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2016 Victory Empulse TT Review

Stepping out on a limb, pushing the envelope, raising the bar — well, you get the picture. The process of innovation goes by many names, and the Victory Empulse TT is an electric motorcycle that stands at the intersection of them all. That mentality, along with some time cutting through a few of the greatest riding roads in the country, piqued the ravenous curiosity of our resident wrench, Lemmy. As a professor of all things petrol, he was excited to get his hands on this trailblazing electric bike and review it for what it is; an entirely new beast all-its-own.

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Echo Leader says:

What’s the range?

krunchie101 says:

They are improving electric motorcycles pretty fast but the prices are still ridiculous, I’ll wait another 5 years before I take these things seriously

James Kwon says:

Great review. I thought “8min?! No way” – but it was smart and informative. Really was exactly what I was looking for in terms of insight on this bike. Thanks lemmy!

ConClaviConDio says:

Always a great vid when Lemmy does a review! but let’s see some Dual Sports baby!

Efrain Parada says:

why don’t manufacturers just make a hybrid motorcycle? there are more hybrid cars than full on electrics on the road…

Michael Atchison says:

The fact that he can’t ride home and is happy about it is strange to me.

9Nails says:

Take-off from a stop without using the clutch, and impossible to stall making this a cheater bike in a slow drag race! I test drove one at the Long Beach MC show, and it’s fun.

Marc Brassé says:

I’dd love to own this sort of bike if it can do 100 miles at real power levels, say a 100 mile ride at 50 to 60 mph averages over twisty roads. And thus you leave out the most important bit of all: How far does it go when ridden like a real bike? About half of that?

Benswing Rich says:

Really nice job on the review! As a longtime electric biker I’m apprehensive to watch people review electric bikes. Really liked your review, I thought it was informative and fair.

A couple of notes.
– There is no “engine” on an electric motorcycle, only a motor. You used that term a few times.
– You mentioned that not many electric vehicles have a transmission. Actually no other production electric vehicle uses a transmission. Tesla tried one out initially, but it is silly to use one with an electric motor since electric motors provide plenty of power at all speeds.

Looking forward to seeing your review of the 2016 Zero SR!

513eis says:

Nice review and thanks for showing electric technologies. I couldn’t find a review of the Zero by you. Did you do one?
I have a 2015 Zero SR and I had the opportunity to test ride a Victory electric. Compared to my Zero, I found the Victory lacked acceleration and handling and a LOT more noisy than my Zero because the Zero uses belt drive with no transmission and the Victory uses a chain / transmission. Accelerating to 100 mph was like a standard motorcycle on the Victory with power drop-offs with every shift and a perceptible power curve. The Zero has no power drop off (no transmission) and has all torque up to 100mph. The value for the Zero is better in that is costs less and you get a better performing machine. The Victory is better for seat comfort and brakes.

Forrest Rider says:

Lemmy, man I dig your review! Great work!

Adam Simpson says:

Is that breaking bad 3:33 lol

Ken Kinoshita says:

Awesome review sir !!

Jonathan Garzon says:

opinion-this is really a commuters bike, I’d never buy this for anything other than that and for the price I’d just throw a bit more in and get a IC traditional engine

Jonny X says:

can’t wait until they come out with a decent electric cruiser. sport and dirt are fine, but not my cup of tea

Kid From Burke says:

we need a hybrid bike

Riad Ahmed says:

Gear transmission I had a long argument to defend it when Brammo first came . Transmission has an advantage when you are going up hill or your battery going to flat it has variable facilities.

Steve Cummings says:

Wish you guys did more bike reviews because you do the best reviews on the net. :O)

steelmesh says:

How many kW is the motor?

Robb M says:

While I still would likely pass on this particular bike, it’s about time that someone builds an enthusiast’s machine that happens to be electric, rather then building an electric bike without character. Kudos to Victory

Oleg Jeeve says:

this bike is not enough Duyunov engine

Miquel Aparicio says:

only needs more autonomy, faster charging, and more durability. then I’ll consider buying it.

SGTUSMC1997 says:

too bad they are out of biz now

Jodog says:

I know they havent updated it but can you guys review the Triumph Scrambler?

Dustin Paddock says:

How many miles did you make it in the review before it ran out or juice and you needed the van?

Carl Stawicki says:

Does anyone know if it’s theoretically possible to have an instantly-charging battery? Aside from that, the only solution I can think of for the long charging times is for the industry to agree on a standard battery design that allows the battery to be swapped out easily. You could then bring the battery with you when you’re parked to plug them in somewhere (at work or in a hotel room, etc). It might even be possible to carry multiple batteries. They could also treat a removable battery like propane tanks, meaning, the battery can be brought anywhere to be swapped out with a fully charged one. Image pulling into a “gas” station and just paying to swap out batteries.

bannor216 says:

i bet they break down a lot. just like teslas

Fernando Benedito says:

I don´t know how much it costs but the fact that´s an american naked competitor to all the jap and euro bikes out there makes it an awesome option!! The only thing I could never get used to is a noiseless bike though!

greg133777 says:

Ran out of juice then Jason Voorhees got him, RIP

Don Sears says:

rather drive a sewing machine

Scott Henderson says:

Lenny would be the worst motorcycle training instructor, he has one hand off the handlebar 90 percent of the time. Not a safe rider.

Dino Velvet says:

Victory spent 18 years catering to cruiser riders and released a sport naked looking electric bike… What a waste of PR and R&D money!

Austin Rodriguez says:

I sat on this bike. it felt like a video game you sit on at the bowling alley.

Cat Daddy says:

You do a great job Lenny thanks

Juan Hoya says:

Great review, informative and well put together. Spot on on what Electric Motorcycle is all about

d18914 says:

If I’m not mistaken Victory bought the Empulse tt. It’s been around for awhile.

Hankola says:

If Victory released a Cross Country electric, I’ll buy it in a heart beat.

stenly says:

Problem is that bike experience starts with look first and then how you feel like on the ride itself. Sorry but if I gonna pay 24k I dont expect to ride bike which looks like something what ppl use for urban ride in India

alain hebert says:

good revue, i wonder about this bike is it suitable for a beginner rider?

Anonyme Person says:

transmission Why? pls Why? This is electric, its diffrent its bether and they had to destroy it.
As soon as i heard “Transmission” i sayed, i will NEVER buy that this, thats for sure!

kevin7993 says:

Can you guys do an HD Iron 833 review?

Brian Zaborowski says:

If I had 20 grand to blow on a new bike, it sure as hell wouldn’t be some electric POS that only goes 100 miles. I don’t see those ever jumping off showroom floors.

Charlie Hey says:

What a point of motorcycle if there is no EXHAUST? xD Seriously it’s 1 of most important thing on motocycles, cos almost car drivers don’t rly give a f to a side and back mirror) better give em a sign, but riding with sticked finger on horn button not rly funny)

Mattguitarman1234 says:

Brammo made a great bike!

enntense says:

Help me out here.  Bikes on average get pretty good mileage for the performance they provide yes?  Gas is $1.30 a gallon yes?  With just those two factors electric bikes are DOA…For an electric bike to be anything other than a guild ridden useless exercise in pointless engineering they have to be better than the gas rival they want to replace.  More money, less performance, less range and more time charging(refueling), not to mention no where to refuel are all losers.  If not for your and my tax dollars being given to these alternative energy companies they wouldn’t even exist.  I don’t recall checking a box that said tax me and give my money to a for profit business.  Did you?

LA Prepper says:

Seeing that hand off the handlebar is making me nervous. Cool bike and review though 🙂

quicksilver40 says:

LOL, he rev’d the electric bike.

Snake Bite says:

With the current pricing, i am seriously thinking about getting one of these. I saw at the local dealer they are going for $10k and still have fun warranty

Medic_F93 says:

This is dumb, but can you stall the bike? Whats the purpose for the clutch other than shifting? Is it beneficial to use the friction zone on a EV bike?

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