First Ride on an ELECTRIC Motorcycle! [Zero FXS]

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I’m a HUGE fan of electric vehicles, but I’ve never ridden an electric MOTORCYCLE. Finally got that chance thanks to WOW Motorcycles. They let me take a Zero FXS out for a spin. This is Zero Motorcycles’ supermoto with up to 100 miles of range and man is it fast!
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Fernando CBR says:

When I see things like these I get sad because I live in Brazil

Motor Mouse says:

I want one of these bikes so badly, but they are still so expensive

Me and my Chuck! says:

Ride the naked bike version! That bike is awesome!

Franky Alvarez says:

Do you just ride places and ever imagine seeing yourself making that turn from the other day and passing yourself? It’s like you are just riding along and remember that you turned on this street yesterday with another bike but you just keep riding instead of turning and imagine that you are passing yourself Kind of like a hallucination?

Nate Puno says:

I LOVE IT! I am torn.

Aubatron says:

Would love to get a duel sport electric bike some day when the prices come down and there are more dealers/shops around that can service them. No shifting, quiet, relaxing ride through some trails. Actually be able to see some animals without scaring them away 10 minutes before you get near them.


New Goldwing bagger should be your next bike to ride.

Jason bolick says:

Ride up in blue ridge you would love it up there, those are some of my favorite roads to ride!

Elijah Porter says:

I wanna see a review of the naked bike!!!

Wesley Mooney says:

I would like to have a 500-1000cc two stroke motor in a enduro and a pocket rocket
frame 🙂

JANIK ~ EEZY says:

Put a clutch on it, spoke rims and make it lighter then im in

Sam I am says:

Shame the Australian importer has stopped importing them in to Oz. Not just once, but twice they have failed. Obviously not enough demand for them here. 🙁

Keane Davis says:

Let’s be honest. We all want to see you wheelie this thing. Can it wheelie? Hows the weight distribution? Hope they dont tune the torque down with the speed controler.

Bros Power says:

After watching this.. I miss the dirt bike.. K bye

Rata 4U says:

87 kms max range on the highway? 44 kms one-way. That’s just HORRIBLE! Let’s be honest.

Moto Virus says:

Makes me want rev my bike.

Jon B says:

do a electwik bike still make you feel wind? or is it like a bubble?

rod m says:

Before it starts : why ?!?!?!

Tuuqa says:

First silent hooligan bike

Jason says:

Why don’t you build a drag racing bike for your build series take an old 1000cc drop it stretch it and do shit to the motor.. so much you can do and It will be super interesting to see.

Calvary Crusader says:

Stop the ugly anti-Christian language – TOTAL TURN OFF.

daCostamartins says:

bring it more zeros

Peaceful Jeff says:

AF1 Racing in Austin is an Energica dealership. So next time you’re back there visiting, I look forward to a video on all of the Energica models. LOL! 150 MPH top speed, about 145 ft pounds of torque (I think). Energica is supplying the bike for FIM’s Enel-sponsored Moto-E racing that kicks off it’s first season next year.

chaz man says:

a vid of a test ride on the zero sr would be nice good vid by the way

Giancarlo Floyd says:

I always leave you the same comment, your background music always kills.

Vegan Gains says:

My wife and I both have the zero FX. They’re sick bikes and they’re really good for riding in the snow in Canada. If you ever end up getting one you should get a super charger. Diginow makes supercharges for the FX/FXS and the SR and DSR have supercharger options from the factory.

Deontae Redmond says:

Test ride a Kawasaki z125 to compare it to ur grom.

ScryTv says:

i dont know if its the same on electric bikes, but it could be that the bike slow down more by its motor if the batterie is not full 🙂 atleast thats how its on my electric car

pillow scream says:

stop sign? any1?

Dominik Becker says:

Why not the ktm freeride?

chaseontwowheels says:

I’m FINALLY able to watch this. Didn’t wanna watch it before our little excursion. Excited to put my First Ride out of this little guy now!

Aleksi Mäkinen says:

have you heard of Lightning Ls218 ?

NEF4RI0US 6 says:

That point to the wow motorcycles sign was oddly perfect.

Jorden Foster says:

You mentioned Harley having a stake in Alta. Recent news suggests that they just split away from each other. Hopefully HD didn’t come in, take the tech, and leave them high and dry.

The Alta Redshift EXR is at the top of my list of EVs right now.

TwinSpinner says:

Of course this comes out the day before Harley and Alta split lol

Charmin Corbett says:

You gotta do the SR man. I need one myself

CRZ says:

High way test! !!!

Alex Johansson says:

try the energica ego!

1967friend says:

What happened to do it with Danielle, she’s a nice lesbian. Why’d you cut her out?

KenjaTaimu says:

what’s this aspect ratio y u not shooting 16:9?

pegaxs says:

Do you ever use your indicators? Maybe you would feel more at home in a BMW. Nice safety gear as well…

Tal Katsman says:

Take a new DSR or SR , then you will have fun 🙂

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