From http://tractionerag.ca Every year it seems electric dirt bikes are getting closer to reality. We asked some of the best riders in the world to come along and do some reviews and test rides, and very sensibly they declined so you will just have to watch us gumbies messing around on this EM Escape electric trials bike.

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This was my first ever ride on an electric trials bike but I wasn’t up for any heroics due to some bruised ribs. I was impressed. A very gentle initial response but grab a handful of throttle and there is plenty of torque to throw the bike forward. It only took a few minutes to feel comfortable with no clutch and no gear changes. And of course for anyone who has ridden bicycles the left hand rear brake on this EM electric trials bike is very easy to adapt to, and actually far better than a foot brake in so many ways. Over a distance you can barely hear that electric engine, also there’s enough sound when riding to give you feedback on how hard the engine is working. So this was our EM Escape electric trials bike review.

Will we see electric enduro bikes in mass production soon? I hope so. The Alta Redshift MX model is probably the closest yet. It did very well at the recent Red Bull Straight Rythm event and we also filmed one at the recent Red Bull Rocks and Logs in Canada. Various manufacturers are dabbling with electric bikes, but the ones that stand out so far are the Alta Redshift MX electric dirt bike. The trials models from Electric Motion. The KTM E-ride, and electric version of their Freeride. And Zero who make this dual sport model and a few road bike models too. Zero, Alta, EM, .KTM Freeride. Currently all these electric bikes are still at a small disadvantage in terms of power and weight compared to their noisy smelly cousins, but they are getting very close. So close that for some riders all the extra benefits are making these current models well worth buying now. The technology is improving so rapidly that it may not be too long before` we’ll see these bikes become more powerful, and lighter, than the gas guzzlers. This Alta Redshift MX review shows electric dirt bikes are already a reality. Personally, I can’t wait. But what do you guys think? Keen to hear your opinions so leave a comment.

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Brett Willborn says:

That’s like a battery operated lawn mower or weed eater. I’ll stick with my 2 stroke !

CentralTexasOutdoorsman says:

Electric bikes are a danger to gas bikes. I personally am scared for the future of dirt bikes and cars because of the push for electricity over gas. I would ride a “loud smelly smokey” gas bike over any electric piece of shit. These bikes will take half the fun out of dirt riding and I am very surprised that anyone who loves dirt bikes would ever support this bullshit.

Kenzie Palczewski says:

Sweet bikes powered by clean coal!

Hugh Jazz says:

E-Bikes are already here. So many to choose from.
From Mountain Bikes with E-Motors to Motor Bikes with E-Motors.
Re Gen Braking…. What a bright future we have

David Rockwell says:

Just saw a sneak peek of Beta’s new Mini-cross E. I can’t wait to see a full size version.

Darin L says:

I think we’re still a few years away till we can ride all day. That’s what it’s gonna take four me. Then hopefully we get it In our sleds also then the greenies can no longer complain that our 800cc 2ts are too noisy.

rallye raidr says:

Range; if you can’t ride all day its no good for me.

XR Dan says:

Keep the Plug in’s coming

twowheelsdown2002 says:

I have ridden the Zero FX, DSR, and SR. I really liked them a lot. I rode each about 20 miles on the street only. They have excellent acceleration, and great passing power. I passed a semi on the freeway and looked down and was doing 102. (on the DSR) I would love to have one for my 40 mile round trip commute. It is so fun blasting away from some dork in a Mustang, in total silence. And the Cops don’t hear you blast the throttle and turn their attention to you. You can really hammer the throttle, and nobody even hears it. But it feels like someone is trying to pull you off the back of the bike.

Enduro Janner says:

I am in a intense and sensual relationship with the smell of two stroke, and unless E-bikes are going to come with a petrol and oil scented incense, I wont have it.

2wheelLove says:

ive been wanting a zero dual sport since they came out. But the hefty price tag and limited trail time still leaves me weary. I am eager to see what the future holds for E bikes.

Ben Gardner says:

I’m super excited for the electric bikes to take charge! 🙂

Just last week, there was a “letter to the editor” in our local paper that complained about riders passing her and a visitor from out of town on one of my favorite singletracks. This is a shared-use trail, meaning we only get to ride it some of the days of the week, anyways. The article explicitly mentions the sound and smoke as the main culprit for the author’s frustration. These things will really help, it just needs to ride as nice as my KTM 300.

Noah Reyburn says:

100% coveting an electric trials bike to mess around in the year #stealthMode !!!

JoeJoe Moto says:

I feel like the best thing they could do is add a speaker and you can select the kind of bike you want it to sound like when you hit the throttle!

Sam Besant says:

Can we buy Altas in Aus yet?

Motoholic says:

I hope everyone gets a chance to test ride one. For me, I went into it thinking negative but it very quickly change my mind.Things that stood out was 1st I was smiling so much I felt like a kid, 2nd was the sound of what the tires were doing, 3rd was the instant torque with no hesitation. It would have no problem beating my 2017 KTM 350 off the line , 4th was off camber turns. You have total control of the traction including being able to hear the tire as much as feeling it before it breaks traction. 5th Was it is very easy to turn because of no rotating engine mass that normally wants to make a front tire push threw the turn.These things are what stuck out in my mind when I finish the test ride. I would also like to tell you it was very easy to ride and adapt to.

Chris York says:

I started on a gifted Keystone minibike that didn’t have a clutch (broken cable) and no starter (broken chord). You ride until you stall or the tank goes dry. I learned to adapt to clutch and stopping.

Charlie Kohn says:

When the range gets there ill start shoping for one. If i raced motorcross id probably highly consider the alta.

Robin Sandgren says:

Hopefully this don’t pick before I’m dead

JagLite48 says:

I love the sound of a 4 stroke but the advantages of an electric motor are huge.
BTW, I think an electric is a “motor”, a combustion power source is an “engine”.
(Although most use the terms for either)

CaptainPetrolburner says:

I’d like one of each. I have a backyard track and trials course, it would be great to ride back there silently.

Dirtbike Downunder says:

I am really intrigued by the electric bikes you show Barry. I have been following the Alta Redshift for a while; and am also eager to find out when the KTM Freeride E-XC will be available in Australia. It’s a shame you didn’t further review the Electric Motion ‘Escape’ as this bike was totally off my radar until today. I’ve spoken to a fella in Qld who is importing these, and they are priced around $12K – $13K. Apparently with the homologation kit they can be recreationally registered here in Victoria!!!!!!!!!!!!

With a range of approximately 2-3 hours riding time, and with a maximum speed of 60kmph, and with regenerative decent mode, the EM Escape would be an insanely fun bike to explore the local mountains near my house. Given it’s basically a trials bike with a removable seat, I reckon my riding skills progression would really benefit from having a little E-Trials bike in the shed.

I’d love a full review of the Electric Motion Escape, Barry – if you can make it happen it’d be sweet 🙂

Thorloar says:

I think the future of electric motorcycles is in the electric mountain bike/dirt bike hybrids. You get less weight and higher power to weight ratio. The only reason dirt bikes are so big in frame, wheels and suspension is the weight of the engine that needs to be supported. These electric mt. Bikes take advantage of DH bike suspension and oversized wheels. Imagine 36hp on a bike that weighs 125lbs with the same suspension travel as a dirt bike.

Ben Hamilton says:

Electric bikes are awesome once they are producing more power I’ll be looking into getting one of my own

Mikl R says:

I’d be keen to try one, I’d been thinking my 300RR might be my last dirt bike but if they bought out a lighter electric version I’d be tempted.

get some says:

Just say no!

Redneckenroute Kevan says:

Yep pretty excited about these. I think I’ll most likely pick up an electric trials bike soon, they look like a ton of fun!

MTB and ENDURO says:

But why electric we all love the rev limiter too much

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