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The Zero SR has been in the electric motorcycle maker’s line since 2014. In 2018, there have been a few critical updates to its electric motor and batteries.

One of the prominent questions that crops up when talking about electric motorcycles is range. Kelly finds that on her 35 mile commute, she’ll use roughly 30% to 40% of the SR’s charge. Range is going to be heavily impacted by how you ride the 2018 Zero SR and other uncontrollable factors like the outside temperature. As it stands, the 35 mile commute leaves more than enough battery life to make a full trip, without plugging the bike in.

The Zero SR has two riding modes, Sport and Eco mode. The power savings between them is noticeable. You can also customize more settings with the Zero app, which allows you to change the regenerative braking characteristics and other attributes.

Electric motorcycles offer something different than your typical internal-combustion engine. With straight, instantaneous acceleration, the Zero SR certainly has its own personality that is unique from that of an ICE powered bike. That’s because electric motors produce their torque instantly, and the Zero SR claims to make whopping 116 ft/lbs.

Handling is quite amicable, and light. Depending on the model you have, the base weight, without any accessory batteries, is 313 lbs. And with the ZF13.0 +POWER TANK options, you’ll be seeing about 452 lbs.

This is aided by the adjustable Showa fork and shock. Though it offers a more firm ride, it doesn’t make things uncomfortable.

A single 320mm rotor takes care of your braking abilities up front, which does well for street riding. Aggressive riders might want a bit more bite, but for everyone else, it’ll do just fine.

The 2018 Zero SR’s strengths are in its ease of use and maintenance free approach to riding. If your commute fits within its range, the Zero SR makes a compelling argument as to why a commuting motorcyclists would want to invest in one. Sure, touring is out of the cards for electric bikes as of now, but for those of us that want to make short trips around town or tackle your average commute, the SR fits the bill.

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MCTeck says:

When Electric Motorcycles have a range of 250 mile+ and a recharge of 1 hr Or Less, [full] I will be there. Or With Electric Cars, Swap battery’s at “Refuel Stations ” Always remember , Govt ,want restrict Our Travel…. I want to recharge in the same time it takes to re- fuel My Motorcycle…..With Petro Fuel…

TRexHeliPilot says:

Thanks for the thorough and honest review. E-Bikes are almost there for me. The only deterrent now it the cost. There are some really nice motorcycles available for the price of the Zero bikes.

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