Electrek Review: Sur-Ron is a monster ebike w/ 50 mile range & insane speed

Check out Electrek for more details: https://electrek.co/2018/08/09/electrek-review-sur-ron-monster-ebike/


Bikerelated says:

50 mile range. Seriously. I have 200km range and in no way is that enough. But 50 miles, c’mon man.

Ora Nyan says:

50 miles is really impressive, the ebike I’m currently considering on getting only has about a 34 mile range.


Great video. I can’t wait until Luna Cycle sells the Sur Ron with the updated controller. Thanks .

Electric Vehicle Hub says:

Very cool bike. 50 mile range is freaking good.

Ivan Čajka says:

Those chinese built frames are to small for me
Im 6’2 and that looks like size M frame

felix thecat says:

Can u change the tires for street use ? Can u test it on the street please — and will it take fatter street tires? I can get a kit for the legal stuff– Will drive it in Asia so no worries thanks in advance I friggin love that thing and sweet price too

Hannes Beukes says:

ebikes are the future, goodbye cars

gilessmokey says:

50 miles? … has anyone achieved 50 miles on one charge? not in the real world.

Mitchell Barnow says:

Congratulations on your purchase of this wonderful electric motorcycle!

Martin Lévesque says:

Fred combien se vend ce ebike?

Chris Till says:

As an ebike rider, I would say this is 1% ebike and 99% Electric motocross bike. It’s kind of a new category of bike that we’re seeing recently where it’s not quite a full size motorcycle but definitely too big and powerful to be called a bicycle. That’s not bad, it’s just new. I don’t know what the legal situation would be in the U.K. for this. I’ll have to check.

EbikeSchool.com says:

Looks awesome, I can’t even imagine that much power. I’m happy with just 1,500W!

Bonzo Bonzai says:

rear swing arm is way to short!
Pause at 4:08 needs a longer wheelbase.

Russell Bailey says:


Jesse Gallup says:

how do you like the pedal assist?

HansensUniverse says:

This is such a great bike for the money, in Europe you get an ok Haibike e bike for the same price which doesn’t even come close to this :/ Europe is lame and boring, these things aren’t even legal in Norway, you wont be able to even register them as a motorcycle here, it’s the definition of a country with anti fun, anything that’s fun isn’t allowed here, just electric push bikes that go up to 25 KM/h tops and the motors can’t be rated higher than 250w…

johnDon says:

I can cycle 50miles or more, so I have more range than this.

William Sawyer says:

Does the Chinese government subsidies the Sur Ron? I mean does Sur Ron sell the bikes to U.K. dealers for a loss and then the Chinese government pays Sur Ron a subsidy to allow them to be profitable? Therefore killing a local or domestic company in the U.K. from developing an ebike that they can sell for a profit? I bet they do!

Rob cousimano says:

50 miles no way… I would buy it if it had 300 mile range then i would drop the cash

Mountain Bike Vlogger says:

Dang. I have a motorized bike to do my bike vlogs… but I may get this as it seems there’s no engine noise

ugh xr500a says:

Nice bike Shame they’re over $8000 here in New Zealand I’d have one at $4500 $5000

snee says:

get rid of that light, it sucks 12v from ya bikes battery and only has 2 led chips. basically its using a ballast resister to turn excess current into heat.
just use a good bike light, you can get one for under 100 bucks that will deliver 5000 lumin on peak plus it will have a low beam mode and a flash mode.


…looking for a motocross demo …torque specs …wheelie (Knievel) …probably have to change sprocket (bigger)

Koug Arpaw says:


karlInSanDiego says:

Nice review Mr. Lambert. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing your long term review. Looks like Luna managed to get it licensed as a moped here in California.

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