Bolt’s High Tech Electric Motorbike

Bolt is a San Francisco-based startup that makes electric motorbikes. The bikes are handmade in a small garage on the edge of town and come with the same type of lithium-ion batteries used in Teslas.

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Dante Planeta says:

shut up and let the man talk!! also the price is insane. at $2k id totally but it

Inspire says:

Dude you have a sideburn in yo face!

shunya loka says:

Where to buy this. What it may cost in India.

hasta purnomo says:

lol you can have it at indonesia for under $300, they called it “motor bodong” top speed up to 200 km/h

808ROTY09 says:

she’s alright, I’d do her after test riding my electric toy.

Bradley price says:

How much is it worth

Ddr Hazy says:

I don’t think the design is good. Battery is bulky and placed awkwardly in front of the seat. That means riders will have to hunch over more to grip handle bars. Internet connectivity is meaningless and is not a true way of securing your bike. Unless the bike has it’s own sim card, it’s also disingenuous to say it’s cloud connected, this thing is as connected to the cloud as a tablet that requires wifi to connect.

This is a statement to any small startups trying to make an electronic bike. Concentrate on keeping it simple and priced affordably. If your bike is not looking like it was designed by Lamborghini and you are over the $2k price, you’re going to fail. Honestly anything over $1500 is bound to fail, the price point to try to get to is $1k.

RampagePhoenix says:

The lady in giving the interview seems kinda rude and pretentious. She doesn’t seem to want to check out this product with the Open Mind it deserves. Whoever raised her, i can honestly say has FAILED at teaching her to be humble.

Mohhamed Ibrahim says:

wow nice which type of motor u used

Ijusthopeitsquick says:

What a simp, what a bitch, what a toy.

Rajesh Rajenderan says:

cost ????

Larry Medina says:

I  rebuilt my friend’s’ 1st-gen 1999 EVG ebike for around $200 with cheap-ass parts off eBay and Amazon. What is the deal with $5000+ bikes? If manufacturers want ebikes to take off (they haven’t’), they have got to get the prices down.

henry R. says:

nice ebike BUT the cops would be all over it like ants to a lolipop here in n.j. Cause of its frame design/looks, alittle pricey still give it thumbs up.

marcky017 says:

“If you’re a mom and experienced rider you can ride in sports mode if you’re dad and new to riding and not ready for power and performance of sports mode… blabla ” I can tell he’s trying to balance things out here, so obvious haha. Jewtriarchy incoming!

Fateh Hamza says:

اريد واحدة

Saul Gonzalez says:

The women interviewing this man seems like a novice in both interviewing and in the understanding the practicality of this invention

harshmdeshpande says:

Doesn”t have a proper footrest??

Zippy DaChimp says:

$800 that’s about what it’s worth.

fazzo 1993 says:

can i buy this motorcar and take it in italy?

Texas Moto Kawasaki says:

I’m a dirt bike rider and my mom got cancer so I can never go riding because I’m 11 so I can buy this and ride because it’s street legal no license and insurance

That Guy says:

Top speed?
These are things we want to know.

PikolUploader says:

Bad interviewer.

TheKeule33 says:

grow up. stop censoring

Truth Monster says:

Yeah, sports mode is for women, dad can’t handle it. Then the bitch reporter gets on and almost falls. Good job alienating half the market with your tired old man-bashing. What a metro fag….

Perla Gomez says:

How much pls

Daniel Izguerra says:

That lady fucking sucks

Yes Yes says:

Funny how she said tablet on this?? Anyway how did video end before even giving out opinion on it or short review? Da fuk

Macroy Gitau says: many miles can one or both batteries go in full charge?
2.are there spare parts from other bikes compatible with M1?

chewie frey says:

a bomb between my junk, well how much money can I sue for if those batteries make me a eunuch?

flitsies says:

USB port will get flooded out when it rains, also only good for countries with forward thinking govts no good in UK.

roger hurd says:

This interview shows what is wrong with the west coast and in general the cancer that is spreading the nation. That man pandered and basically laid down for that cunt. “If you are a mom and an experienced rider” 01:06 are you fking kidding me as to what follows. We all know women drive less than men yet when you average miles and accidents caused; women take the cake. Ignorant chumps can not keep their hands off the phone. This is disgusting, men are the head for a reason. Stay in the kitchen. To the pussy man; you are pathetic and I would not purchase shit from you. Better hope them soccer moms are all over this; otherwise welcome to bankruptcy.

Jim Kennedy says:

Somebody really needs to develop a hybrid bike, with ebike and gas bike capabilities. because it is one way 19 miles for me to get to work and have no driver license so cant use a car. 12 volt usually fizzles out when it is needed the most.

Andrei Gauna Adamson says:

What a shame that here in FUCKING SPAIN, THE FUCKING GOVERMENT does not allows you to use these without turing signals, insurance, and a fucki g licence…

Mao Zedong says:

does it rev?

michael Reuther says:

where can you buy it ?

Warren Currier says:

Very cool! Thanks for your entire effort. I hope you reach your revenue goals, margins, etc. The world is better with you in it.

ronnie mori says:

yes, its expensive….

Chris Darwiche says:

she is such a fucking bitch

Rabi Sahu says:

Rabisahu 237gme.kam

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