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On this episode of Translogic, our motorcycle-loving host Jonathon Buckley tries out some of the hottest electric motorcycles on the market. During the episode we check out Mission Motorcycles, Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire, and Lightning Motorcycles.

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King Fish says:

@55 sec slow mo, look at the headlamp bulbs move? $illy. See you @ MotoGP?

Michael Tejeda says:

I bought a lighting motorcycle and i absolutely love it

wadewilson1973 says:

Gwyneth Paltrow works for Harley?

Mr.Tweezy007 says:

Too heavy and too costly. The battery life is not long enough. No powerstations or battery swaps

raymond cancel says:

$58,000,I wouldn’t pay that much for any bicycle even if I could go to moon on it! Good luck with that price! you can have a Zero for $16,000.00!

swoon drones says:

This was filmed late 2017? But Mission died ages ago. Wish they were still around, though.
As for the battery dying on the 218, it is very dependent on HOW you release power. You know this, right?

Grafight23 says:

I’m not too happy with Harley’s approach. The bike looks good but other than that, to bring an under-performing bike as a demo to the public to ask them what they want is just not a good idea. Do your own work and research. Look at the best selling electrics out there and make something better at the same price or less. Simple.

Maketsu says:

The music is distracting.

yellow6ird says:

Such a shame Mission folded, their bike looks to be the most exciting.

PaulBodyBuilder says:

Tesla motorcycles

Joseph Marton says:

okay the gas powered bikes have higher top speed , this bike is not for the track at all, it is heavy and top heavy . yes on the straight line it might beat most gas powered bikes but I own motorcycles that are far faster than this bike. the weight, the distribution of the wieght need to be considered. its still a prototype . beautiful looks, I really want one but for what ? it still has limited use other than some new fun at a high price ???

den co says:

I would rather have my face raped

VelociPat says:

38k for a fucking electric motorbike?
The only people buying those are going to be pro riders cuz nobody else is going to be willing to fork over that kind of money.
Hope you don’t plan on selling too many of them, pal.

I’ll spend 12k on a new Zero DSR or a ZEV cuz I don’t plan on going 200+MPH

Frank Stocker says:

An electric Hardly Drivable how to kill a good image.

Rodney Mahan says:

38,000.00 dollars are you out of your mind?

f581474x says:


kvgolfa says:

Isn’t Mission dead? For like 2 years? And what about Zero?

Harry M says:

bikes like the LS-218 have no business being on the road, they are for the racetrack. the problem is that there are far too many idiots who don’t know the difference.

Gabriel DeVault says:

No mention of Zero? Wtf?

Joseph Marton says:

showing more emotion than a canadian figure skater….if he flips his visor you will see tears like the canadian girls hockey team.

PaulBodyBuilder says:

Whats the point of a 40,000 bike thats not comfortable

Uncle D is Scary says:

Yeah Nah. Not for me

Gerard Montgomery says:

No love for the Energica Ego? It’s the one I’d have if I was in the market for a new bike.

marcos maldonado says:

Hell yeah!!!! This is amazing I need one

Super Sonic Strategy says:

emflux one

Mark Zlahoda says:

Just waiting for Hydrogen FCV to get off the ground. Hydrogen FCV is coming like it or not. All manufacturers are working on FCV. Electric only is like the Beta video recorder of vehicles.. At best electric only is just a poor gap fill in the market.

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