Alta Motors All-Electric Motorbikes

Alta Motors is an electric vehicle company that specializes in compact, high performance batteries. Their first product, an all electric motorcross bike, ships soon. TechCrunch toured the Alta Motors factory in Brisbane, CA to learn more about how these bikes are made.

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David Drescher says:

how do your batteries hold up in cold environments? I’m looking into running a snow track conversation. Are the batteries hot swappable? could I bring a spair into the backcountry with me?

bLitzKrieg says:

damn that bitch @ 1:17 look like she gonna eat his soul…awkward should’ve sent someone who is actually informed. give it time def not worth the price tag. batteries will get cheaper

the wizard says:

electric is for pussys give me the 2 stroke 250 and let me rip it to fooook

toadamine says:

can it tow a trailer with a generator for longer trips?

kyle brown says:

Love the idea but people like wrenching on there vehicles that’s what the hobby is I get it’s good for racers but for normal motor heads it is stupid.

lenard ggor says:

yeah ima stick with the electrik ktm models the are better

Brent Edwards says:

fuck this electric shit engine’s will still be faster

Joseph Doueihi says:

i’m sad… i like shifting and a loud engine sound 🙁 🙁

marek35 says:

At last it looks like a real MX bike, not like thath KTM shit. But I still cannot imagine MX bike without clutch

matt c says:

shout out to Carnegie OHV park at 4:25 and 5:21.

Darren Lachel says:

I would really like to see a real world test. Take 2 bikes – The Alta bike and a gas powered bike that is comparative speed/power wise.
Fill the gas powered bike to the top.
Side by side race the bikes on a descent track.
When the electric bike’s power drops off to a level where it is no longer competitive.
Stop the gas powered bike and see how much gas was used.
This way we can see the equivalent in distance from a full E-charge compared to gas driven.

Stephan Cobb says:

Who sells these bikes now? And does this bike have a clutch on it?

moon shine says:

I like electronic bikes I’d buy one but not an electronic car

Matthew Meek says:

I could buy 10 used 250s on CL for 15,000 they will out perform and outlast these electric pieces of shit

casey obrien says:

they always put songs or talk over the sound of the bikes, not that they would sound like much. I just wanna hear them

Josh Roberts says:

I race Motocross lol it would last like 30 min then your dun can’t charge it at the track

dwc1964 says:

Are their batteries more energy-dense than Zero’s Z-Force battery packs?
And are they planning to build something in sport-touring trim – fairing with adjustable windscreen, tour-cycle size bags, cruise control, etc. – and what would the real-world range and recharge time be?
I’ve been waiting for Zero to make something like that, but they seem to love the naked-bike look too much, and everyone else (Mission, Lightning, etc.) are into sport bikes. My latest BMW RT is showing is age, and I really don’t want to buy another one. Electric is exactly the tool for the job for San Francisco’s hills and traffic, but I need to be able to ride down Skyline, out to the coast and back on a single charge, and really want to be able to get to Sacramento or at least Santa Cruz; I can rent the latest beemer for my annual Pacific Northwest and Los Angeles trips.
The first company to make an electric moto that meets my Bay Area/NorCal riding needs gets my money.

Jimmy Adams says:

ya if it had a trans what would b the top speed?

ShadyCreekFarm's Josh Alexander says:

makes me sick

Lewis MX says:

haha would love to hear what ronnie mac has to say about these 2 wheeled mobility scooters

Sudhish Raghupatruni says:

What’s next? An electric UTV?

DaMonkey'sVid Keg says:

How long does the bike have to charge??? A regular dirt bike runs out of gas, you put more in, and there you go you can take off. Charging a battery could take forever

Dan Simmons says:

Great military bike. What’s the weight load? GSA scheduling and deploy greater capacity of unit numbers, with more inovative product’s combined and your down line of dealers will explode into a viable, highly competitive environment. Just don’t except money from the US government to help, you’ll regret it.

Alex Frankl says:

I think most of you are missing the point completely , this will allow enduro X , super X moto X racing within cities and towns with zero noise constraints , the one thing causing the most damage to our sport is noise ! I live on a 2 acre block with an enduro X track , for this the Alta would be awesome , I already have the kids on e bikes .

Josh Roberts says:

I can’t ride no more after the battery dies lol

Jimbo says:

The technology will take more than 20 years before we could see it in action in supercross and motocross. Though I hope it won’t go to that direction. The sound of a internal combustion engine is far superior and I doubt Big manufacturer like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and KTM would even try to bring that tech into racing. Yes, I know KTM has a few electric models.

Ryan Fonseca says:

I feel like any company that’s serious about being successful and is a start up would NOT be in San Francisco. That City’s cost is insane. Why waste the money? To be a “cool techy start up” in san fran? Come on….

Jon McDougal says:

These bikes are not ready for offroad and not strong enough And I do not want to be charging batterie and a extra batterie probably costs like 4000 and that’s not worth it to me it says 2 hours on technical trail and 30 minutes for Moto well then you have to charge the dam thing and I don’t want to sit around when I can get my gas bike and just fill up ride fill up no waiting

John OReardon says:

How much is a bike off road most powerful and will you ship to Ireland???? Thank you…. Jon….

jan Flöter says:

nice but Why isent the motor directly on the wheel like on some ebikes? and do you regain energy while using the break?

The BBQ Jerk says:

A year later and they still are not shipping…..


A lot of riders actually like working on their bike in the garage and it teaches you so the thing about practically no maintenance can be con to a lot of people

fladfishey says:

Wost interviewer ever

Nolan 320 says:

Please never say the word MOTORBIKE omg lol cringe


increase production before you go out of business , you have priced yourself out of the market. goodbye

AWDn0t2 says:

They said it comes in two forms, one a motocrosser……
Is the other a supermoto?

Rod Zimmerman says:

“Frequent engine rebuilds?!” I’d like to know your definition of frequent. Saying that you need to rebuild either two-stoke or 4 stoke motors frequently is pure BS and you know it.

steven morty says:

everyone so quick to diss new technology just like an old person refusing to touch a computer. dont knock it until you try it.

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