The FULL Review of the Energica Electric Motorcycle

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merk Man says:

Not bad, I appreciate the review. what about battery degradation? I understand the motor and inverter are liquid cooled but what about the battery pack itself? Don’t know if you know about the nissan leaf horrible battery saga with air cooled batteries and living in AZ. Some of those original 2011 cars lost 40-60% battery capacity within two years. I own a 2013 nissan leaf that is already down to 74% capacity and its got 52k miles. I guess I’m asking how do those battery hold up in extreme heat w/o liquid cooling? is there a battery degradation warranty?

Not trying to knock you, thanks for any answers.

Dungeons Heroes says:

the mic peaks SO much! also: these are PRINTED carbon fiber! there is a big difference with the real carbon fiber!

stealthystevie says:

The most informative video I’ve seen concerning the Ego. You’ve answered a lot of my questions. Excellent!

kal ocals says:

Terrible mic. Sweet review!

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