Energica EGO – Review & Testride

This is an 100% Electric Motorcycle. With the cheap, cheap cost of 31’000 euros….
Big thanks to zeev.pt and caronline.tv for the opportunity!

136 Hp
250 Kgs
Range 100-200 kms

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Instagram: cagerontwowheels

Intro music is “Black Suit Zombie” by Phazer.
Go check ’em out here:

Cameras used: Gopro Hero 3 Black and GoPro Hero 4 Silver.


The god of Blue says:

holy horticulture its a pretty bike but a not so pretty penny

AJ brothers says:

Italy’s new electric superbike is all set to rock the biking world

Paletes3 says:

My blender machine has more grunt than this bike 🙂 Nice review, tho.

Michał Borski says:

Insane !!!

6kies says:

Is there a way you can make the sound louder or sound like an actual motorcycle?

Auttie B says:

Strange rear shock, beaut bike, the future looks bright

Marco Debart says:

seems to be boring as fuck when you open the trottle and al you hear is …bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

MoonBernie says:

Cheap 31.000 euro? Full carbon but still way too heavy to compete on a track. At that price? It goes fast…. in the city. On a straith road. Nope its only a showbike.

Gin Ford says:

what country is that?

T XY says:

Sounds like future

blipco5 says:

This is the bike of the future….let’s keep it there.

Freek Voorwinden says:

I am genuinly al little frightened after watching this movie. I drive a litre bike on the street and 600cc on the track but the torque the Ego produces just seems insane. So easy to lose that real wheel on the slightest little thing on the tarmac. However, while being sincerely a little bit scared, I will abolutely give that thing a try as soon as I find an opportunity.

Sheetal Singh says:

what is the name of city?

Big Daddy says:

But there’s 4 major major questions 1 is cost 2 .is how far can you go on it and 3 warranty 4 dependability .

Burnout says:

The Telsa of motorcycles, hopefully the price will drop significantly

Btatas Fritas says:

Então o futuro ja chegou a Portugal! Ao preço vergonhosa da gasolina neste país essa agora é a minha mota de sonho! Ninja 600 é pá esquecer! Cada pequena volta são 15 ou 20 euros que desaparecem da carteira é triste… Bom trabalho excelente review! Devias fazer da Zero Fxs supermoto parece uma mota muito boa e muito leve tem uma aceleração exelete 3.8seg dos 0 aos 100 e o preço é muito mais em conta e adequado a nossa realidade.

ThePotatoIsAStarchyTuberousCropFromThePerennialSolanumTuberosumOfTheNightshadeFamilyLOL says:

its funny how you mention it being heavy and then i compare it to my old cbr1000f turns out the cbr1000 is 10kg more when wet.
Nice to know that if i would drive this im already used to it

Albert Barnett says:

Until there is a racing league, the superiority of electrics are just for the rich! 30,000 for a sport bike that can barely make 100 mile, while you are being careful not to go to fast and waste battery! The future is bright but still a ways away, maybe carbon nano batteries will finally make the range, recharge problem vanish!

guido werner says:

Oh man.. this is epic

Yamaha FZ1000 James Ninja 300 James says:

I want one thats my next bike

kitko33 says:

Hi Cager – just a note on your Gearbox comment. Electric engines do not need gearboxes – the torque of the electric engine is constant and available from 0 rpm.

On a combustion engine, you need to use a gearbox to optimize the revs of the engine in relation to the speed of the car and power demands. But since you have all the torque at all the times on an electric motor…. gearbox would be redundant.

More importantly, this is what future sounds like and it’s amazing.

Telhmaaa says:

Speed limits mean nothing to you?? or does it just look like you go amazingly fast on those public roads?

Orangelapierre says:

Podias por legendas !!!

joe caterman says:

seems bad. “very heavy” , “heavy steering” Sports bike. hmmm 30k! Would have to ride to be fair… not selling it to me though.

Peter Robann Sobrepena says:

Those cars you passed may think it’s an alien bike

0YouCanCallMeAl0 says:

It can’t have a high center of gravity and be hard to turn,they’re mutually exclusive mate. The lower the CG, the more stable a bike is and the harder it is to lean it into a turn. High CG means less stable bike, that tips over easily. Looking at the bike and reading other reviews it seems the bike actually has a pretty high CG. It’s just your riding Cager, you’re not used to sports.

schubi128 says:

I’d really would like to see a testride from a real Pro motorcyclist instead of a wimp who complains about everything. The dump laughing does not make up for all the complains and wining.

jerryl davis says:

I am convinced that electric is the future . It sounds good but seriously if every bike becomes electric then hearing the same sound on a cruiser and sports bike will be a bit annoying.

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