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Eileen M. Ryan says:

Please start listing the name or manufacturer of electric bikes in your vids!

Luca Mingoia says:

Omg when casey just leaves all the mess from the fan mail and when he unpacks things it just makes me ocd

Heather Doman says:

shaun riding that scooter bike thing was the funniest thing i’ve ever seen in my entire life

Rory Narain says:

your friend’s an idiot

Tim Dawson says:

Casey your friend is riding that thing like he is drunk I hope a policeman doesn’t stop them to give him a breathalyzer test no joke

Fpv Maniac says:

Who ever cleans ur room must be pissed

King Angelo TV says:

Subscribe my channel guys I’ll subscribe you all back

Veloraptor123 K.N.M says:

Man in wish someone randomly sent me bikes.

erfgaergs sredferg says:

Happy wheels

Kim Jordan says:

i want that electric bike so bad

steve peres says:

Hey !! In which all do you edit your Casey Neistat videos

Austin Burrell says:


OlympianFilms says:

sure the best place to practice riding a bike is in the middle of the street

Zahrettin çelik says:

electro wind bike

cchris667 says:

Shaun is The Master of almost falling.

Zachary Kuhl says:

Half bike Seth’s bike hacks anyone

Hadi Rahim says:

The I is not in CAPS

TheCoffeeAddictedWriter says:

Casey and Shaun are like two kids at the playground. And their playground just so happens to be the city of New York. Love it. Fellow big kids.

Thomas Villarroel says:

i really really liked that he gave shonduras that time and respect on this video

Reuben Eichorn says:

casey your so cool (i do watch shonduras as well)

Teo P says:

When was the last time he washed his hair…?

Mine ! says:


08spykaran08 says:

the box of screws was for “screw you”. You can send him nuts

Generic Stock Dad says:

Take a shot every time Shaun crashes

Bob Goshey says:

16 tries I counted

Kandela Brown says:

3 minutes is all i could take of this crap

Ofek Britstein says:

What is the elctric scooter name?

Deez Nuts1488 says:

1. Electric scooter
2. That guys sucks ass at skateboarding

Mantas V says:

please, buy your friend a helmet Casey 😀

Bmorethenyouraveragenigro Queenz says:

The guy falling off the bike made my morning

John Kiu says:

I cried sooo damn hard XD

Mike Collinge says:

OMG, just too funny watching Shaun trying to ride that scooter. I was in tears laughing so hard.

Martel Dibiase says:

The other guy made me feel on edge so i stopped watching ,,,,,,CARS SQUASH PEOPLE

Simonas Dailidė says:

Nice trip!

VWBROS says:

The guy in the background at 4.19

Seng Pinghov says:

That bike is like mine

pa thepsychedelicalien says:

Shaun is amazing and this video was great. Good stuff bro. keep the videos coming.

AlAx says:

I want to be like Shaun when I get older he’s still like 5 inside

Felice Cacciapuoti says:

Sean is my new Hero, absolute!

Juuzou says:

When he says “Hi Casey!” I only hear Hike Yeezy’s

Carlos Bambino says:

lolololol… you guys are great!! From Portugal, congratulations!!!

Junior's Skate & Sport says:

lmao priceless

Kristoffer Ellingsen says:

Where do u get the scoot?

Joseph Petro says:

One of the funniest videos on Youtube lmao

Blaze421 says:

Is it just me or is Shaun a YouTuber whore. He’s in all the huge youtubers videos.

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