Why Electric? Zero FX Motorcycle Review 2018

We’d given electric motorcycles the silent treatment till now and thought we’d continue the theme here. The Zero FX is modern, all-electric, and heaps of fun but is it worth the money? Or the compromise? We find out in this elaborate ploy to hide the fact that SOMEONE misplaced Ryan’s microphone.

Gear breakdown:
Icon Raiden DKR Jacket – https://frt9.co/7bjrej
Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet – https://frt9.co/vmoi2j
Fox Racing Air Defence Goggles – https://frt9.co/b3bk2d
Revit Orlando H2O Jeans – https://frt9.co/22ehh5
TCX X-Wave Air Shoes – https://frt9.co/r7sj8i
Five Stunt EVO Replica Gloves – https://frt9.co/b4we1b

Parts shot on GoPro Fusion : https://frt9.co/78zo7x

Motorcycle courtesy of Daytona Motorsports : https://www.daytonamotorsports.ca

Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar

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Mick Crispin says:

Very cool Fortnine , thanks

ConMan says:

I’m really high and didn’t realize he was doin a silent review and just thought the intro was 8 minutes long

M Aldridge says:


Xubuntu47 says:

“Urban Approved”. Really? Obviously he has never had to deal with the HOA of a condo, or an apartment landlord, who won’t let him charge. They wouldn’t even approve my installing a 110V outlet to run a trickle charger for a small 12v motorcycle battery, much less a whole motorcycle. I have considered a Zero FXS with modular removeable batteries, so I can charge them off the bike, in my living unit. A pair of modular batteries costs more than the single large built-in. Then, you have to pay extra for the external charger. This adds a couple thousand bucks to the already steep upfront cost. It just didn’t pencil out for me. Plus, would I really want to haul those things upstairs every time?
Unlike where I live, Vancouver requires charging infrustructure in new multi-family buildings, but what of older ones?

Tepco Cycle Repair says:

https://youtu.be/vjihqbPdnJY Please watch my video on the Zero! Fun bikes but have issues. 2 charging circuit boards went bad on two separate bikes both had less than 6k. And my video is an unbelievable error on Zero’s part. I will update the video if anything changes.

trukrupes says:

Excellent choice of music.

Shreyas K.a says:

This is the best creative review I’ve ever seen till date!

Not a single word spoken but yet explained in an excellent way!!!

Russell Locke says:

This guy is good.

Skinny Arms says:

First thing I do with new bikes is an aftermarket exhaust. Can find a single one for this or any electric bike. That’s why they don’t sell. No big bore kits. Larger throttle bodies. Intake filters. Ported heads. I can’t find anything.

Grandmaster Kato says:

incredible style to your videos you’re gonna make it big kid

Peter Brophy says:


Gideon Okun says:

Oh by the way, you forgot to add this video to the Motorcycle Reviews play list.

Дмитрий Аверьянов says:

Nice! But miss the voice bro!

Ben says:

Wow, love it!

l Braun says:

Great video. Thanks. Always on the search for anything about Zero bikes. Love it !!

ToolkiT73UK says:

Still don’t understand why you don’t have 1M+ subs, one of the best, if not the best, bike channels on YouTube.. great video once again!

Pierre Pannetier says:

You guys set the benchmark for motorcycle related videos… and beat that benchmark every new vid. Bravo

H.Ayvaz says:

definitely needs a turbo and nitrous

Norbs Michael says:

Great job!

Dieselman40 says:

Great video but it’s gonna be a cold day in hell before I would buy 1 of these….

Ronak Dhakan says:

I do not know how you guys come up with so many good ideas. Your good/bad idea ratio is quite high considering so many unique ideas.

Me AndMeToo says:


Stefan Söder says:

Fantastic, as always!

iKillOud says:

the most informative review ever without saying a single word . Wow F9

Jacob Pidcock says:

Well first the couldn’t see you, now they can’t hear you. Good luck staying alive.

Byron Finkelstein says:

Anyone else get a little depressed after this video?

Brian Byrne says:

This channel has gotten weird…

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