Alta Motors Electric Dirt Bike | Test Ride & Review

Special thanks to Sean and Adam from Souhegan Valley Motorsports, Milford NH, for letting us film this Alta Motors review! Be sure to check out their website in the links below! Please consider supporting us on Patreon. We have some pledge rewards you may be interested in, so go check that out. Now You Know!

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Ben Veenstra says:

Hey guys, great video! Just a thought, We don’t know what a electric off road sounds like an I was annoyed by the music.. you even mentioned it in the video, the sounds are different. what sounds? Please let us hear them if they mater so much. Thanks 🙂 keep it up and greetings from the Netherlands!

Silentsam7532 says:

If they get into the ATV and SxS market there might finally be a company besides Honda I would purchase.

Mark Plott says:

Electric Motorbikes would be better with Dual Wheel Motors. but the Single motor attached to a chain is far Simpler to make.

James Mullins says:

I’d love one of these, but 12-14 grand is a bit steep. Guess I’ll have to wait until I can put one in the back of a Tesla pickup. Maybe they will be less dear by then.

Joe Schuster says:

Great video! Looking forward to new snowblower reviews for this winter

Chris Makis says:

Great segment. The future is now! I would also love to see a segment soon on the latest and best brands in domestic PV solar panels, inverters and batteries.

Haja says:

would love to have an electric bike one day. although I admit that I love the sound and vibrations of my bike and how it builds torque and power. riding a bike is not mainly about transportation and efficiency, but primarily about emotion, so the most logic, green and cheap version to move, electric, might not always be the number one choice in this sector, as with sports cars. for everything else: electric all the way.

Jason Donohue says:

Idk. I’m coming from a yz250f. This, and I’m glad to see people moving to electric cars, solar, etc. But please not electric bikes. The fun of racing is (winning) and hearing all these 250s behind (or in front ) of you. It’s great to hear. Never test drove a redshift mx but I’d really miss the sound. I race, I don’t trail ride

Michael Hofer says:

Nice video! However, it’s a pitty there is a music overlay nearly all of the time, so we couldn’t hear the sound of the e-bikes much of the time.

RnBee says:

I think when people say that they love the noise they mean they love what it represents, Power. Once we stop associating that noise when power, we will be left with the essence of what we truly desiring, control in its purest form.

Kevin says:

I have been waiting for this Alta Motors video for awhile. This is great.

Joeltravels says:

Awesome guys

Spiritus says:


duke1duke1 says:

Cool editing


My new homemade electric dirt bike

Michael Bachand says:


Raymond stingray Morris says:

amazing would a giro work on one lol

Zach Pouska says:

Any idea what the music in the background of the start is called??

ekhaat says:

And you never stall the engine

Ancient Bear says:

What is the cost and range?

Daniel Palmer says:


Brian Smith says:

I own two, the MX and MXR. They are insanely fun to ride, and incredibly simple to maintain.

Ebomb bomd says:

If only Alta was still in business!!

Peter Piccolo says:

i have a million dollar idea!! who wants to work with me and change this entire segment?!?!?!

HotRodHippie says:

My first thought was “but the sound” but honestly from what I could tell in the video audio it sounds neat. Kind of like when 4 strokes became common, it’s different but has it’s own charm. If I happen by SVM I’ll have to check these out.

Kelvyn Bettridge says:

Wow great video! Love the new 360 camera. Great to see there is an EX-R model for Dual Sport use too! The wait for these bikes to come to Australia is killing me. More please.

Arlin Sansome says:

I own 7 electric motorcycles. 2 are Off road Zero MX’s 1 of which is a custom bike I built with a KXF250r front end welded on for better suspension and once I rode the also I realized I need one. Zero focused on making an amazing Battery and a really good cost effective motor where Alta focused on making an amazing MX Chassis! Both companies are doing great things! Exciting times.

rowesyful says:

Looks sweet…wish they would make a 4 wheeler

Catalyst Network Solutions says:

Ouch. That price.

Tim Marsho says:

Being able to recharge an Alta from the Tesla Pick-up truck battery in the mountains or desert can’t come soon enough.

Jeppe Gyberg says:

Nice video

KooLaidblue says:

And what timing…… Is Alta still belly up or did something happen in the past 2 weeks?

Jurgen Frasch says:

I rode the Alta at SVM and yes, it’s a game changer, so much fun!

Rowan Broekman says:

What kind of range do electric scooters have?

Jonathan Gravells says:

@shonduras in the house!

Mario Miranda says:

Great video keep it up

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