When I got the opportunity to do a video in my First Ride series on a Zero motorcycle I jumped at the opportunity because I had never gotten to ride an electric bike before ( much less Zero’s FXS 7.2 which is the supermoto style bike). This is the second, not so fun, part of the ride we went on when the battery in the bike drops under 50% and I REALLY start to realize what this whole range anxiety is with electric vehicles. And trust me, you don’t want to know what it feels like when you get under 10% on your vehicle battery!

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Glenn Billings says:

“thank you, Jesus”?

That’s the heal’n Pow’r of Jesus in your hands.
Do I hear an Amen?

Ahmed Ali says:

Meanwhile i am at 2% of phone battery

Advanced bikes. says:

This is exactly why you don’t buy an electric bike

Gromzen says:

You just guaranteed I will never own an electric. What a beautiful day, gorgeous scenery, and perfect road wasted by “range anxiety” that could have been enjoyed to the fullest with a clear mind (why I ride my bikes) on a good old gas burning, tree killing, neighbor hating motorcycle.

Barry Ellis says:

God damn battery bikes

ryandontlikeyou says:

i doubt this will boost sales lol

Joan Gonzales says:

That was the longest 4 miles ever

Snazzy Jazz says:

You have a range of like 140 minimum and have more than 45% to do 22 but you know “omg I’m not gonna make it!!!” Piss off

Nzdds says:

The problem is that it’s electric

Here's Johnny! says:

Video ends at 19:37 thank me later

fciscokid says:

I have anxiety now, defiantly not getting an electric bike

Hey, Siri, What's Zero Divided By Zero says:

I love that bike and want one so bad but until then, buy one so I can enjoy it more. 🙂 P.S. I’m kidding but that bike is cool and you should consider buying it.

Ingolf Stern says:

i drive an electric car. range anxiety is a way of life, and is the absolute assasins bullet of electric cars. and you cant just stop for five minutes and recharge, it takes HOURS. electric cars are fucked. you have to pay for a 300-mile range car to get 200 miles of “real” range. but then you can’t do the th ings yoou like to do on a bike, haul ass, do wheelies, stuff like that. battery cars and bikes are FAIL.

chronoZ750 says:

Oh my GOD!! I am anxious because I am on 99%!!!

Julian Desmond says:

this is the problem with or world today his glass is as always ,half empty


And the number one problem is…. they are electric

Fishnfreak04 says:

If only they had a transmission u would get better range probs

Garfit Gar says:

Awsome ride 4%

GAGA 016 says:

drama queen 🙂


Tesla should build a bike

Joseph Williams says:

Electric motorcycle problem number one: Is a electric motorcycles.

Sean Daliege says:

I commute on my 2016 Zero FXS 20 miles one way and it’s perfect for the job. It nearly pays for itself with about 10k miles a year. You just have to know what you’re doing.

Ali Illegali says:

Gloves, protecting jacket, helmet, *SHORTS*

Aki Ny says:

Intro song?

jo smith says:

duh, plan ur trips better, take ur charger with you at all times

Tech Kid says:

The should put solar panels on those bikes so that you dont run out of battery when riding

Gary Johnson says:

It’s just not enough, who wants to give up the convenience of gas stations?

Mark Plain says:

This is stupid. This is like putting 10 litres of gas in your car’s tank and then complain of range anxiety because you can’t do a 200kms.

akfinner1 says:

What was he going to admit @ 15:00

Erik Lucas says:

How far did it make it?

Lemmywinkzz says:

You were getting real dramatic for no reason homie. Lol Just do some simple math if the battery can get you 100 miles at 100% then when you were at 45% you can still travel 45 miles (roughly). You were panicking.

Simon Mallia says:

riding wearing shorts + squid …..

stephenmwyatt2 says:

gas could be $1000 per gallon, and I still got the money

Mr. Weis says:

I drove 10000 miles on the Zero SR CT 2018. Electric rideing is different. And i love it over all. But to be honest. I had a testride on the FX. And it did not convince me. Sorry to say but im a 200% electric enthusiast. The FX is the right deal for comuteing and difficould offroad tracks. But not for touring. if you like touring… the DS(R) is a realy good choice. For my self… Besides street race and urban fuckery, i would go for Alta when it Comes to offroad. It is has a similar price segment but is a real MX bike.

DCcracker says:

ha it takes them 9 hours to do something I can do in 45 seconds.

its either gas or pass…

Justin Forney says:

Wow.. So many negative comments for what is similar to a review video with first impressions. Mind blowing.

Nicolas Hernandez says:

Yooo I literally live in GEORGIA I’m like Cobb parkway? And then I started seeing familiar stuff. Oh it is Cobb parkway GA I literally live next to it. Airforce dobbin vase.

Moist Cornbread says:

Chase on 2 whiners

Erik Lucas says:

being stuck behind slow traffic will save you lots of power., also being stopped uses at most 50 watts .

justwatch says:

You shouldn’t be wearing shorts on a bike

MTB Wolf says:

Love u Chase. Been a while. Remember that soundtrack I made for ya?

H. L. says:

Miss-leading title. Just trying to save your time.

Randy Edward says:

bring mini genset next time

MoistGoat says:

God there’s so many negative points about an electric motorcycle (plus some more with this one in particular).

Ima Crazy Guy says:

Oof 1 hour is roughly 10%. That is brutal, these things are only trustworthy in cities where you can guarantee you will have a spot for power. Close!

Joe Corbett says:

Anybody else notice at 14:50-14:54 the guy in the middle on the motorcycle said “yall pissed of so many people”, I’d assume they were swerving around before it, No hate just pointing it out.

Ryan H says:

I have an electric scooter and i always have distance anxiety on it.. then at night.. holy crap i get stressed out.. cause the lights use so much power but if i dont use them i cant see anything.. i mean i usually make it home if im able to charge it for where i go but still.. and then theres the wind.. the wind kills the battery so much on electric scooters

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