Super Soco TS1200R Electric Motorcycle Overview

Overview and First Impressions of Electric Super Soco.
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Don’t miss part 2, a few things I forgot to mention.


flitsies says:

That’s a nice bike for the price, only down side is how slow it goes, but other than that it’s quite nice and a good price.

Cosmo John says:

How do you know the true battery capacity given its china battery, no offence intended

Ramon Carty says:

What type of insurance did you and and how did you register it? I should be getting mine soon. Im in the US, thanks for any help.

Ramon Carty says:

What did you use as a vin number?

Al Todo says:

today i see this Bike in a Shop in Vienna. looks really good but its the first version i think its important that wait on second version. the battery its not good enough for the city. if you drive with 45km/h you have 40km.

The College - Carguyz says:

I suggest you download the app for it , lemme know if you can’t find it , I can send a link : )

Ramon Carty says:

Did you have any luck getting the app to work with the bike. I got my soco color today, its great so far.

Seekjustice Liberty says:

You sound nice, must be pretty. Nice bike and great price considering the range it does!! I think I might buy one now. Thanks for the great video!

Sripal TAD says:

what is the shipping cost and customs

Juan Pablo Ramirez says:

Have you tried it on a steep hill? Im very interested on this bike but Ive heard these direct drive models tend to suffer hard on steep climbs speed-wise

Morgan Biernat says:

Bo Biernat

daniellgran says:

i am really interested in buying a super soco, but the only place in sweden where they sell them they say it goes 45/kmh but i know they can go up to 65/kmh. If my soco arrives and it maxes 45/kph is there any way i can make it go 65/kmh? i guess it goes 45 because thats the top speed of a moped but i want the full capacity of my bike if i pay full prise.

Iris I GS says:

Never mind, I just saw the link on your description! Thanks.

Check out the TC Color:

Local Finds says:

can you make a video riding it

Mazen Dahdal says:

These hilly areas how many meters above see level that your tried? 200?300?400?700? 1000? Please try to give your best. It is very important for me.
Also they have other options that comes not EEC approved? 1300W and 1500W. These are bigger in power compared to the one you tried (which is not EEC approved).
Please advise whether it is better to get the one with EEC approved or not?

John V says:

nothing for me, no range, no speed, my old honda 49cc moped goes faster than this “super” bike hahah, but if it fullfills your needs, i guess it’s ok, and it’s cheap

Seekjustice Liberty says:

Maybe you answered this but how much did it cost to import this? Does the website have an english option as I don’t see any? So far the most info I get on this bike is from what your saying and showing. Thanks

Mazen Dahdal says:

After removing the factory setting limits, how is that impacting (all three modes)?
After you have removed (17km/h) this limit speed and now the maximum speed goes to 58км/h, do you still suffer slowness on take off after stop?

supa dupa says:

Actually the bike looks really good.. despite its only topspeed is 45 kmh, but i havent seen any other light bike of this kind that looks so well. From some angles the bike does look very light, i believe its because it has a fairly thin body compared to the more powerfull machines. Also the wheels are very slim that also gives it a weak impression. Wonder if you could change them to more fatter ones.

Local Finds says:

+1 (516) 643-3932 I have some questions can you text me

daniellgran says:

Is the quality good?

Seekjustice Liberty says:

I wish it had more top speed but other than that I love it!

Mazen Dahdal says:

Do you recommend to buy one 1300W as EEC approved or buy one without EEC approved?
Currently you can get as 1300W, 1400W and 1500W without EEC and a bit cheaper? 
Would it make a difference on quality and safety?
Now Europe requires EEC approved as 1300W – UK and others territories.
The others (1400W & 1500W) are not imported into you Europe due to this (not EEC approved)

USA requires DOT approved units? Is it?

wisdom33 says:

can this take a passenger or not????? cant find a straight answer to this thanks

Iris I GS says:

I love mine! An e-bike shop sells it here in Vancouver, Canada. What site did you go to get it shipped to you? I want to get the new model.

Veranda Tales says:

looks nice, foot pegs optional lol indicates an oversight at the outgoing quality control gate. a killer feature would be if the additional battery could be enabled with a flick of a switch, the cost of this bike is less than my ebike. wow reminds me of an electric Honda Cub. definite market for where 50 mph is fast enough, at least around 90 million units produced cumulative seems to indicate so. first time i’ve heard of this ebike however if it has decent reliability it is going to sell
thx for sharing

sleep Jesy says:

how can you take soco home?china to out?

ferro s says:

Its a Chinese product… anything chinese is a junk

Fabian Lanzerstorfer says:

If you have not yet figured out how you can make the motorcycle faster. Here is the official manual

Irgendwer Irgendwas says:

The website says, the bike goes 45 kph and you say it goes about 60 kph. Which is right?

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