Review: Lightning LS218 – the world’s fastest superbike is electric

Lightning’s LS218 is a true electric superbike. It’s clean, it’s green – and it filled Loz’s trousers with steaming lumps of adrenaline. We’ve tested a number of 200-horsepower superbikes, but nothing – NOTHING – accelerates like this thing. It’s excess for the sake of excess, like all the best motorcycles are – and it’s beautiful, and Loz very nearly broke it. For a full review, including a lot more facts and figures, visit Gizmag:

Huge thanks to Richard and Jojo Hatfield, and the Lightning Motorcycles team for their patience and assistance. Thanks to Nick Lavars for his accessory kit demonstration and Isaac Rowntree for his very specific trombone skills.


..just me says:

hahahahaha this dumbass says forget loud pipes get some skills.. then wears cringe worthy college kid ghetto gear and locks the brakes with the bike leaned over, when trying and failing at that u-turn. this needs to be mostly track and a bit of putzing around on the street, not the other way around. therefore an altogether crap review but at least product awareness is served?

Robert Zeurunkl says:

Long time rider here, from my 1982 Yamaha Turbo Seca, an 83 Suzuki, GSES, to a 13 750gsxr. I tolerate the engine noise, but I would really LOVE to have a whisper quiet ride through a quiet countryside, just enjoying the ride without the noise and heat.

Ahmet Tarik Kabak says:

The necessary question is , how much wil it cost and what is the action radius with a full battery?

James Palmer says:

ill take one if its free?

Lucas Carlin says:

can we just get a review of the bike without the filthy, offensive language? that would be great

groovemasta says:

How big is the Li-Ion battery for this bike??
I wonder how many Iraqis died for this bike’s battery???

memeologist _ says:

Loud pipes save lives.

Oscar Diaz says:

Where can i buy one

rocketlaunch99 says:


Faylanx says:

So. What’s the range on this thing? I can promise you. It’s not much. Aaand if they ever do develop a battery strong enough, that fits the same footprint, it will give you cancer. You do need a storage area for all of that energy, after all. Im going to say this thing doesnt even give 100 miles. My dual sport can do 150 on 3 U.S. gallons. And it only takes a literal 30 seconds to pump that much fuel. This is the reason electric will never overtake petrol motors. Too inefficient. Oh yeah. Let me know how much a new electric motor cost when it burns out. Theres just too many variables to see electric take over. Kudos on top speed though. Now little white boys (sorry but it’s true, and I’m 1/2 of one) can “brag” about this bikes ONLY legit selling point.

crazy.funny,dumb, jerk says:

H2h 400kmp

Santo Kord says:

its a cool bike….but shut the fuck up dont talk sgit about kawasali H2R

Tony Dinh says:

Honda look alike


R1!? lmfao HAHAHAHAHA he picks the R1 for the fastest bike!? try the s1000rr and H2 but the lightning is going to be the tesla p100d of bikes.. that being said you get your hands on a lightning and you don’t do any canyon rides or roller 3 horn beeps with top contending gasoline bikes to see how the lightning stacks up but instead you lay the bike down doing a U-turn!? WOW!! and your a complete fucking moron if you think loud bikes don’t save lives. WOW WOW WOW. you fucking suck. I’ve never seen a video in my life where I wanted to slap someone for being so stupid.

KrazyKiwi says:

Any bike capable of doing 350kmph is actually illegal on the road. What, you think the Ninja H2 can’t do 350? It has been proven to do so. There is a limit on the bike, as with many other Superbikes. Usually around 305 or 310kmph. I believe the H2 was limited to 315. Don’t talk shit just because you think electric is better.

Mr Bob says:

Performance potential far exceeds gas and with hydro…wind and solar power this IS the future.

Delajuan El Bey says:

How much? 38,000 never mind I’ll stick with the R1 saves me a whole lot of doe…

Gixxer983 says:

Plenty of time my Akrapovič revbomb saved me from a driver putting it in reverse and backing up into me.
I love electric bikes but please dont say Loud Pipes Dont save you some grief.

R3K9 says:

It’s not the fastest production bike in the world, one of the fastest. Please rephrase…

Sandesh Shrestha says:

but the ninja h2r boost has 400 kmh.

John Rodell says:

Here in the UK owning said electric bike will only end in tears! Bye bye licence. We have 20mph that we all struggle with

jazztom86 says:

I don’t care how fast a bike goes. 200km/h is plenty. Call me again when I can do 1000+ km withouth having to recharge it 8 hours every 150 km. And btw I don’t like not having a clutch, gears and a motor sound. What did I go to driving school for, if it handles just like a moped? Electric bikes are in my opinion also way more dangerous than normal bikes because:
1) you have no gears to limit your speed, meaning if something happens and you get startled and erroneously hit the throttle, you might be in for an ugly surprise
2) nobody hears you coming. Which is one more thing to the already many factors that make a bike harder to spot.

You seem to be the knobhead here. It’s not about being “loud” but about being heard. It is way easier to not see a bike coming when you don’t hear it. My Yamaha isn’t very loud, but you can hear it. If someone crosses the street without looking, maybe because they are stupid, maybe because it’s a small street with very little traffic, an accident is waiting to happen. It happened to me more than once being startled by a very silent petrol car because I didn’t hear it approach.

MCProcrastinator says:

You would think someone else was opening the throttle when he was screaming lol

DEB 830 says:

nah , thank you! i would consider it as a Great bike only it had some sound and gear. I’m good with my R1. atleast it has clutch- gear- and sound. but this bike sounds like a toy! but i have to say the design is just Amazing! specially headlight and backseat style.

Robert Zeurunkl says:

A simple solution would be to have regen braking only take place above, say, 20mph. Below that, let it free coast like a regular bike.

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