The Life Electric: You Have the Right to Remain Silent

In an effort to save money, reduce its carbon footprint and better serve the community, the Ceres Police Department purchased three Zero DS-P electric motorcycles. The benefits paid off immediately and has had a positive impact on the community in more ways than even the Ceres PD could ever expect.

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JoeGo101 says:

Do we really need The Po Po to be even more stealthy? …. I think not lol But it doesnt matter, here in MD and DC ya dont need a cop to get a ticket. The pesky speed cameras do the job oh so un constitutionally. What happened to the days of when you only got a ticket if a human pulled you over?

dbauernf says:

They could have made a move to any standard motorcycle years ago and started saving money. Harley is a complete miss for this purpose.

Leadfoot2112 says:

yea but there more down time with the electric bikes 10.5 hours to charge

Paul says:

Only flaw I see is the range on those bikes. In a chase a person might be able to get away if the cops run out of power mid way

Uppish says:

i always thought as a kid that dirtbikes would be more efficient around town for cops, but i didnt know about all the types of motorcycles. and idk what kind of bike this is. supermoto? idk, but it seems much better than the Harleys, even if it was still gas powered

Joshua Kessler says:

the guy on the skateboard almost got run over 😛

Hiaruga says:

Shoot first!

Benjamin Hasselgren says:

A few things came to my mind;

1. As mentioned, no protection gear? In Sweden, where I live, the mc police always wears full protection – I don’t think anything else is allowed for the mc police (not required for us normal riders)

2. I can’t understand why mc police in US are riding Harleys. Heavy, slow and not agile at all. I can see why people ride Harleys – but the police? I know that ppl in US are usually very proud of their country (at least what we in Europe think of you) but c’mon. Like the worst possible bike for fighting crimes on two wheels. In other word: No wonders that they are happy with the Zeros!

3. Is it a requirement to have a mustasch as a riding police at Ceres Police Department?

Chris Cope says:

Worth it just for the opening segment.

DaBrute says:

8:01 it was his time to shine and he fucking blew it

t0mmiiiii says:

Electric bikes are cool and the future i think, but in this video it would also have been nice if the downsides were explained: the range. I’m interested in how often the bikes get loaded up. Now this video is like a commercial, rather than a journalistic video.

Ride AMAP says:

Instead of CHIPs they are ZIPs

sweeeptheleg says:

Just pushing the pollution issue up stream where the power plant is providing the electricity. Out of site out of mind.

ehsan83 says:

The idea is great and sure saving a lot of money for the police. There is however 2 important things to know about the bike : 

– Autonomy : How many kilometres you could ride before recharging? 

– Acceleration and top speed : bad guys surely won’t do bad things with scooters all the time. They would come with fast cars or bikes. Does this bike handle the job well?

ForbinColossus says:

Batteries not included – but mustache is

Zone Television says:

For an electric I’m most impressed with this brand for the masses. Great bike.

musixmadness says:

How do you downshift it to engine brake? Can you do that at all?

crowmagg1 says:

police just got gayer

yakyakyak69 says:

Hey… FREE MONEY… let’s spend it.

BTW; Every penny spent was first taken from taxpayers under threat of police gun violence.

BK says:

that crash bar just looks like its going to break a few knee caps


there should be specific electric motorbikes made for government agencies like police fire & paramedics. why do they have to compromise with these little toy bikes. seriously. design a real commercial grade Electric bike for crying out loud zero & then you will have the government contract for life !!

Luigi Carella says:

e le pistole elettriche??

XSADV says:

Here are some good cops, mindful of their role in the community.

Kevin Boyle says:

this feature makes me want to grow a tash

gavranarh says:


Get rid Of Money says:

It is good POLICy Enforcers are using e-bikes, saving the environment and raising awareness of e-bikes.

Mark Brand says:

1:41 obama

ambydupuis says:

Those policemen are really giving a good example of protective gear [/sarcasm]

plaid13 says:

So they spend three times as much on a bike to save a few dollars a day on gas. Maybe…. they should have just bought smaller cheaper bikes. Could have bought 4 honda crf250ls for what they pay for each of these. 

 The pollution thing is interesting and all but batteries are not exactly clean to produce. And the power comes from somewhere and that place is most likely polluting. 

 If they work an 8 hour shift on an electric bike loaded with gear would they have to average about 15mph for the bikes battery to last through the shift?

 The Harley is a stupid option thats for sure but this isnt much better. They could get electric mountain bikes for the urban use they are talking about. Same range a third of the cost. Hell some of them will even do 55mph. Plenty to keep up with traffic in town.

G Nelson says:

I think I would like the fact that they appear to be adventure/dual sport ish. It looks like they are a much more versatile motorcycle than the Harley and can go places typical police bikes can’t.

stormedCORSA says:

Looks like a mustache is mandatory.

enntense says:

..Why didn’t they just buy a bunch of bicycles?…Once again a fan boy electric powered vehicle article that omits the fact that at high output(full throttle) you can deplete one in less than 1/2 an hour…Look one up,(manufacturers website)  just increasing your speed on steady droning on the highway from 55 to 70 mph reduces TOTAL mileage from a measly 92 miles to a paltry 62…Imagine your range wide open…30?  Possibly less?  And the odds you are sitting on a full charge at any point?  About zero..

machyne82 says:

That kid on the skateboard almost got run over when he fell. Safe!

Silver Geordie says:

Promoting e-bikes and pigs, well that’s an unsub.

Arden Tizzy says:

Police work can be hard work. ? A real days hard work would kill them lolol

Luigi Carella says:

crazy american

Véras says:


Roy Rodriguez says:

great for left hand shooters fire while riding … bad in a long chase [ breaking off the chase as i need to recharge ]… ya 3 bikes will make the air better  super …heat ya well who would ever think a air cooled motor would be hot .. h.d. rear cyl gets hot …really where the f have these cops been for the last 50 years .. hey they others make water cooled motors now you know .and in cop versions ….they do not hear you coming well that will be fun when you get run over … more fun when you need to sell them , change battery’s , hey get a grant let some one else pay for it ….all day shift , na 50-75 miles just go back to the station and do paper work while recharging for hr’s eat some donuts …suck up the a.c. why be out on the street …win win all around .. and it goes where h.d. can not really a light high dirt bike style with semi off road trail tires goes where h.d. can not these cops are together on bike knowledge …must watch motorcycle .com ..

Get rid Of Money says:

Many POLICy Enforcers think they are doing a beneficial thing for the community but the truth is they are enforcing freedom restricting laws that end up enslaving us and taking away our natural freedoms.

The Cheshire Cat says:

I kinda feel bad for these cops, having to wear uniform instead of leathers in a job that would be at even more risk of coming off, stay safe guys.

SunzOffski says:

What’s with all the mustaches in the police force? Some sort of YMCA going on.

Danny soto says:

Great now they can sneak up on your arrrs.

Vampy Vamp says:

Yay my schools are on YouTube 😀 and hi deputy Perry

XSADV says:

You wouldn’t even have to pay me to ride one of these around and bust cell phone using drivers.

Neil Kee says:

8:05 HAHAHAHAHA Can’t get over that

J S says:

Way to bolster the Police State Zero Motorcycles!

JC Journey says:

how about a Tesla Model S police car.

vince snetterton says:

what a job, gettin paid for riding around on the latest, zippy, quiet bikes, bagging minor traffic offences. I feel poorer but not any safer

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