Sur Ron Bee Electric Motorcycle Professional Review- Off Road Ride

I take the Sur Ron into some Off Road wheeling action! A mix of doubletrack , single track, and overgrown woods.

The review where I talk about the bike:

Disclaimer: Not a professional rider, totally out of shape, plenty of foot dabs


Robert Browning says:

What did you say the price range is? And how readaly available are they? Are bike stores carrying them?

LionOfYAHudahRules1 says:

Great Vid! Looks like a lot of fun! Can you use a standard mountain bike mud guard on the front forks?

Matt Gates says:

It’s time for Holmes to start making motors for the bikes

RobManzanares says:

Just wondering why it is marketed as a motorcycle. As presented, it appears as a bicycle. LOL

Brent Moore says:

Did you replace the wheels or are they still stock and how are they if they are stock or where did you get the replacements if you replaced them

gg morris says:

Thanxs alot, how fast were you going down to the opening at the end?

Allen Hare says:

Yeah, I gotta get one of these little guys.
That looked like a lot of fun.
Roll On

Jason R. The Zombie dude experience says:

Where do I get one?

Chris Burger says:

Nice series of videos. I would be interested in how to properly set up the suspension (sag – with rider and static). Also, how to wire additional lights and how to shorten that long cable that will certainly catch a limb.
I have mine ordered – should be here 4/5/18! Looks like for off-road it cold use a larger rear sprocket and front brake rotor. Other than that, waiting for the “sine wave” power upgrade, this little bike looks amazing and at a reasonable price point.

сергей федюков says:

Сгонять… …

Jon Neet says:

Is that street legal?

Nathgamer says:

I’m a poor Australian, can you buy me one? lol kidding but I really want one some day, I’ve been thinking about looking into how to make my own on a budget.

gilessmokey says:

suspension ok? or bit grim? Chinese don`t seem to have mastered suspension.

WFMguy says:

Funny beginning with the ‘poking fun at the neighbor’ bit. Made me laugh.
Damn man…very nice video! Superb. The crew getting the different angles as you go by and then following you to get a good look at the bike then the climb and descent. Awesome man!

Brad Joanette says:

That thing looks like so much fun

Tuff Teddy says:

That bike looks very quick off the line. What is the average distance you would get on the street per charge?

fok yo says:

Amazing toy
I wonder what would happen if UK cops stop it on public road?
Would it be confiscated or fined?
Please comment peeps

jay humphries says:

Did you disable any of the safety cut-off switches? (brake / kickstand / tilt) My bike arrives this Friday- for sure I am going to bypass the brake safety switch first. Do you know exactly where (or what) the tilt switch is on the bike? Thanks

Wim M says:

Good Day, just a stupid question, would a 6 foot guy be able to ride this bike?

trolling-to-wake-you-up says:

i wouldnt call this a motorcycle,electric bike without pedals is what i see

Drew1278 says:

Appreciate all the great reviews on the Sur-ron! I’m really curious about how loud this bike really is? Hard to tell from all the videos. I want to use it in the CO Rockies to get deeper into the mtns (quietly!) on game trails for elk/deer hunting. Size/weight of the bike seem perfect for this! Second question – I’m 6’2″ 215lbs, so I expect this might be a little on the small side. Do you think the power will still be enough on hills/climbs considering I’ll be running up against the weight limit with a 35lb pack on as well?

David Johnson says:

Great video, nice to see more on this bike. How’s your battery holding up? I remember you mentioned it was dead upon arrival…Thanks Dave

Bryce_ Brunelli says:

Is it easy to swap gears on the thing because I would rather have a lot more torque than speed

HolmesHobbies says:

1:49 to skip to riding!

Rod 000 says:

I am impressed. I would definitely gear it down. I shatterd my tibia can’t ride dirt bikes and this is just as good. Like climbing steep stuff. TN mtns.

Younes Tenn says:

I need e bikes

Eth3realwarrior says:

Return of the Jedi, what a cool movie.

Younes Tenn says:

I want to buy this e bike

Jesse Nurse says:

I wonder if you could buy this without the suspension for cheaper, cause it will just end up in the trash anyway

Christopher Roskosh says:

Killing me John, now i reeeaaaalllly want one of these, lol

Frederic Lachapelle says:

Anybody interested in this should consider a oset 24. Same price range and fun as hell in mountain terrain.

ThatsMyRc says:

Time to take it to HLR 😉

Richard's Tech-Knowledgey says:

Would it be possible to change the tire/spokes ? And headlight

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