Sur Ron Bee electric motorcycle Professional Review

We review the new Sur Ron Bee lightweight electric motorcycle. Also known as the firefly, or just “sur ron”. Branding of this bike isn’t consistent.

The manufacturers site is found here

Notables not mentioned- The bike is set up for about 150lb rider weight, but has preload control for heavier riders. The charger supplied by luna Cycle takes about 3 hours, 10 amps of charging power. Run time is about 40 miles on the street or 1 to 2 hours flogging off road. The easily removable battery makes hot swapping very fast.


Bryan Seibert says:

I hate your hat

Todd uknow says:

Words words words………. long winded aren’t ya?

Ian Gourlay says:

From the delivery faults this looks to be a potentially poor buy for anyone not savvy enough to know how to check for cycle parts being tightened up etc etc – and that matter of the battery’s total lack of charge and refusal to accept charge four times??? I think it’s irresponsible to accept this from the supplier, such batteries are a very major cost to replace so anything pointing to a possible earlier-than-should-be battery death is a major no-no.
Anything capable of going fast enough to injure either its rider or someone getting in the way of it should have a stringent pre delivery inspection carried out by workshop staff – on something as simple as this that would take maybe fifteen minutes tops? Careless supplier seems indicated. I think you’re making too light of these matters because you’re technically able. Those not armed with knowledge like that could find themselves with a large paperweight in a shortish time if that battery pack succumbs after a few duty cycles.

Carl Scruggs says:

cool bike , can’t follow your deal on the spokes , installing heavier spokes is motocross wheels is common and almost mandatory in the pro ranks

Chris Petela says:

Florida if it’s 150cc u have to register etc anything under that u don’t need any legalities

AdventureSportFlashlights says:

Shout out from Hollister MO!!!!!

drmachinewerke1 says:

Not a crown a triple tree . just FYI If it is a motorcycle forks

samuel desrosiers says:

Wath a big loop on the front brake cable. Lolll

dorian diddles says:

It sure would be nice to know the bikes range on both settings.

Nee Kniggit says:

It’s a bicycle officer. Yes Sir it’s a bicycle! No Sir it’s a bicycle… LOL That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Besides I am 6’4″. I made my Hayabusa look small.

A.T. McCowin JR says:

What rims/wheel set up would you use to replace the current one?

Everton Fc says:


Will M says:

What about parts for this Chinese bike? What about the warranty or service? Seems likenthe biggest problem with Chinese products.

Notmade ofPeople says:

Your hat’s crooked

Nick Torok says:

Hey, Great vid! Thanks!! How heavy is it? Can you pick it up? How tall are you next to that? I have a few stairs to pop it to my apt. You ride it on the street in the city just like a regular bicycle/ moped without insurance? What’s the max speed mopeds are allowed to go? Can you re-explain the wires and which ones do what speeds with better closer images of the inside?

gg morris says:

How tall are you? thx

Frutario Jason Kvestad says:

Really well reviewed

Munther G-mail says:

you forgot to mention it has no pedals. i hope them could make one for the city sometimes, how much it cost ..!

Pistol Pete says:

it’s very loud

jesuisravi says:

please update review after you’ve used the bike for a few months

MrKosiepoephol says:

you talk too much

mattweisz says:

How can you rate it a 9 out of a 10, especially since it came with the dead battery, and very poor assembly? Tell your camera operator to zoom in on what you’re talking about as opposed to zooming out so we can see you. Also, were you paid to do this review?

keith v says:

lame; not even close to kuberg freerider

Allende Frias says:

3k on a bike get a motorcycle.

ThatsMyRc says:

Blowing them burms out 😉 Mo what part?

slowboat says:

so what range will you get from a full charge at cruising speed?

001 002 says:

can I ride one of to work?

michael dev says:

How much is that bike

Petet GRAVES says:

Is it ok to have such a battery level of power next to your nads ?

snap1024 says:

15 mins and never rolled an inch? Does this rig go?

joeyboogenz says:

I’m posting this seconds into the vid , but why doesn’t it have a front fender?

euro191 says:

Update your review with new thoughts!

Chris Petela says:

Looks u can just drive it on the street in the bike lane

James Reed says:

Sounds to me like you need to start your own company.

pete parker says:

no signal lights?

Dan Lewis says:

Good video. Bravo.

TinPinFTW says:

To be fair this is more of an ‘unboxing’ video, right? Usually someone needs actual experience with a product before a ‘review’ can be made. I’d love to hear your thoughts after a few hundred miles have been logged on the thing.

Logan Vinson says:

26″ wheels? Why not a set of hookworms? I had some on my mtn bike and I screamed down paved hills with no issue of grip loss

ey yo says:

You can get a used r3 for probably $4k. 0-60 in 5 seconds and it easy does freeway speeds, also the black one is beautiful and looks really similiar to an r6. Over 50mpg. Idk its not worth the money to me

brian borrill says:

This ebike is not silent. It makes far too much noise for something normally considered silent. Plus it was built for the Asian market in mind. It is to small for the average American and European body size, and overheats when an average size person rides it. Yes, it’s a good bike for the price, but it has far too many issues with it at the moment. These need to be ironed out before it is sold on the American and European markets.

001 002 says:

Can you point me to an immature beginner review XD Not sure I’m ready for a professional review.

blipco5 says:

Great review. I couldn’t look away even though I really don’t have interest in any two wheeled electric bike. Maybe someday.

tog dog says:

dont forget to plug the battery back in

Bryce_ Brunelli says:

Does it have that much torque as my biggest question is if it will pull up a hill easily

0timus says:

Disliked the video because of your hat placement pretty sure the peak is supposed to be above your eyes to act as a shade of sorts. Please check with your caregivers before leaving your house

Boss Man says:

doesn’t matter how small a nipple is i can still get enough tension on em.

Tyler Berry says:

How exactly did you buy this from their website? I’m not fluent in chinese =/. Also whats the difference between the Bee and Light Bee. The website only shows the Light Bee. I’d love to get one,

shadowdance4666 says:

How much does it cost? Did I miss that.
What’s the range on economy mode?

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