Super 73 ebike review: the best electric bike!

The Super 73 by Lithium Cycles (Kickstarter project) is my favorite electric bike. It has a top speed of 26 MPH and the battery lasts 20 miles. Find out more here:

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15thsquadron01 says:

What a Rip off Price

Rick Lewis says:

It is absolutely crazy to cost that much. If you charged a lot less the amount of sales would far exceed your profits now. It is totally crazy when intelligent people can look at the bike and know it is way way over priced. The first people who are smart enough to make a quality bike for a couple hundred dollars will out sale all others and the profits will far exceed these ridiculous over priced bikes. Try it and you will see. I promise you will be amazed at your sales. You can sale extras for the bike that will up grade it people will spend the extra money at their own pace. Read Henry fords idea and look at what he accomplished by making a product that almost all people could afford.

calholli says:

Would rather see it with standard bike wheels and bearing construction to cut costs and not come with a battery, and instead have a large cage under the seat for different options. DIY battery packs can easily be built. In this config, it should only be around $450

angrydragonslayer says:

if i could get just the non-electronics, i’d be interested. got a lot of li cells and a 5 kw motor that looks like a perfect fit laying around

Xedge17 says:

haha 3200 US? nah man, use your own lighter bike with gears, suspension and slap on a (i’m assuming the same) BBSHD baffang electric motor and a bigger battery for less money. Look at these money hungry hipsters

James Bullo says:

Dope hemroids bro… No suspension, that’s an ass breaking ride. How much they want for that?! I’ll keep my Soco. 200Km distance and 60km/hr.

Taino Montana says:

Sick bike I’d love to try it out

Joshua Luukku says:

can i buy that whitout the motor and battery because i wanna pout a engine to it

Mrsonicslash5 says:

I had to
When he talked about the turn radius

Melvin Santak says:

Why dosen’t it have Hydraulic Brakes? E.g. from Shimano?

tohot tohandle says:

Bulllllshit you can’t adjust the height of the seat so you can make your legs straight

niezam07 says:

yah it’s a good bike…but the best electric bike? seriously? have you seen other’s?

Gilbert Sanchez says:

So basically you guys ripped off a motorbike frame with an electric motor.

Daniel White says:

Get some scrap steel bars, attach a car battery and old electric motor off scrap washing machine (or other appliance), weld together and then sell to millennials everywhere for ridiculous price. Oh 2017, never change

Colton Clarky says:

You interviewed the Wong guy

harry guy says:

Fucking ripoff POS like 99% of the e bikes on the market….

Ivenson Mafia says:

Only 20 miles on a single charge. Come on it should at least be 60 miles for the price.

James Zavitz says:

Sorry, but 20 mile range is NOT adequate for daily commutes, especially with a 3.5 hour time to charge.

Edgardo Sosa says:

Might as well get a Honda ruckus

The94GTC says:

Needs an aluminum frame. Retro is one thing but aluminum is strong and much lighter

Deiphobuzz says:

I recognise half the parts from fucking aliexpress. Fuck off with your shit, you can buy this for 4 to 600 dollars and put it on your regular bike. You can actually pedal then aswell.

Chris Bautista says:

Isn’t electric bikes illegal in New York?

Uncle Phil says:

I thought motorized vehicles that move faster than 20 MPH are classified as mopeds.
If I need a licence to ride this thing, I’d just get a legitimate vehicle for less money.

Manuel Hora says:

Found an awesome foldable ebike … search for ridelover

David Barrera says:

i thought this bike would be able to recharge as you peddle….kinda like those flash lights u wind up to generate power.

Yordy Torres says:

Better of buying a ruckus brand new for 3000 ! Much faster and cheap to ride

lolskitz says:

What a shame for the price tag. It is so expensive but, I get why. If only it was cheaper

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