Razor MX350 and MX400 Electric Motorcycle Review

Spikey and the Flash demonstrate the workings of the Razor electric dirt bikes. Learn about the bikes and see them in action!


Nn Nn says:

that hav in Malaysia

video reviews says:

Great Video!!! Love this electric motorcycle bike… this is the best deal that i found .. http://tinyurl.com/h8vghyd

Stryker Evian says:


Animal Liam says:

I have a real dirt bike. It’s a 110cc

Marte' Nelson Daves says:

We got an MX 400 for our grandson and the chain keeps coming off. We put it back on and it goes a few feet then comes off again! Makes a squealing sound and won’t go. How can we get the chain to stay on?

Chastine8 says:

Torque electric dirtbikes don’t have torque

Hayden Bayntun says:

there not dirt bikes they are eltic

Caio Mauro says:

Bruh best review I’ve ever seen

Leopard 69 says:

This is cute

Flyer Vlogs says:

The camera man knows what to do he’s better

Ray of freaking sunshine says:

I ride a axis 450 manual pit bike that requires a helmet but they are very smart little kid im 16 how old are they

Rene Romero says:

how much does this cost

sheila mitchell says:

red shirt talk to much

Renetta Washington says:


Ali Hussein says:

change port

Tausha Krebsbach says:

I got this from Santa!

Wanda Iturrino says:


brianmccullough1 says:

i have 4 sons. we are about to invest in some of these bikes. how old is the one on the blue and then the one on the green?

DustinHamptonCE says:

very cool! How old and tall are the kids? I’m thinking about getting one for my son who is almost 6. I’m hoping this is a good size for him.

Jason Myers says:

I have a faster one yours is good to

Chase Conn says:

i have a normal dirt bike

SSVG says:

smart little kids

Silvia Biagiotti says:
BlowYa BrainzOut says:

@ 3:09 ¾ it looks like the kid on blue bike eats the bushes before video was stopped, haha. Great review!

Nn Nn says:

how money

ع Gf says:


gamingtaco897 says:

this video made me want to kill myself

Keith Harvey says:

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averymanvlogs says:

I have one. I love it

Dan Jackson says:


Redlock 3 says:

Cheap HOVERBOARDS catch on fire!

Ceseley Perry says:

ccpdr says:

I ride no helmet

Nn Nn says:

thet have in Malaysia?

Dana Serrano says:

they are so cute!!!

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