Voltbike Metro Plus Electric Scooter Video Review

http://electricridereview.com/voltbike/metro-plus/ The Voltbike Metro+ is one of the most affordable electric scooters around, available online in Canada and the US for under $1,000. It uses a heavy due to Sealed Lead Acid batteries, pedals don’t really work and there’s only one gear (use the twist throttle most of the time), limited 6 month warranty, Voltbike has been around since 2012. Several locking storage areas (some don’t close very easily), alarm system and remote start, LED lights and turn signals, fenders, four colors, suspension and hydraulic disc brakes.

While technically the Voltbike Metro+ is an electric “bicycle” it really looks and rides more like a scooter. The lower top speed and folding pedals mean you don’t need to have a license or insurance. The battery is fairly heavy at ~62 pounds but stored low and centrally on the frame. Considering this thing costs under $1,000 you get decent value (especially with the one year warranty) but some of the storage compartments don’t work super well, the ride is kind of stiff and it’s just heavy and possibly difficult to service if you get a flat tire. Replacement batteries cost ~$500. The bike does include an alarm system and electronic start. It comes with two fobs in case you lose one. The battery offers 36 volts with 20 amp hours and is a sealed lead acid chemistry SLA.


Jesus says:

can i cross a river with this?

Luther7449 says:

You weigh 130. I weighed that in about 6th grade. That pos isn’t pulling any man 200 lbs around an avg town.

Cosmo John says:

I notice it has a 20AH sla battery pack for 36v? 6 sla batteries used?

Tarek Haj Mohmmed says:

I am 13 years old can i use this bike please answer yes or no

L John says:

Pile of crap

Sabrina Williams says:

I can’t wait 2 get mine

Alain Giovan says:

nothing on how to recharge ???? access etc …….

James N says:

Wow what a waste of $900. Save up and get a proper scooter. A top speed of 20mph is worthless, you want at least 45mph in North America to keep up with traffic. Maybe this is ok for ultra dense Asia, but we aren’t in Asia….

keyifli pedallar says:

how much wallt

MusiCALpuLLtoy LP says:

oh my , heard that alarm many a time, on mine, gee does it lock rear wheel? like mine…

Michael Michael says:

I wanna get one an drive past nyc traffic

Jestersage says:

Considering Burnaby is pretty hilly itself, what are some hills/slopes that it cannot handle? Think it can do Royal Oak or Capital Hill?

keyifli pedallar says:

good bike max speed ?

John ladd says:

do they sell it in the uk

Brian Fogg says:

Yhe biggest issue with this bike may be the lead acid battery. Unlike lithium ion batteries, lead acid batteries can only be discharged to half their amp hour rating. Otherwise they will be damaged. So this 20 amp hour battery should only give you 10 amp hours. That is not much for a 150 pond ebike.

Hoggdoc says:

If it struggled hauling your 135 lbs up that small hill I doubt it has enough power for a more average sized man. Sounds like it is designed ]for smaller Asian people for sure.

Melanie Weaver says:

I have one very similar to this one, have had it for over seven years, have had to replace the batteries once because my charger light went out and I fried the batteries. Don’t know what kind it is, because I don’t read Chinese. Gets me around but you’re not going to depend on it for very long distances without recharging it. Takes a few hours to fully charge it. A mistake some people make is trying to travel in heavy traffic, since it only goes 20mph you will find this very difficult. I usually take the back way when I can.

Martin Hong says:

I saw some pictures that it comes with mirrors, does it actually come with mirrors? Also what is the life cycle of the battery?

ferkemall says:

If you buy one in the UK they would cost £2000 thats why not many people buy imported stuff unless you have more money than sense you just get ripped off !

esmail vlogs says:

good bike

Dan Murphy says:

dear god this man is 5’9″ 135lbs and he looks like a bear on a unicycle on this thing!
I have a Schwinn S350 electric scooter with a 750 lumen headlight, LED tail light, side view mirror, smart phone swiveling mount, basket, bottle holder which i use to house a 5 watt bluetooth speaker, and a simple locking cable. I got the scooter on craigs list for $100, battery was bloated and wouldnt hold a charge so the seller actually spent $110 on a new one for me when i told her about that issue. So ya the whole set up was just over $190 bucks (woulda been 300 if i paid for the battery). it folds easily, it weighs 58-65lbs, goes 18 mph on level ground with a 165lb rider (now that it has a new and seemingly more potent duracell 24v setup even though it’s technically the same output) and, lastly, it goes about 8-12 miles on a charge – that metric is heavily dependent on rider weight/cargo and the type of terrain travelled on, tire pressure, even the weather seems to influence the range. Battery stores carry replacement electric scooter batteries, when the kind woman who sold this to me bought replacements they were model specific and required knowledge or directions to install. very straightforward.

The one says:

I have the same bike but i don’t know how to do a remote start. Can you tell me how?

Bronzepony4u says:

What would you prefer? The giga bike or this one?

Wayne Rhea says:

idk I think if you’re moving that much weight that you need 1000 watt motor just to get you that extra power.

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