Test Riding the Harley Davidson LiveWire – Electric motorcycle prototype

Here is the video of my ride on the Harley-Davidson LiveWire on a private test track of Michelin. I was very curious to try an electric motorcycle after having watched the video of RoyalJordanian about the BMW C-Evolution (https://youtu.be/OGwHR7npXWY). I haven’t been disappointed!

Specifications in brief:
– Cast aluminum treillis frame and swingarm
– 3-phase induction electric motor, oil-cooled
– 74 hp, 70 nm, 2 riding mode (Range & Power)
– Direct drive transmission with Gilmer belt
– 210 kg (460 lb)
– 790 mm (31 in) seat height
– 65-85 km (40-53 mi) range
– 3.5 hours for a full battery charge
– Won’t be marketed before 2020, price TBD

More info, pictures, bonus/exclusive videos on MrKiddo’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MrKiddoMoto

All the footage of this video have been recorded in the Michelin Ladoux Technology Center on June 27, 2015.


Jeremy Markham says:

Good video. I would want to test drive one for at least a week to get comfortable with the completely different technology and feel of it. Ride Safe and Stay Happy.

BBBYpsi says:

They are releasing it in 2019

Guy Ruff says:

Sorry I don’t like it. I prefer it to be a little wider for handle bars. And a longer body.

enes Cakir says:

Looks like Ducati



P aul says:

Hurry up and make me a Electric Tron bike

Patrick Ryan says:

Reminds me of the Buell bikes!

Harvey Holloway says:

Too bad it is such a generic design. I liked the old days of the cruiser style bikes better.

mightyxxwhitey says:

I like it. But the price has to be competitive. Around the $10k or less. Or it won’t sell.

Gee smithy says:

There good but dangerous because you carnt hear them coming

Michael Moesgen says:

captain america stammt von einem afroamerikaner. HD hatte Sich strickt geweigert für den Film HD zu Verfügung zu stellen.

PatriotNC1 says:

50 mile range? I ride further than that to work. Sell it to the Europeans, I don’t think Americans are going to go for this.

penetrus says:

Electric motorcycle is not motorcycle!

Clinton Whoo says:

Mirrors are horrible.

Robert Miracle says:

Yep ebikes will be great once the batteries are better but its been years now and they can still only get 50 to 60 miles per charge there has been no real progression

Henrik Mogensen says:

The designers has designed batteries into the bike and not the other way around. You need a certain amount of KW in order to get a satisfied radius! No argue about that. You can see that there is just not enough volume for batteries and motor. End result is: no sales. Just my opinion!

tikki volta says:

thank’s for posting but nobody cares for your gasoline preference. in 10 years tops we’ll look back at the weaknesses of combustion engines asking ourselves: how the hell didn’t we transition faster.

Tony Clifton says:

Give me fuel give me fire give me that which I desire!

Tyler Nordquist says:

Could you please drive a little bit fucking! Faster you fucking wuss I’m 14 I ride dirt bikes I would passing those other guys before you could realize what such a wuss you are

Mindraker1 says:

People don’t ride the Harleys because they are good bikes. People ride Harleys because they are loud and obnoxious. The people who ride the Harleys are loud and obnoxious. My obnoxious neighbor who rides a Harley, won’t want a quiet bike. She wants a loud bike. Yes, your prototype is good, but will it appeal to those who are currently buying them? No. Will they appeal to a different market? Maybe.

Matt M says:

One of the thingsI love about riding is the sound the engine makes. Electric bikes won’t catch on with my generation.

pim1234 says:

This is just out right stupid !

followthefleet1 says:

Wondering how it compares to its competitors, in acceleration and speed.

Jason Poole says:

Looks like a crotch rocket I think they should do a more traditional look or at least a modern mix of a cruiser

ess2586 says:

Chassis looks very much like a Buell….hmmmm….

Jose Arevalo says:

40 mile range is a joke. I can ride 3x that much on a bicycle in a day. Expensive toy it will be.

pepe cohetes says:

I’ve got to get me one of these!

Michael Moesgen says:

Wenn man bei Harley Davidson nur noch aufs Geld schaut. Sollte man sich überlegen eine
neue Strategie und Umsatz denken das ändern können. Nicht immer wo HD drauf steht ist aus den USA sondern ein bielich produkte. Den mythos HD haben die kunden gemacht nicht HD. Beste beispiel ist berühmte HD captain america. Da mit hat HD am wenigsten. Sie stammt von einem afroamerikaner für den berühmten Film. HD hatte sich geweigert eine HD zu Verfügung zu stellen.

Grieg Ragen says:

40 Mile Range. What a joke. I bet this new toy will be Fifteen Grand.

Michael Smith says:

I will take a 48 Pan head or 47 Knuckle head please. Thank you.

Jan Sing says:


S T R says:

It needs some cards in the spokes:)

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