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muscle machine 4107 says:

I want to buy
But i live in india

max tacuri says:

le falta sus espejos retrovisores jejeje

Dudi Marsudi says:

Mantap launch in Indonesia please

jkaczman says:

how would you register this in the USA to be street legal?

Luke InCyberspace says:

Are you going to have it certifed to meet the Australian Design Rules?

M Benny says:

I’m from VietNam how can i buy this bike?

chris george says:

what is the top speed of R3?

Miliroxx28 says:

Hello, if I would like to purchase a 5000w model with shipping to the United States, how much would it cost?

Md Romica says:

Most of these bikes are limited to 60kmph.I own a QS motor bike Zuumav and cannot go over 60 kmph.Is there ways to make controller modification to get over this limit?

Olivier Doussard says:

How much is it?

سنوبر snoper says:

Speed max


100kph.100km $2700

Emperor Kal El says:

where is the removable battery?

karthisg says:

Why you need silencer for battery operated vehicle

The one says:

Can you get this thing to the US?

Akbar, Allard Freichmann says:

Why is there still a tank on the electric motorcycle?


Price in indian rupees??

Hazrat Hazrat says:

How much to Pakistan?
Can you send to Pakistan
What is the process to buy this electronic motorbike

celica heart says:

How long does the battery last on a single charge

chris george says:

how much R3 electric motor?

Explore with Zac says:

I live in Laixi, Qingdao. Really excited to get this bike next month.
Getting it with 5000w motor and 72v60a battery.

Frank Z says:

How can i test one.

Adi ws says:

wow china technology is amazing . this wuxi r3 looks exactly like yamaha R3

loser 3009 says:

wish sm1 launch it in india. i wl buy 1.

Andres Alzate says:

Cuanto cuesta una con barerias LiFePo4 de 72v30ah con envio a colombia

さん銀 says:

How long can you travel on a single charge?

Frank Z says:

How much to Canada?

Krizi Custom Garage says:

Hello. Do you sell this motorcycle in Europe? What is the possibility of buying and shipping to Poland

Abdulmoiz Ayyaz says:

Hi , how much would it cost to get it to the uk and will it be classed as a motorcycle, so will I need to get a license for it or will it be classed as a moped . I am 16 years old and I want to buy one soon.

Cyber Lomitas says:

I wan one

niceslug says:

can I design my own mods ?, wondering if it could be register-able in Australia

Crazy K.Y says:

I have a license 50cc , Can I use which one?
R3 2kw —— 3kw —— 5kw —— 8kw

Gomen Nasai says:

bro can it be drlivery in india

Men HuB says:

Can it run with fuel ??

Basit Ameer says:

How much price in china

Andres Alzate says:

Controller 72~96~144v? and ah 150~200~250ah?

Sanjay Sharma says:

Available in India???

Sanjid vlogs says:

How much RMB??

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