It is absolutely stunning, great review yet again…

David Garston says:

Hey Jason, I appreciate the retro looks of that bike very cool, but the super 73 also looks good with good specs and a lot less expensive waiting for a European supplier.

Martin O'D says:

OMG! Please Father Christmas, this is my most wanted gift…

Peter Harris says:

does the maker not have a website…
one sandy trophy coming up..
noticed the interest in ‘special ’73’
with a similar spec

Kev Barnes says:

A delightful bit of kit and a thoroughly good review J! UK legalities aside I would surely be interested in this bike but the inhibitor has to be the price. Still, St Tropez seems to be the target demographic so my only option would be relocation. If only 😀

Tom Hall says:

Hey Jason, Question re the Huawei P20 Pro, is it as good as people say? Enough to ditch the iPhone 6 Plus and consider a viable alternative bearing mind the expensive price tag? Also is it better than Pixel 2 or One Plus 6 if i wanted to switch to android? Cheers Tom

Stuart Sharpe says:

This review definitely stood up to the hype… what a beautifully constructed piece of engineering, a motorised masterpiece….

Mark Simlo says:

Very very cool. Opposite end of the spectrum to the GoCycle G3 and just as jaw dropping.

Wonder what the legalities are in the UK as it’s not electrically assisted?….our laws are so behind the times!

Phil Hanson says:

agree 100%, this is definitely the coolest looking electric motorbike I’ve seen. Great review, loved the editing, made me want to buy one (if only I had a spare €6k!!)

would be an interesting comparison Jason to see your review of the electric vespa when it comes out. This year some time apparently!

IamRecon001 says:

Fantastic … so long as you don’t want to ride it in the UK … too problematic ..shame as it’s a looker ….

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