7 Electric Motorcycles w/ Good Pricing in 2018: feat. Tork T6X and Sur-Ron Bike

Owning a motorcycle is a step towards a lifestyle full of freedom, speed and brave actions. The old-school riders will tell you that there is nothing better than the sound of well-tuned motorcycle engine but there are representatives of the new school that believe that gasoline times in the motorbike industry are over.

The representatives of the new movement support the inventions connected with electric-powered engines and, while the number of people, who would like to try out an electrified bike, is growing, most of manufacturers can’t produce a model with low pricing. Luckily, we were able to find 7 reasonably priced motorcycles that start at just $3,000.

Here is a short list of bikes that could become the Teslas of motorcycle world (all links to the sources of these products could be found in the “Credits” section of this video):

– Evoke Motorcycle, also known as the first affordable urban bike with 75 miles of riding range and speed of 81 miles per hour;

– Zero s ZF7.2 – advanced naked street bike that produces no fumes and noise;

– Tork T6X – the cheapest bike that is made in India but doesn’t lack anything in the technical department;

– Super Soco TC – classic café racer style vehicle with a powerful 3000w Bosch 17-inch hubmotor;

– Sur-Ron – fast dirt bike that will amaze you with its acceleration and quick charging time;

– Super Soco TS – nice looking bike with futuristic design and two batteries lasting for 100 miles;

– Denzel Cafe Racer – the cheapest option on the list but not less interesting for sure.


B edwards says:

And all we be highly stolen
Security anyone ?

Namelss Vermillion says:

28 miles per hour??, I can feel the road ragers honking at me already. Better off with a 50cc moped.

Thairapy Exeter says:

They should think about putting a rechargeable motor were the small sprocket so every were you ride you will have unlimited power you won’t have to charge the bike at all.

Martin D says:

Good video.

Carlos Rodriguez says:

Does anyone know if there’s a tax break for any or all the motorcycles in the USA?

Vill Vapes says:

What the fuck is the voice about dude your not being dramatic your getting on my nerves

v8trauma says:

Some are a viable alternative to a commuter bike. There’s a few that shouldn’t have made it to production in my opinion. That said, some people want a small moped replacement with short range just to nip into town. The problem is for most people, they then decide to do more with it and feel let down by it’s inability to perform outside it’s intended spec.

Arun Padmanabhan says:

“Sources for presented info” Wow, now that is something you don’t see often. Great job !!! Very academic approach, keep up the nice work. Cheers !!!

Marc Brassé says:

You know what? All of these bikes are basically urban toys. The thing that would really break the market open would be a 100/150/200/5000 formula. 100 m/h topspeed, 150 miles real world range (probably amounting to a maximum range of 300 miles at todays claims), a weight below 200 kg and all that for a price of around 5000 US$. A maximum spec Zero for one third of it’s current price is the only one coming more or less close to that. Now that is the gap that still has to be closed before electric motorcycles can really take off worldwide. I thank you.

ilovetheninetiesssss says:

Thanks for the video Darth Vader

Pieter Ouborg says:

Sadly, it’s not white and green, but you had me at Super Soaker.

Awakened2Truth - Disciple of Jesus the Christ says:

Electric vehicles with TOXIC LITHIUM BATTERIES are NOT “Eco-Friendly” .. quite repeating the lies brainwashed into people by deliberate liars and those who are not intelligent enough to see it’s a serious lie.

Alasdair Hill says:

I must confess I ride motorcycles and an e bike. I think most of them are ok but the range on all of them isn’t really much good !!!

SLAM BOY says:

for those prices i could get a bad ass e bike and not have to register or get insurance , even tho i have one no motorcycle endorsement

Securitor Gaming says:

28mph is a joke I can do faster then that on any pedal assist electric bike lol

Mr Dave says:

Robotic, poor CHRISTOPHER WALKEN impression voice with mispronouncition.

agus2001 says:

The super socco super sucks. Used it in China and it was too damn slow.

Tom Mabon says:

Untill the bikes can cruse at 70mph for 200 to 300 miles and top out at over a hundred for safe overtaking then regular in under 10 minutes they will be no more than a novalty comuter

CroatoanHR says:

Super Soco TS kostet 2.999€ in Deutschland. Aber nur mit eine Akku und da passen zwei!?

ofek pearl says:

Annoying narrator, stops after every word

King Korū says:

My question is do you need a motorcycle license for any of these?

East coast Electric bikes says:

Come check out Ecebike.com for some even faster E-Motos!! Pedals optional 130+ Mph, with motors upwards of 25K Watts! just at $10K!
with a powerful 84V 48Ah battery, you will have well over 100 Mile range!

Eduardo Jungbluth says:

This Super Soco is very beautiful. I hope it’s comming to Brazil…

Dan Wilkerson says:

Super expensive
Only a hundred miles
I bet parts are impossible to find.
I’ll stick with a real motorcycle for now

Logan Aidan says:

Do they need inspected. Are there people who can fix them if they break? Is it hard to change the tire when it goes flat?

Gasper Erjavec says:

well half of them are terrible and will never get of, only zero an the last one show promise

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