UBCO 2×2 electric utility bike – honest review

Hey guys, I got a chance to review this electric 2 wheel drive utility bike for some time, ride it test it and tell you what I think. Lets just say that its not my cup of coffee (i dont drink tea), but at the same time it is quite interesting vehicle. I used the word “interesting” way too much in the video, but that is the best word I could think of to describe UBCO 2×2 electric utility bike. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
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Ubco 2 wheel drive electric utility bike review


JDM fan says:

Maybe when this technology is more cheap in the future but is nice . Sad for petrol bikes

Joel Cedeno says:

I could imagine u doing Enduro on that thing

BMF Customs says:

Rado, awesome video and fair review. I was wondering if you know a good place to take my son to learn to ride? Near Rancho bernardo or towards your neck of the woods. I’m looking for a place with few people and not as far as ocotillo well.

Joseph Tucciarone says:

I used to buy motorcycles, both dirt and street. None of them were ever speed governed. The UBCO is a great bike. Excellent bakes and suspension. Easy to ride with its low seat and low center of gravity. I would buy one it my local government would let me ride it on the horse/bicycle paths in recreational areas, and not just on the street bike lanes. The UBCO is too powerful, more than 1hp.

Maverick224 says:

Mate that thing would make a good trail building and maintenance machine, strap a shovel rake and Matlock and chainsaw on they’re fuel and oil, some food the dog and go build and maintain some trail.

wrench One says:

I wouldn’t even spend 6k on a real bike …. But it is cool kinda …

flitsies says:

Over priced and under powered, and then there is the insurance, again it will be quite high as all electric bikes seem to be expensive on insurance for some reason.

For what you are getting you could just go with an electric push bike and skip the insurance plus the price tag for the item, and you could probably go a lot further on a charge as some electric bikes go over 100 miles on a charge.

difflocktwo says:

2k more gets you a zero fx, right?

montgomery mchargue says:

Check out the sur Ron by Luna cycles that thing is nuts and for the price = unbeatable

Jonathan Bishop says:

Can you put a trailer on the back for moving feed and small bales of hay around?

The MX Guru says:

Ahhhhhh. Cant wait until electric is more mainstream. Much the BS gone and motorcycling will be simpler and easier for people are aren’t rich or mechanically inclined.

Dale Duro says:

Haha 2 stroke sound! Brapp brap!

Mojave ADV says:

Needs a steering stabilizer, that thing looks rad!

TriplePlay says:

I spoke to the rep for the US this week, she cited more range and speed than you claim. ?? For me 30mph in the US and 75 mile range just isn’t enough. 45-50mph minimum. Especially pushing $7kUS, although she did say they will be dropping prices. Maybe as a grocery getter for VanLife/RV types, or for Farm/Ranch. Stealth through campgrounds for sure. IsLnd touring etc. Better than all those buzzy VSPA knockoffs with 13 inch wheels for rent. You can count on parks and campgrounds outlawing petrol rides in the near future. Most US states already have a 80db law coming. BTW – ALTA went bankrupt. HD pulled the plug. The KIWIs have durability and Utility/ADV down, now they need more oomph and aesthetics. Coming soon…61 distributors in the US!

Vegas RoManiac says:

Man you should have take it on the single track see how it does in gnarly stuff . How heavy is it ?! can it do single track!? It sure looks like faster than the HUSABERG! 😀 . 6k is the only problem … jesus , even 2 k is expensive, it should cost 1k before people will actually consider it !

Kevin Mcdonnell says:

Just like all Electronics someday the price will come down …i have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot of these types of bikes in the near future

Scott Chittock says:

These bikes were initially designed for the farm in New Zealand. They’re quiet, capable, zero emissions, and easy to get on and off all the time which is why the frame is designed like that. It’s cool to see another product from nz on the international market. Personally, I also hope that the day that electric dirt bikes take over never comes.

abbaby555 says:

This would be ideal for security use around parks and areas where you wouldn’t want someone to hear you sneaking up on them

elgalloazul says:

Good old New Zealand. The Manta5 Hydrofoil Bike (https://manta5.com) is another recent winner from that country.

I’m looking forward very much to this next phase of propulsion becoming mainstream – It just GOES without making a big deal about it, and without a big load of noise and smoke. The main limiting factor currently is the energy storage, but that is improving in fits and starts since Li-ion batteries became a reality in the 1990s, and readily available in about 2009, in what I think of as modern batteries’ “public beta” phase Just one of the advantages is that more than 90% of the energy is used, rather than the 15 – 20% that you get out of petrol with old-school, complex banger engines (ie. motocross bikes).

Malachi Laskowski says:

I think the ubco can spit pretty well I hope you get to try Alta

AkaComeau says:

I thought for a second you were in my town because all I saw and read was “UBCO” which is University of British Columbia Okanagan” which is 10 miles away… was a bit stoked but confused. Cool bike tho

Xterrential says:

This tech is still in its infancy. Give it ten more years and it will be way cheaper and better.

dirbike 4 life says:

That thing moves

Nir Hason says:

Great, honest and funny review! (especially when you added the 2T sound haha)

6K it’s way too much for this bike.

Marlin Robertson says:

I have a mate who owns one of these, And have ridden it many many times and while its a cool concept they are extremely fragile, Motors have fried controllers have fried etc. I think they could really benefit from traction control as on tough terrain the front wheel just spins.

OzarksTactical Homesteading says:

Pretty cool, and pretty expensive. That battery looks like it’s just 18650 cells too… 6K? Unfortunately at that price for many it’s nothing more than a novelty purchase for those who have 6K too spend on a whim.

Keep developing it, and get your price down, if y’all really want to sell these things.

Vaneater says:

Send mobile. I’d hit some jumps with it.

Ron Pranglen says:

Price is an off putter plus looks aint too pretty , could put up with it though if it was’nt for the above plus it’s really too small, would need to stand up on any non flat surfaces which my old legs are not happy with. Maybe a nice little work horse can’t see much else to use it for !

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