Rad Power Bikes RadRover Video Review – 750 Watt, Sand Capable, Well Priced

https://electricbikereview.com/rad-power-bikes/radrover/ The 2016/2017 RadRover from Rad Power Bikes strikes an excellent balance delivering high power with mid-level components for a reasonable price, you get throttle and pedal assist with an on/off on the throttle! solid one year warranty for the original owner, flat rate $175 shipping in the US. Even though the battery and controller box are bolted on vs. integrated into the frame, they use extra bolts for strength and kept them mostly out of the way, both are mounted low for improved stability. Nice extras including an integrated LED headlight, stand alone rear light, USB charging outlet on the battery, handle at the back of the seat, quick release front wheel, bash guard on the chainring and derailleur… optional fenders and rack. Only available in one frame size but comes in black or white color choices, the 180 mm disc brakes work well enough but hydraulic would be nice, the grips spin a bit if you squeeze hard, excellent kickstand placement, clean wire integration.


Paul Rhim says:

I noticed that you also had a Rad Mini on that trip. Would love to see another review of that bike. Thanks for all the great videos!

Drónos Vili says:

Hey there:-) how long is the battery less with 1 charge?

Mainer Man says:

The greatest point is you would never be able to do this on a beach without an e-bike. That is the awesome part! It is a responsibility people need to be aware of. We are able to go place and see things quietly, clean, respectfully. Some if not most will never appreciate without an e-bike

Eugene Moore says:

I ordered my RadRover yesterday. Thanks for your reviews. I live in Johnstown, Colorado and can’t wait to hit some trails.

Josefwintzent Libot says:

can this be bought in the philippines?

Yousuf A says:

how many miles can it go in one run???

Sidharth Sen says:

The radrover king display does have a USB port ! it’s on the left hand side.

Robert Ho says:

I’m research ebikes for a pending purchase. Your reviews have been most useful in almost deciding which e-bike to purchase. Rad power bikes has the most informative dimension pertinent to consumers. Like the stand over height you keep mentioning. Minimum and maximum seat to ground and handle bars to ground. Also horizontal distance from seat to handle bar. Another useful dimension would be min and max dimension seat to peddle.

Ephesus RH says:

Im thinking of getting this for my commuting to school instead of car

Philip Samaniego says:

Thank you EBR! I purchased a Radrover after hours and nights of insomnia watching or reading your reviews and community blogs. I have become educated and confident in a short time knowing nothing only a few weeks ago. Despite the compromises this bike is amazing! Here’s my details that may help the next buyer. I’m 5’6″ 185lbs with 30″ pant legs. The 31″ standover is as far as I can comfortably stand flat over the bar, although, standing on the pedals I needed to raise the seat 4 7/8″ to extend my legs properly. That was enough the add a Thudbuster ST with the minimum 3 3/4″ lift pushed to the bottom. I wanted a Thudbuster LT but, I will never be fit properly. Short people use ST, taller folks use the LT if you can. After 175 miles in one week my biggest recommendation is to slow down when you are coming into hard curbs, rutts or bumps with the heavy rear hub. Using 2 and 3 PAS with some throttle, I can get 22 miles for 90 minutes and still have 3/5 bars. One journey home, I used all 4 and 5 PAS and rocked the throttled 6.8miles from work and used 1 bar. I was cold riding at 22mph average so, I bought a windbreaker. Trust me, you’ll need it in July at night…. My last recommendation is to open up the settings and turn max speed up to 40 kmph to get 24mph throttle only max. That also increases the strength of your PAS power. I know, I know 20 mph BUT, My car does 160mph AND they Cannot give me a speeding ticket for 160mph UNLESS I am SEEN PAS riding OR THROTTLING past 20MPH. Does everyone understand that part well enough? GOOD, Now get some brand of ebike and you’ll love it. Absolutely the best thing that I have treated myself with. THANKS AGAIN EBR!!!!!

Sharon Lee Lockhart says:

Well, after watching your videos on the different Rad Electric Bicycles, we have ordered one. Now, about your helmet? Where did you get it? How much? Do you have a link you can post, so others can look for one, when buying a RadMini?
Thanks for these videos. They show a lot of stuff about these bikes and make them seem to be good for anyone to have.
We will be looking for more of these kind of videos, to keep up with what you are learning about them.

wjf213 says:

Would a front hub motor help with riding in soft sand or other soft terrain? Keep up the great work.

PonderDuke says:

Put on a gates belt drive and and Rohloff hub and you will have no problem with the the stand in your gears. A real beach cruiser.

Jeremy Jones says:

This is the whitest thing I had ever seen

wildwilllis1 says:

More air in the front tire might help it to keep it from washing out

Joshua The Science god says:

definitely a virgin

madogblue says:

Great video. I bought a Framed Alasken fat bike ,non electric and I love it

Gone TROPPO says:

wicked bike , thanks

Pete From OC says:

I have put about 500 miles with mine and still going strong without any problems so far. I’m 5’11 and weight 270 lbs and this bike gets me through all the steep hills around my neighborhood. If you weight more than 200lbs don’t waist time with any 36v 350w bike. I also have easy motion Evo 29er with 36v 500w motor which cost twice the RadRover but does not come close to RadRover. I also recommend RadMini which I also have that has same motor but feels even more powerful due to its 20 × 4 tire size.

Jim Williamson says:

Your videos are great. I have been researching ebikes since February 2016. Because of your videos, I ordered the RadRover yesterday. Very nice folks at Rad Power Bikes.

Francis Kavanagh says:

Thank you
one of the best review videos I have seen!

Steven says:

I have a RadRover and put lil over 350 miles on it so far. I do street riding, dirt trails, rock trails. Only problem I have ever had is chain coming off going down hill while in a low gear. Besides that not one problem. I would like to see grip lock outs as well.

king fox says:

just ordered this bike 2 days ago.this review has made me feel much better about doing that 🙂

brudyboy 58 says:

Why only 20 mph? 30 would be much better.

mister-lbp says:

I wanted one but is didn’t know it looked so stupid

gbird5000 says:

Will one of these bikes fit on a bus bike rack?

Ivan Zhong says:

I like the set up for at 19:37

xflyingtiger says:

Would it cost a lot more money to produce this bicycle with a torque sensor rather than a cadence sensor? Yes, it seems like 6 magnets versus 12 would make a difference.

VideoNOLA says:

I can definitely see wanting to “embiggen” my ride one day and go electric, but I am a huge rider (350 lbs) so must ask: “Do these ‘fat-tire’ bikes tend to come with beefier max load weight limits??”

goose2die4 says:

Well I guess you haven’t seen my Radrover vids ! The king display has a USB port
on the left side of it for a phone or GPS ! As far as the chain drops go I have found
that if you remove 3 links . . . It is much better but not perfect !

For the money there is no better on/off road e-bike !

Barry Swedeen says:

I just wanted to let your viewers know that the folks at Rad Power Bikes are quick to respond to any email inquiries. I had some questions about the RadRover versus the RadCity, and by the next business day I got a personal response from Dan Nelson.

Maine Explorer says:

Thanks for the great info. I just ordered a Rad Rover and told them your videos were very helpful.

Adam Samadi says:

wow really good video bro keep it up

Eddie Gelman says:

What beach were you on?

Dan Salls adventurers in life says:

price point seems good.

Ramesh Shrestha says:

I have owned a RadRover for a year and I love it.

MAY LIN says:

The design is very cool, 750W e-bike. I bought a 500W fat tire e-bike two month ago, the price is $1500

Dustin Casper says:

my commute is only 2 miles, I am going to get one of these for spring/summer

Peter Piccolo says:

nice review man i love this fat bike…. i have a low budget but what would you recommend.. im 6 ft 2 weigh close to 240 and am super interested in getting a good ebike with at least front suspension and fat tires or at least 3″ tires… whatt would you recommend as a good electric bike with a throttle and pedal assist and the option to change gears and pedal manually if i wanted to…. thanks in advance, i cant wait to hear some of your recommendations ive been doing research for more than 6 months now… id love to hear what you have to say.. i also like the sondors ebike but cant find anyplace online or local shops that actually sell it… do u know where u can get one of those? im just looking for a fatbike with front suspension and gears i can change if im pedaling uphill or using it with the throttle to reach higher speeds… let me know what you think what the best ebike for me based on the prior. thanks again,

-pete piccolo

Allison Argent says:

how do you buy this and how much

Mark Woods says:

I bought the black model last month. I’ve only put about 60 miles on it so far. Longest ride is 15 miles. I plan on going for longer rides in the future. I’d love to be somewhere warm with it. So far I’ve had no problems and it seems like a bargain compared to other bikes of the same style. Great review!

Combustion69 says:

Fatbikes serve no purpose and look gay

sten beetlex says:

i do wish they have a gearless simpler version thats cheaper………. i love this but hate the gears which i’m paranoid about getting stuck eventually……….!

Marcin O says:

Shame you cant buy these here in UK

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