Sur Ron electric motorcycle Professional Review 2

Part one of our review here:

The manufacturers site is found here

We continue our review of the Sur Ron “firefly”, “light Bee”, or “MX” electric motorcycle. Branding is even less consistent than it was during the first video! But they are all the same bike. So far so good…



Thanks for publishing this follow up video. I was wondering why you wanted to use another charger besides the stock one that the bike came with. Is the stock charger no good?


Great job John! Man I gotta get one of these, they look like a blast! Dude in the background had me rolling lol!

mattweisz says:

Can you have the camera operators do less of the unnecessary panning, and zoom in more on what you’re talking about, and less chopping your head off partially? I was starting to get a little seasick. Having said that, I did enjoy the video, especially the cameo from the creeper. Do you have a patreon account?

Ronan O'Boyle says:

good review …again, thanks. Im in Ireland and seriously considering one of these.

Andrew H. says:

I like it ! Great info.

Rf Deez says:

Whats up with the creeper in the bakground,nosey neighbors….mimd ya business

William W says:

You mentioned “tassels”…what’s that?

WFMguy says:

Thanks for the second review! Very informative and a great video. I have been thinking of getting one of these and this last video of yours did it for me. I’m getting one. It seems I won’t be disappointed.

What’s the range looking like? Other reviewers get close to 40 driving it the way you did in the video. Is that about what you get?

Can the battery be upgraded for longer range and power? I’m not very informed about this subject so any help would be appreciated.

gg morris says:

Excellent review, covered everything i wanted to know (think you could do reviewing for a living), i also emailed luna cycles asking how much would it cost to export to the UK , they replied to say sales would come back to me but still waiting… so im probably going to get the Bultaco brinco instead

stonezone says:

Yeah man, thanks for the reviews. I’ve had mine about as long as you and keep checking for content. So far you’ve got the best reviews and info hands down. So on my bike I put some dh pedals in the back slot and along with some Sherco trials bars the peg to grip distance is identical to my other primary bike (gasgas gp). I also swapped out the front forks and wheel with some manitou Dorado experts (27.5″) and a 24×3″ duro wildlife tire). I had the same issue with the front brake so swapped it with an avid I had (needed to use the stock hose since it’s in the right so the avid cable was short). What else… Upgrade the light to some badass Chinese LEDs and swapped out the already nice throttle with a beta throttle body. I think that’s about it besides the bar ends and whatever headclamp came with the forks. I’m thinking about going up a few teeth in the back since it’s a bit too fast for the trails here. I happen to have a vec300 controller unused I should also on but not ready to tear into it yet. Would like to hear more about your charger, I fried and replaced the 2 thermistors on the AC side yesterday (maybe get a voltage step up and use one of the 52v power supplies I and powering my icharger with)… Anyhow, thanks for the review. Subscribed!!

3DMcKeaney says:

Great vid! One question, do you think the bike is loud? I mean too loud to use in an urban area?

Jarrett Dale says:

hey I have a question do u have to have a license to ride it on roads or bike Lanes. please respond I need to know asap thanks

Andrew H. says:

big front brakes will blow the fork o rings.

Will M says:

Still haven’t heard you mention if the bike has a warranty, I can’t even find any warranty at all on Luna website. Servicing the thing also sounds like it’s non existent.

Chad Walker says:

Very good video! I’m very interested in this eBike, it seems really torquey! I may have to start saving up!

Rod 000 says:

How good is it in tight technical area’s. Can it climb steep hills.

Miracle Matthew says:

Seems as loud at the earlier beta versions I saw.  Does yours have the updated motor and sine wave controller (which has been reported to be quieter) or the earlier versions?

Christopher Davis says:

What part of Missouri are you in?
I’m just outside Springfield.

Kyle Walker says:

That is an awesome bike loving that green color to

beesleyboy says:

it looks great, no one in the UK seems to be importing them at the moment.

Lordoffail says:

Max from Printer Cult — Nice Hat!!

ThatsMyRc says:

Whats up with that neighbor?  Reminds me of Earl on Tool time w/ Tim Allen. That thing rips pretty good I’m impressed. Slap on a set of Zokes and clear that rock pile 😉  Let see those 12′ O’clock scrapers 😉

tom ofty says:

Thanks for the info. Would like to know battery life for just a cruise on a nice trail no bashing.

Andrew Clark says:

Hi John, how tall are you?
Thanks, Andrew

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