Twisting Nipples- Sur Ron Bee Electric Motorcycle Professional Review

An update on the battery, and we twist some nipples.

The factory nipples use a SW-3 “blue” park spoke wrench

The Sur Ron “light bee” can be purchased from:


Thiago M M says:

Mt louca queria pode te uma dessa

Michael Burgess says:

Wish that bike wasn’t so expensive. It’s badass. Love the look of it too. I can honestly say it’s the first electric bike I’d consider buying though.

Christopher Roskosh says:

I expect a video on the 2 speed conversion on the Deere

Kyle reisert says:

I just ordered one of these, how far do you think I should expect the wheels to last? What do you feel are the best replacements?

Spam Sandwich says:

You’re really milking this one my dude…

Benjamin T. Minkler says:

I’m curious if you think this is a motorcycle or a bicycle?
…also if you think everyone would ‘have to’ change things on it? or even how much is there to gain by ‘modding’ it some?
like sure; some people will always upgrade a few things here and there to not only improve something but to make it ‘personal’, but then you get into spending a lot more money on it to make it custom … seems like you enjoy it stock, but it will be interesting to see how far you will/can take it without having unlimited moneys to dump into it…..and if you had ‘price no object’ what would you dream to do to it? or would you start with a different brand as a base?

are these spoke issues pretty much normal for any bike bought off-the-shelf in this (relative)price range?
wondering too about how you got your Sur Ron so early, and how much might have changed now that its in full production? like do you have one of the first ‘square wave’ controllers that others got on prototypes? are all these still having the nipples rounded off in production?

…love your videos; will like, sub, and definitely share!

Ric Gruber says:

How much do you weight per the bike .


Excellent as always. Thanks for this review.

Bro Brah says:

What’s the range on this bike? And if you have to peddle only, is it difficult to do so?

Anthony Steele says:

they could extend the battery to look like a fuel tank. I just think it would look better

Jesse Bellis says:

Awesome !

Nicholas Barber says:

It was probably the weather affecting the capacity. My capacity was drastically affected by freezing temps when I lived in MI.

Allen Hare says:

Thanks for a super informative and interesting video. I learned a lot from it.
I’m in the market for a new bike to commute to work on, and electrics have caught my imagination. This little bike would not do it for my work commute, but it looks fun to play around with. I could see buying one for scooting around at the campground, the river bottoms, or just around the neighborhood.
Best Of Luck

Benjamin T. Minkler says:

yeah, I still kinda struggle with the ‘name’ of the bike vs ‘brand’
my guess is that “Light Bee” or “Firefly” is just loosely translated from something that sounds awesome in Chinese
…or heck, maybe they named it that because they thought it sounded really cool in English, and thought we would all know what ‘fireflies’ are and we are all fascinated watching them blink in the summer nights as they buzz around stinging people(wat?)

I saw the cool gfx they did showing what they thought a ‘light bee’ looked like, and its kinda a green glowing pissed off hornet with wires, feathers or something

BikeStuff says:

the seat needs to sit abit further back,

Gusrid ! says:

Have you ever considered using a guitar tuner to check the tension when you tighten the spokes? In theory, they should be at peak performance when they’re all in tune 😉

Michael Burgess says:


John Roddy says:

Please do a video on the new magnum time permitting from a long time fan

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