Long Term Review 2016 Zero FXS | “The Truth About Electric Motorcycles”

After living with the Zero FXS for a little time I talk about what I hate about the bike, things that need to change, How I feel riding it, and test the range on a 30 mile one way trip…EnjoY

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Disclaimer: All filming took place in the streets of Mexico.

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asix says:

Soooo, you tested the 27 mile advertised range, on a 30 mile trip???? Am I missing something? You’re complaining that it’s meeting it’s claims??? Really?

Ed Sm says:

Nice video , your are a Pew Die Pie of electric motorcycles review !

oldbloke135 says:

“He’s got a tail light out.”
That just means he parked with the indicator on. Most European cars do that.

Will Davis says:

You call this a review, but it’s really just a big rant about the bike. It’s incredibly biased. Let’s get this straight:

– You hate the lack of exhaust noise
– You find it stressful to ride
– You feel like a dork riding it
– The range bothers you and you think they should add more (despite it being the LOWEST range bike in the Zero line-up FOR A REASON — it’s marketed at city users!
– You think it lacks acceleration above 50 mph (not true as evidenced at 20:50 in the video)

Matthew Corbett says:

Who rides a motorcycle in the winter?

darwin5763 says:

your opinion is one thing but you sound a little insecure

Brendon Bosy says:

This guy is definitely full of shit. I dont know how youre getting only 26 mi range unless you are riding up a mountain. Ive test ridden a zero and after like 10 mi it only used up around 10% battery. Even my electric bicycle gets 30 miles range. So sick these pencil dick meatheads who just want to annoy their neighbors with their crotch rockets and bash future tech. Nevermind not being married, this guy is prob a virgin

Tyler Sanders says:

The zero sr this year gets up to 160 and 200 with the power pack. That’s more than enough to ride for a few hours

Sean Daliege says:

I own a Zero FXS ZF6.5 modular and it’s my only ride and I commute every day on it. I commute 20 miles one way and 20 miles back with charge left over to take me and a passenger out to dinner. And most days I’ll plug it into a wall outlet at work and it’s fully charged by lunch… I love this thing. If it’s not enough for you, you could have gotten literally any other model they sell in their lineup as they all have more range.

George McWilliams says:

Traded my SR in on a gas bike this year. I really miss the acceleration, but I don’t miss the pain in the ass. It was in the shop all the time, it’s range was shit, the plastic body is crap. Not ready for prime Time yet.

Cameron ZY says:

If you up the battery and it weighing more, it needs to put out more power.. Get where I’m going with this? So you could end up with a bigger bike, weighing more and still doesn’t go anywhere. It’s dependent upon the batteries. Tesla has it figured it and tesla also doesn’t make two wheeled vehicles… So… Predicament.

manlawlol says:

Before I actually learned how to ride I was so afraid of vehicles with a clutch. So I can definitely understand how a newbie would want to ride something with no gears. But yea that’s like the only positive I see. lol

Stingy says:

These motorcycles will get better and better over the years but for now we have to wait until they become more superior than gas powered motorcycles

Handlebar Motorsports says:

you are a Moron.

Philip Rush says:

This guy is a fucking putz. I think he thinks he’s funny, but he’s as funny as a hemorrhoid. He’s a total douche bag fucktard if you know what I’m saying. Jerk off…

deuces roxy says:

can u not fix an alternator to the crank to charge the batteries?

Jeff Shoemaker says:

i got a 2015 zero s 9.4kw. i paid 12k for it brand new. my first bike was a harley springer heritage, i LOVED my springer, took 2 cross country trips. the furthest highway ive gone on my zero s was about 45 miles with my wife on the back and i had 23% left, so as advertised. i couldnt find a public space to charge, just needed an outlet. ended up parking in front of dave and busters and got a warning ticket after charging for about 2 hours. left d&b’s with 65% charge, took back roads home, about 40 miles and got home with 8% battery.

on a full charge going back roads by myself 35-45mph ive easily gone WAY over the advertised distance per charge. im betting a 180lbs rider on a nice 65degree day could get over 200 miles on my bike in a single charge on flat back-roads. these arent made for whooping around if you are looking for range. you drive for range OR you drive for fun, cant do both.

not a slam on the bike, but i HATE the genre, im a street bike rider like the harley was, the brutus v9 is too expensive. this style hurts my back, broke vertebrae years ago. the suspension was set soft and is great! for what it is and i CAN sit quite upright, but i have a bad back regardless, i need to sit like i could on my harley with my feet way out in front. But it is totally balanced out knowing im sticking it to the oil industry and advocating better technology every time i drive. its totally clean for storage and i do no maintenance. my wife has a leaf and we charge at a free public solar panel charging station.

Blaine Lippe says:

I would definitely agree with most of these comments. If you want something with range and since you are riding it primarily on street, why not go with the DSR or SR.

Phillip Pugh says:

you obviously don’t have a clue what your talking about there’s different bikes and different ranges and battery capacity
with the 2 large battery’s you’ll get at least 100 miles

Ben Whittle says:

You have a terrible intro.

Frank Stocker says:

“Make America great again” Like Trump it’s Zero

Killroy says:

My Zero SR has a bigger battery than the FXS and a 130 mile range in the Santa Cruz Mountain twisties.

There is also a on-board charger that will recharge a SR in ~ 1 hour.

preston121068 says:

The FSX is sold as the off road first version. It has smaller batteries for lighter weight and isn’t really designed to be run wide open in highway situations. It’s kind of like trying to compare a touring bike to a 125cc Grom and wondering why the touring bike can go faster and farther on a tank of fuel… Your buddy should have bought the S.

That being said battery technology is booming right now. I mean Zero is getting like 5 times the battery life they did in 2011? That’s like motorcycle engines getting 5 times the fuel mileage since 2011, they don’t. Then there is the whole Graphine rush going on too. Graphine batteries will change everything once it becomes cost effective to produce which they are on the verge of. Example from testing… cell phone battery that last for a month without a charge, then fully charge in less than 5 minutes. Yeah, that is happening right now.

Fact of the matter is electric bikes will eventually out perform, be way cheaper to run and go 10 times farther than any gas powered engine ever will on a tank of gas. All of that is just around the corner.

Jason Burgad says:

Not everyone who rides motorcycles needs to express masculinity everywhere we go with loud exhaust and high speeds.

Neojhun says:

Wait this is a 3.3Kwh bike. WTF was that being sold in 2016. It’s like having a gas tank measured in lowly Cups. Sheer energy capacity is stupid small. Frankly don’t bother with a Street Legal Motorcycle anything less than 15kwh.

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