Is This the Tesla of Motorbikes?

Nov.30 — The Johammer J1 is hardly the first electric motorbike on the market, but it’s got to be one of the most distinctive. Packed with loads of tech and plenty of stamina, it’s not just good looks. Bloomberg’s Pete Norman put it through its paces in its Austrian homeland. (Video by Austin Brown)


Lord Potater says:

isn’t the rimac superior?

Stephanie Nicole says:

The bike isn’t all that appealing looking, but neither is the prius, cobalt. For 170+ mile range that is pretty good and I like the fact that you don’t have a center console, but you have the gauge info at eye level.

3692richardb says:


FDK says:

It’s ugly as sin and too noisy for an electric motorbike. It’s awkward looks may attract some people but I do think they should have gone for a more conventional design. It is also way too expensive.

Solar Roof says:

Beautiful ! Excellent technology !

5 GUM says:

the creators of the bike can easily shrugge us off as electric motorcycles haters that want no innovation but that should stop them from really looking at their design.

MCSGproject says:

No it’s really not.

Kiefer Shanks says:

The opposite throttle twist for regen is a brilliant idea. I also like that they put both front and rear brake levers on the bars. No need for a foot brake since you don’t have a clutch. All the controls at your finger tips.

Mario vieira says:

Is This the Tesla of Motorbikes? NO

Rome McMinn says:

I love the design looks like the old racers

galaxyone says:

is this bike in the market now?

metring073 says:

They should design a helmet that pairs with the bodywork.. I honestly like it., but at almost 25 Euro grand(?!)

MrLajon69 says:

Why do not make it even more expensive so only really rich people can afford it?;)

lora kinzli says:

I love it and I want one!

5 GUM says:

it looks like the pepe of motorcycles

William Hayden says:

Holy crap, lets hope not. It’s hideous.

5 GUM says:

look at zero motorcycles the have a great range way more affordable price and look better than this bike and if your moving from gas to electric zero makes you feel right at home this makes me feel like I walked into a cartoon or something.

anthony dyson says:

Bike looks like it farted and held it in for a month.

rtcodypr says:

yea the market would tear this thing apart, way too ugly, oh but it looks futuristic …..if the state bought them lol

Alex Paulsen says:

I’m not even going to watch it, but I will respond “No, it’s not the Tesla of motorbikes”. Their long term goal is not to mass-produce good electric cars for the common people, it’s just to make a retardedly different electric motorcycle for the sake of jumping on the trendy electric bandwagon in hope for some easy publicity. Motorcycles aren’t part of Tesla’s philosophy, because Motorcycles are not a necessity, they’re mostly a hobby rather than a useful tool.

“Design” people are morons, sack the designers and hire a fucking engineer! This is just yet another shitty concept.

Dalisu Ngobese says:

They need a designer

kjetiloo says:

Its like saying an RC car is comparable to a tesla. Tesla is a company that has changed the way companies makes cars. This company makes a hand built product that looks like shit and probably is shitty. The most important thing about making products is a great production line, and this company seem to have none. And the thing about powering the home with the motorcycle is also proven to be a not so smart idea by Tesla.

V'Channel says:

Beautiful country

skurczybyk12 says:

with some design improvements, it could look quite cool imo

Joe Mel says:


5 GUM says:

it looks like a Beatle not the car the insect

shpazhist says:

A little less than $27,000

R. C. Christian says:

A little less of this effeminate Vespa-look, more agressives edges, fine tune the sound to a tie-fighter and let it go 250km/h.

5 GUM says:

sorry but there is no other way to put it that bike is so ugly and expensive I like where we are going with these new bikes but that doesn’t mean we need a completely new design. but gosh it’s so ugly

Joseph Brody says:

I wonder what a focus group would think of the Johammer styling? Elegance on 2 wheels or riding toaster? I would love to see one in the states.

Aniket Mehendale says:

ever heard of zeromotors?

Red Fox says:

smart idea ,,, ugly design,,, need italian designer help !!!

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