CSC CIty Slicker Commute Test Run – outbound

Trial run on a Sunday with no traffic on the normal work commute.

Short: 12 miles, 35% battery used, complete success range-wise

Long: Speed still not popping over 40 MPH except on downhills

If you watch, I do narrate a half dozen times, while stopped at lights.

4:44 – Throttle issue, roll off pre-turn, back on full, no pick-up, speed drops
7:01 – 1st hill, maintained 40 MPH, not bad
8:51 – 2nd Hill, 35 MPH max, dropped to 32, admirable considering steepness and length, prob “worst” part of commute lack-of-power wise
11:20 – 3rd Hill – steepest thus far, thankfully “passing lane” – accelerated up to and maintained 33, not bad considering
19:19 – 4th Hill, steepest on commute, accelerated from 21 to 26, not bad considering, will see how traffic deals with me during rush hour, usually congested so may not be problem
26:20 – Downhill in Eco; Accelerated from light up to 35 MPH, then suddenly slows to 28 MPH with full throttle. Makes no sense at all
28:52 – Eco mode again, rolled off for traffic, then back on full throttle at 13 MPH. No response from bike at all, flipped to power mode to avoid being hit from behind

36% battery used for 11.9 miles yields an expected full range of 33 Miles


2wheelLove says:

I used to ride past your street on the way home sometimes. small world, ey?

BeerCanRich 99 says:

Wonder if you could mount a small Plexiglas windshield in front and increase the aerodynamics? Could increase the top speed a little and extend the range?

jason donnelly says:

Junk !!

Ian Mangham says:

Front fairing needs padding if that’s what I can here rattling

scratchymaster says:

Thanks for the video!
With a top speed of 45, it probably shouldn’t touch roads higher than a 35mph speed limit. I hate when I’m on my scooter and I don’t have reserve power to pass something.

Thomas Gutowski says:

Yup, affordable commuter with just enough vroom to get you around town.

efx 2017 says:

Man that bike is slow. It looks nice but they need to fix that. It seems it puts you in more danger since you can’t move fast enough. I had two pocket bikes and I think they were as fast as this thing. They are fun but that’s a lot for this I think.

Ian Mangham says:

Maybe that rattling is your visor?

PlanVision Corp says:

Great and thank you Bro for sharing.
I planning to pitch a EV motorcycle or Honda Grom to a short trip like 30 – 36 miles. How’s the charging cable it’s that compatible to Tesla plug?

Czar Zenana says:

OMG, are all the roads in such a horrible state in the US?

Seeker says:

I’m not familiar with the bike but if it has regenerative braking that may be the reason you’re losing so much power when you lay off the throttle, it doesn’t coast.

Ian Mangham says:

Perfect, just the right amount of power to put a smile on your face, if everyone went to work on one of these the world would be like paradise

techten 101 says:

Whats the range on full charge?

Ian Mangham says:

Finally I found someone actually riding one

lee53597 says:

12 mi using 35% of the battery, so usable range is around 30 miles….? Not good enough. I don’t know how you can say it is “complete success range-wise”…

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