Sur Ron Bee Electric Motorcycle Professional Review- 5 months

After 5 months of use, has the bike held up to expectations?


K Fox says:

Great job on the info, keep it coming. Where are you located in Missouri? If you start selling them i may have to drive up from north Arkansas and get one from you.

Lee Johnson says:

Great video. I’m really interested in this bike, but I live in California so there aren’t many legal places to ride it. All of your videos are very informative; especially these Sur Ron Light Bee MX as there isn’t much else available in video format. Thanks


Good, thorough video. Thanks.

corey kurtz says:

When do you figure you will be able to start distributing these bikes

Andreas Lindberg says:

Yay! more holmes videos to the people!! no matter what you post it´s always good to watch!

Trent Richardson says:

Being 6’4 ergonomics and right-sizing a bike are a constant for me. I ride offroad motorcycle and MTB regularly and I am always maxing seat post height, adding tall seats, using bar risers. Watching another video of a gentleman riding the Sur Ron he looked shorter than me (maybe 5’10 -6′) and cramped on this bike. The pegs seem a bit far back and the rider was on the very back of the saddle. I am a standup rider so the seated position would only be an issue for transfer sections but it could be a deal breaker if I couldn’t get comfortable to ride technical terrain on this thing. like you would a trials or enduro bike.
– How tall are you and what is your take on the ergos for your height and any cockpit altering options that Luna can offer?
– Do the cables on the bars have enough extra length to add a 1″ bar riser?
– Any alternate seat options?
– Do you feel it would be durable enough to do light trials type and creek/log hopping cross training type activities?
I love this concept and the price is reasonable if the bike is durable and can adjust in ergos. Thanks in advance for any input!

Rod 000 says:

I can ride it any where. I think it’s a great way to go. My buddy put trials tire on rear of 250 ktm 2 stroke. He said to much traction sliding down hills having make tight turn. Claims it would stop in middle of slide.

Gabriel Lundmark says:

How quick can you make it go? Any way to remove the 45 km/h limitation?

Nate says:

Niiice, Just have one question, can you ride where pedestrians walk or just on the road, like a bicycle??

AbeFM says:

Find pedals, I want to see how it bicycles. Gas mopeds were always useless when pedaled. Can this be set up closer to an electric assist?

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