Is This Bike worth $2000? [SUPER 73 REVIEW]

bike website (this is not an endorsement)

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Tony Rojas says:

Cool bike but couples things insignificant, but $2000 for a bike not worth it people

Crux says:

that bike is not legal btw.

STU NILL says:

Ive never seen your channel…fairly cool review and calm polite talking with a smile…my only Quam>? is why you didnt get even a tad Closer camerawise to the Bike it self…and almost no info on anything spec wise…like tire width and Top speeds ect…headlight tail light…anyway I liked it and am officially jealous…and need a loan 😛 lol Thanks…your not a Nerd fyi…

HOB Warehouse says:

Hey what’s the gimbal y’all are using? Love the channel!

geert Potjewijd says:

Can I haz boosterboard (mini). to cruise around in Groningen city!

reachnikolas says:

Prediction: Boosted board buys super 73

Anna Sands says:

Their support team is really rude and condescending. They don’t like any negative feed back they get really defensive.

Tristan MacRae says:

man if i had one of those it would wish it wasn’t made

Charlotte de Wit says:

cheap even mandate administrative turn deadly judicial dialogue bay.


i love the crowded subway scene

Raymond Anglen says:

Great job guys, I want one now.

Darryl Villafuerte says:

when casey becomes scooby doo when he laughed at the intro

vj lockett says:

Taxi’s are too expensive so you got a few $1000+ boosted boards and a $2000 bike? Okay…

Ian Graham says:

2K?? You must be mad lol

Lukeamania says:

Awesome! I want one! But I don’t want to spend $2000. I just paid off my 2012 Harley Fat Boy lol.

Cpl.Hicks says:

Bicymple . . . your welcome.

Ken O says:

This guy’s review makes me feel like he hasn’t ridden a bicycle since he was a kid or something. Im sure this is good marketing for the bike’s company, but there literally hundreds of electric bikes now available. His review does not mention anything unique.

I would much prefer a review from an actual cyclist.

nunya biznes says:

I ride an A2B electric bike in Vancouver BC (very hilly), the only problem is alot of flat tires, so how does the super 73 tires stand up.

Brent Rivers says:

So, this is where we are now. Nowhere.

Jesse DiMeolo says:

that subway was not busy….

Phillip Morrison says:

or you could just get a used grom

Raf M says:

PUBG! Sam mah man.

Ziggy Klein says:

Do you need any license to drive in public if you live in europe?

M CAT says:

The bike is not legal in NYC, it’s a mini-bike as it uses power to propel. It will be taken when they catch u going 18-20 mph up hill without pedaling…

Louie A says:

How do i not get this thing stolen

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