Urban Electric Motorcycles: BMW C Evolution Scooter And Zero DSR

Once upon a time, electric motorcycles had such short range and high MSRPs that only the most devoted of early adopters had a reason to consider owning one. Well, in the past couple years, improvements in range have resulted in electrics now being a viable option for riders who are looking for a greener alternative to internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycles, which are relatively dirty compared to four-wheeled road users. So, we’ve taken the 2018 BMW C Evolution scooter and the 2018 Zero DSR as representatives of two different approaches to urban electric motorcycles to see how they stack up for everyday use. Note: This is not our typical comparison where we try to determine the best motorcycle out of a pairing. Rather, we are looking at two different electric bikes to determine their viability as urban transport.

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hankgs says:

This WILL change almost everything about motorcycles as we know it- Like they mentioned, no more oil changes, valve adjustments, what muffler / exhaust to go with… I wonder if the aftermarket industry will be lobbying against the electric motorcycle movement….(?)

elpidiovaldez4ever says:

They look so happy with their quiet bikes and here I am daily driving (50 miles round trip) a DRZ400 SM with an open muffler without db killer wearing earplugs, and for the unbelievers loud pipes DO save lives.

abbaby555 says:

This was a really interesting video. Thanks for posting

1990 says:

Dangerously quiet.

Aby Mathew says:

We would really love to see you guys are testing Lightning LS218.

renynzea says:

I would have picked the Zero S for this comparison (the S models have more range than the DS models). The base model is $10,995 with 10 miles less range than the BMW, and the extended range model is $13,995 which is $200 more than the BMW but offers more range and performance. Without the charge tank the Zero S has a frunk. It is not as cavernous as the BMW’s compartment, but it is useful for carrying a lunch and a drink or two, plus a tire repair kit. The charge tank is only useful if you ride beyond 50% range of the zero, and you have access to a charging station. Otherwise just plug it in to a 120 volt outlet and let it charge overnight.

IMO, it looks like you went with the priciest Zero to make the BMW look better on price. It isn’t. Zero beats the BMW in every way except the size of its storage compartment. But it still has a storage compartment. If you opt for the charge tank that means you need the Zero to do ranges the BMW flat out isn’t capable of. And you can add a Top Box or Side Cases to the zero if you really need the storage.

saddlebag says:

I got my first real six string. Bought it at the five and dime. Played it til my fingers bled. Was the summer of ’69.

Gerhard Symons says:

So infuriating when the presenters do not give the details: when will the bike pay for itself? Five years, ten years?

Why mention it, if you do not furnish it with details?

crisray6789 says:

Batteries still aren’t where they need to be to make electric bikes practical. the only way at the moment to increase range is to add more battery cells, and that adds loads of weight which is not good for motorcycles, not to mention the fact that when you run out you have to charge for a way longer time than it would take to pump a few gallons of gas.

Also this video is garbage and has nothing insightful about the character of these bikes, unless the character is that these are toys for Californians who want to look environmentally friendly.

hestehest says:

Very nice video!

Cross says:

4:30 and that’s why there are negative stereotypes around motorcyclists

Броди Сергей says:

Good job guys

David S says:

Good information As you stated, it’s not a video to determine which machine is better I was reading some of the other comments, and some good points were made, but the bottom line is that I enjoyed your video, and hopefully you will fix that minor audio issue you had I had an inquiry as to the cost of these electric bikes You may not know the answer, but is the price expected to come down at any point, because they are extremely expensive Well, that’s it, have a good one

M. F. says:

Your producer and camera guy need to be fired.

Bobby Bass says:

So what do we call this new breed of bikes? CuckCycles ?

noobasdfjkl says:

Horrible audio starting at 7:20, but gets really bad at 7:42

Krikket Warrior says:

9 hour charge time? and please correct me if I’m wrong, that’s for 60 mile range? I’ll pass. Well presented guys. =) Just not a fan of the E-bikes not when my sport bike does 45+ mpg, Also try as you might to sell me on the “whoosh” idea, I love the sound of that engine. Not a whine of a hopped up e-motor from a power wheels. IMHO Stay safe and keep the videos coming.

T M says:

These guys didn’t review the bikes, we didn’t really see the bikes in action. Makes you wonder if the bikes are truly functional.

Edward Lorentz says:

$19,000 for the ZERO ?? For 60 MILES of travel an 9 hrs to charge ?? If it was $1,900 it wouldn’t be a selling point !!! Who is buying this WHO ???,

Benjamin Hasselgren says:

Super happy that you are reviewing electric bikes. Very exciting!

One wish for future videos: please talk more about the battery, electric motor, etc.

Keep up the good work!

saddleupbike says:

you would have to look long and hard to find music that sucked more than the music in this video

Chris Till says:

It can’t be long now until we start seeing a rush of electric models from all the major manufacturers that haven’t joined in yet. There’s going to be a lot to talk about. The momentum is building and the battery and charging tech is rapidly improving and getting cheaper.

OregonOnTwoWheels says:

When Mr. Fusion® powerplants hit the market, electric vehicles will be king. Until then, I’m positive that there will be neutral and negative opinions, with people taking polar oppositions in this charged debate. But, whether alternately or directly, watt we really have to remember is that electricity, like love, sometimes hertz, but usually helps make life better for us when we offer less resistance.

Jez says:

That beemer looks so dorky it looks cool

Otakar Libal says:

love the bmw, I am a bit disappointed about the zero dsr, not even a color dash and just looks so boring… If I really wanted to get a very expensive electric bike I would probably just go for the Energica Eva or Ego. The looks and performance are just somewhere else

TrueDesireHD says:

seriously the microphones…

James B says:

How many ways can these guys say This is a scooter and this is a motorcycle. Also, 19 grand for 60 miles range! A 650 lb. motorcycle! A Sur Ron looks like a lot more fun for 3600 dollars!

Bruno M says:

I see people dying because they’re so quiet

Jojo Crazy Cat says:

Its hard to watch a dude trying to make sense of a machine while looking at holes in his ears so big you can put your finger in.
WHY ???

R Zu says:

With the BMW in the aggressive regen mode, does the brake light come on when you release the throttle and it slows down quickly? If not, that could be a safety issue for drivers following behind you.


Is it possible to put Arabic translation?

Serious says:

Zero zx headlight looks like a Rieju mrt headlight (don’t mean trophy edition)

blacknester says:

So you are talking about urban commuter motorcycles and do not even mention carrying capacity or weather protection, arguably the two most important things with such vehicles. When you buy groceries – what do you do with them on zero? Luggage options?

disekjoumoer says:

Thanks for the review, guys. The thing about the BMW is that all that weight is going to cost in terms of range, I think.

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