Review: Stealth Bomber electric bike packs a serious punch

Stealth makes the most powerful electric bicycles on the market – some 24 times more punchy than you’re legally allowed to ride on the road. But off the road, these 85kmh beasts are a unique and awesome experience.

Music: Cory Jach. Test: Noel McKeegan. Cameras: Loz Blain. Edit: Chris Blain


Jap2485 says:

Packs a serious price tag too… and judging by how long mobile batteries last this bike is a money pit, 2k for a spare battery lol. If I purchased this bike I would expect a spare battery to be thrown in with the bike considering I’m spending 10k for a bike with a battery attached to it because that’s all it is.

Channel ho to asa says:

where we buy this bike in india

BourbonLegend says:

800 cycles is kind of flimsy for a $2k battery.

Rhidlor says:

I feel like I would wash out in every loose corner

Pharroh Ku says:

PURE JUNK Almost every component is CHEAPEST made and they STILL try and CHARGE $10,000

Tim Bresseleers says:

Why are those bars so stupidly narrow?

Rpkiller says:

At this point why not put pedals on a dirt bike?

Bruce C says:

Cool bike but truly crazy to ride at those speeds on a mixed use trail where nobody is expecting something like that to be. At one point in the video you complain about someone riding close to you, yet you cruise between cars and get way too close to people several times (all fun and games till you hit someone). Kudos to the bike makers for something so wickedly fun.

Wind says:

it was special when it came out but not anymore , you can build something that is better for well under 3k pretty easy . I was able to match everything but the brakes with a better battery for 1500 since i built my own battery .

redbor _x says:

велик с моторчиком?! что за ёбаная чушь?!

Canadian Gamer says:

2 grand for a fucking battery… NOPE

KiGrind says:

Looks like some cheap garbage tossed together in a garage.

Manti E says:

Dirt bike
Not this bullshit

naima2 says:

Soooooo Coooool!

Gallardo6669 says:

Those are not magura brakes, its the gator brake. The rear shock is unfortunately crap for such an expensive bike. Dnm is the last choice….

pastiesandagstring says:

Lol wtf? Is this a joke? For only 10 grand you can buy a really heavy bicycle that you still mostly have to peddle! Or you can spend like a 3rd of that and buy an actual motorcycle or a couple hundred bucks and just put a motor on any bike you’d like.


Wtf is up with the prices tho? Might as well buy a car

Rodrigo Acosta says:

I’ll pay $200 at most for that thing… idc if it’s electric or not. More than $1k and you can get a motorcycle

Leon Mercy says:

suck my dick for 10 grand you idiot

POLSKI Sasquatch says:

what name this brake ? nice bike

Russell Tice says:

10k for a bike is insane. My first brand new car back in 96 was a went for less. Reality check in isle 5. Some idiots will gobble up the marketing but this is not worth it. At best $1250

Turrican4D says:

Illegal or not, who cares? It’s not like the police would know, how much power your E-Bike has.

D S says:

Just get a damn dirtbike

Matthew McGlinsky says:

Eventually these things are basically going to be electric dirt bikes.

MrJay7777 says:

it’s an electric moped ….don’t kid yourself

Ken Williams says:

ugly af, heavy af

Barrie Wright says:

Question, can you buy this in the UK! ? , and how much will it be too buy here? .

Luke Skywalker says:

this looks heavy as fuuuck. more like a motorcycle

thanks for tha cheese says:

think this defeats the purpose on cycling.. may aswel get a dirtbike if your thinking of buying this.

Stan Woo says:

Lol this thing gives me cringe.

Fabi Ni says:

much too heavy …. bad landings … forget it for DH …

md amanulla says:


Karson Mitchell says:

So it’s a dirt bike now??? Just buy a used 250 if u don’t wanna talk peddle

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