Bolt Electric Hybrid Motorbike

Bryan got a chance to ride the Bolt Electric Hybrid Motorbike.  Bolt M-1 is a moped, motorbike all in one. It’s the world’s first hybrid motorcycle. Powered by peddle as well as a brushless motor. The M-1 carries a 168kWh battery pack and has a range up to 50 miles and top speed of 40 mph.  Check out Bolt’s website at
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IGotProblems says:

If I can make purchases every month, I’d be down with this.
$150 a month would be all I could do, sometimes I could toss in a bit more but not all the time.

Stacey Story says:

I m in love with bolt motor

roger hurd says:

WTF is that obese idiot wearing? Seriously all I can think is pedophile. Stopped watching at 00.50

SoloDre Modz says:

I will spend $4,500 for it but is shipping free tho?!?! XD If not I’ll still buy it because I hate traffic + walking 5 miles home from my school. Ima gold wrap this bike XD

Boston Tillery says:


Dario Metalhead says:

Please tell me, what I need to do? Because I need one of these bike… I live in NY and I think I need help to get some one

Basand says:

was considering on getting one…. Price is $5475??? Yea imma get a Ninja300 from craigslist

josh greg says:

it doesnt fit the cryteria to be legal in canada it can only go 20 miles per hour if it has the potential to go faster I think it instantly becomes a motorbike and needs to be registered and it can only have a 500 watt motor on it and the wattage and speed need to be labeled in a perminant fashion by the manufacturer to certify that it doesnt exceed the speed and watts permited by the law and it needs to be in english and french so boo out of every bike ive seen this is the only one im geeking out over. I cant legally get a license so I figured I could get one of these for transporting myself around.

Ken Wilbourne John Ch 3 verse 16 says:

How much does it sale for?

Dario Metalhead says:

Shut up and take my money

agsn says:

how is this hybrid?

John Flinn says:

Can I have one with 3 wheels for 300 lb man, and a small generator.
O with a sunshade with solar cells?

BBBYpsi says:

needs more range & how fast is top speed no pedal assist

Ivan says:

168 kWh ? is it nuclear powered?

Greg Kramer says:

168 kwh, I call BS since that would be more than twice the size of the Tesla Model 3s battery!

ProtocolsMaster says:

Does the battery recharge while pedaling?

Rocco Lucio says:

20 miles for a full charge and that bike is $5k, no thanks I wouldn’t even pay $100 dollars if it was on sale, you guys want a electric bike wait to they built a motorcycle the gets 300 to 500 miles a full charge, and to get a full charge in a hour or so, then yeah wouldn’t mind $5k to $15k, not even zero motorcycle can get 200 miles for a full charge, you guys are going to go out of business soon, I stick with my 2015 Ducati scrambler

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