Super Soco Review: The Tesla of electric motorbikes?

Is the Super Soco the Tesla of electric motorbikes? Join us in our review to find out!

The future of electric motoring is here with the Super Soco electric bike. As a fully elecrtic, emissions free bike, the company boasts many advantages over standard motorbikes. Jon Porter from TechRadar was lucky enough to receive a Super Soco for a few days in order to try it out for himself. Check out our video to see his review and for the full article, head over to

For more information, visit the Super Soco website:


Yao Lou says:

Look up the Gogoro electric moped. It has better range, speed , and looks and it comes with a pretty slick battery swapping technology.

Illuminati says:

I’m sorry, but that’s more like the nissan leaf of electric motorbikes.
Zero is more like Tesla and Ligtning is like Rimac.

BearachMT says:

Hate the (deliberately?) ill-informed title of this video. I suppose click-baiting works afterall..

Adrian King says:

Please do your homework if you’re going to tout an electric vehicle as the ‘Tesla of electric motorbikes’ in 2017 because this not even close to being afforded such a title. Many electric pedelecs can near match this bikes specifications/performance as simple electrified pedal-bikes! The closest actual electric MOTORBIKES to merit being known as the Tesla’s of electric MOTORBIKES in the real world are the Zero range of electric motorbikes and the BMW C Evolution, though the latter is an electric maxi scooter. The saving grace for this electric vehicle though is the price which I have to admit is very competitive even with shipping and customs to come on top..

Frankie says:

The top speed is 28mph as that is all you’re allowed to do on a moped. Every company making a moped has the same restriction,be it electric or petrol.
They all feel a little unsafe on faster roads, not just this one.

Heavenlyvibes says:

1200 more like a 50cc lol no good

Captain Black says:

Gogoro is the up and coming thing here in Taiwan.

Daëmon says:

Thats a moped..not a motorcycle ffs…..

Mazen Dahdal says:

This motorcycle is now used in several countries like France, Austria, Germany and UK and Canada including China and Austrila. If that is so bad, why it is allowed to be imported and be solid in these countries? This is commuter.
Please your view on this?

Deniss Ilatovskis says:

Basically, it is a pile of trash at the moment

William A-D says:

Harley Davidson has made an electric motorcycle

Sedate Tube says:

28mph top speed ? how the fuck do you compare this garbage to tesla

Sripal TAD says:

not a good review of Ts SOCO bike . this has space for two batteries doubling the range to 60 or 80 miles with optional additional battery. also bike costs just 1300$ excluding shipping and customs.

its a really good and affordable moped/ lite bike

Ronan Carter says:

I get better performance on a bbshd ebike, when a diy electric mtb can out perform a motorcycle for the same price I think its time to go back to the drawing board

Broadcast Channel says:


Deivydas G. says:

Not really a Tesla of electric motorcycles. More like Mitsubishi i-miev.

R says:


JTK Gaming says:

How many kilo of this bike

Seekjustice Liberty says:

Gravity don’t exist. Density yes

Elmer Pueblo says:

So ugly this bike. This is not the future of motorcycles. I would rather slap on a 50cc engine on a bicycle.

random tv 1 says:

thats from china

Dean Lawrence says:

low range, low top speed. it’s barely good as a moped. definitely not the tesla of motorbikes

Sirius Sun says:

this is technology of the 70s they used to make this trash! all the big auto makers have technology the tech to make autos go for days without such long charges. a man even invented a car that go on WATER! guess what happened to him…?

they poisoned him and he died. his name was Stanley Meyer

Spiritus says:

I don’t think that titling this “The Tesla of electric motorbikes?” is really anywhere near accurate. It’s a slow moped equivalent with a tiny range. You need to be AT LEAST looking at one of the offerings from Zero Motorcycles, even then, they’re nowhere near in the same ballpark as Tesla. That said, for what it is, it’s probably great.

random tv 1 says:

dumbass they ordered it from china

Mike Phillips says:

I’ve actually ridden one in London and it is much better than this review suggests. The average speed in London is 7mph, most places in London are restricted to 30mph max and that is where this bike excels. Its not for 20 mile trips, it’s for city trips. It’s a really fun bike to ride and the speed off the lights is actually much better than the reviewer suggests. I liked it so much I bought one and will be picking it up soon. And yes I’m a biker, my other bike is a Triumph Street Triple R.

Sacchidanand Gogawale says:

Range and speed should be improved.
Should be more comfortable and also not comfortable one.
It’s DEFINITELY not Tesla of bikes

Jimmy Call says:

28mph = 45kph. That’s pretty bad. Most world highways don’t let you use them under 50kph. The only benefit would be recharging on solar panels if say you have a RV with isolated energy creation, and the bike is an option to pickup shopping etc. This bike better be cheap else best to use petrol bikes or ebikes. There’s a glut of oil/petroleum, so no reason to get this.

Timo Salesto says:

To be “Tesla of electric motorbikes” it would have to have 200+ miles range and 160+ miles/h top speed. just my .02

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