Vmoto Electric Scooters | Fully Charged

My first ride on a scooter, electric or otherwise. Great fun, makes complete economic sense and, oh yes, no toxic fumes for others to breath as you scoot along.
More info: http://vmoto-uk.com/
Music by Jonnie Common http://www.jonniecommon.com/
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Cory Wilson says:

:’D “That’s Me Horn” Silly Cracker

DaKen says:

Must check gogoro out!!! That thing is no joke

Dr John Dicence D.L. Lilavois says:

DrPH John Dicence Dixon Lincolm Lilavois student Harvard University doctorate DrPH 2017-2019. Candidate permanent residence United States.

Zack Davis says:

Love the show! Could you guys review the Boxx Corps scooter?

Daniel Rooke says:

Are vmoto-uk still trading?

MrStroller4u says:

That accent of hers!!!

Butimar Seabird says:

2k …….. they cost 500£ in china ….. come on

Trương Hà My says:

Chiếc xe scooter này thật tuyệt

Arifur Rahman says:

Love her shoes.

Kent Reed says:

I would like to see a model that can do 70 mph with a 100 mile range and an extractable battery. . Would I be able to buy it in the USA???

epSos.de says:

There are multiple moto sharing companies poping-up across Europe.

Most of them use the electric scooters, because it’s more economical for them to recharge the scooters by swapping the battery.

Ed Wilko says:

inserting that u don’t need a cbt. I was under the impression you had to have a cbt for all scooters upto 125cc or 15bhp and was the law. guess is different for electric bikes?

Stuart Fisk says:

It’s a great concept but I’d need far more range and something more powerful. 30mph simply isn’t safe if you’re having to ride around many parts of London.

houndofzoltan says:

Technically, and logically, a push bike doesn’t have pedals … and I think you’re talking about a pedal bike which some people do refer to as ‘push bikes’, but it makes no sense.

Anyway, love the show.

Pete Coventry says:

If you have Cat P on your licence you don’t need an L plate to ride a 50cc/electric moped in the UK!

I am sure you do – you got your licence before 1997 I bet!

James Baxter says:

I wonder if they will sell in the USA

Ally Barr says:

good advice be prepared someone pull out at everyside road friend was killed by white van not looking .

Fatso Currywurst says:

Yeah he is riding that one , you been riding that one and who is riding the Polack – Slacker ? ( Guess that’s him again , I`dkiller for that dirty Curva – Laugh ! )

Michael Birkett says:

hi Robert whats all the new hype about super caps being used instead of batteries? I would be nice if i could get a comment back please. I love the battery scooter, I have been using one for over 2 years now, but mine has 3 wheels

Alan says:

I’m struggling to understand why the battery on the bigger bike is 50kg. I’ve done some calculations and to get 48v, 100ah you’d need about 390 3500mah 18650 cells. That’s only around 18kg. So it’s massively overweight. They must be using Lithium Iron Phosphate cells rather than 18650s.

Cwyfan ap Rhys says:

Isn’t that scooter covered under the AM category of a standard drivers licence? Surely, that means that `L’ plates (and `D’ plates in Wales) are not required.

Dr John Dicence D.L. Lilavois says:

DrPH John Dicence Dixon Lincolm Lilavois student Harvard University doctorate

Steve Rhodes says:

I own a couple of cheap electric scooters here in China . They are much cheaper here , but also lower quality . Everybody has them . The lead acid batteries last a couple of years , and a new set costs about $100 here . The range slowly decreases as the batteries slowly degrade , and you replace them when it becomes a problem . They are just fine for short hops and are quiet and clean . Only about 1% of people wear helmets while riding them in China 🙂

Jose Aguilar says:

Can these be used in the United States?

Adam Fan says:

Check out Gogoro (https://www.gogoro.com/tw/en/) ! It’s another well-designed electric scooter with smart battery swapping system

Sir Dunnock says:

I want one, now!

Elizabeth Long says:

..thank you

tan hock jun says:

she have a sexy accent…

Dr John Dicence D.L. Lilavois says:

DrPH John Dicence Dixon Lincolm Lilavois student Harvard University doctorate DrPH 2017-2019. Candidate permanent residence United States.

Olivier Magere says:

This too expensive. The mid range model cost the same as a Honda pcx 125. And as someone has pointed out, these cost less than £1k in China where they come from.

gyeomusic says:

in KFC malaysia, they uses electric bike for delivery, which they’re similar to the one in your video, which they are also made in china but rebadged by a malaysian company called eclimo.

Wobbegong says:

When I visited southern China (Canton province) last year, the city was full of electric scooters. There was literally not a single petrol driven one. I don’t know if it was government subsidies or just resource monopoly and cheap labour combined but those things were as cheap as 320€ new. When I told people that this was surprisingly progressive for a city where the air makes your eyes burn, they told me it had been like this for years.

howcin says:

Carbon emissions are good for plants.

danmobile says:

The part where you mention cars not seeing you… there should be huge leds all over these things! It would make it a lot safer. Think Tesla / Audi DRLs

shaneweightman says:

Not a long enough range ,, it’s ok saying get two chargers and spare battery’s ,,, till you see the price of them ,,gimmicks at the min ,, good old petrol engine takes some beating

shaneweightman says:

Bit of bull shit 99 percent of rev and go bikes in the uk are 4 stroke ,, not many 2 strokes about now

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