2018 Zero S | First Ride Review

I’m a big fan of the push for electric vehicles and the development of the industry. Do I think Zero are the company to drive us into the future? Yes. Do I think the Zero S is the vehicle to do the same? No.
It’s a decent start, and it shows great potential but it feels very much like the first stage in the evolution. Call it first edition but certainly not the final product.

For a more in depth review of the Zero FXS (My favourite of the two) follow this link:

For more on the differences between electric and petrol powered machines please check out these channels:



My Equipment:

Panasonic Lumix G7 with Sigma 19mm Lens
Rhode Videomicro
Samsung Galaxy S7
Zhiyun Smooth-Q
GoPro Hero Session
Evo SS
Yi 4K


Lifted_Above says:

Everything about the bikes is great. Awesome superb. Except BATTERIES. BATTERIES ARE STILL A TERRIBLE, AWFUL means of storing and transferring electrical energy. They are heavy, expensive, and slow in everything they do. In spite of the VERY high efficiency of electric motors, the batters are so poor that the range is still very limited.

Even with the relatively poor efficiency of a gas engine, the density of liquid fuel and the ease of storage and transfer is still MILES beyond the best battery. A thin sheet metal tank is light, doesn’t effect performance, and is easy to fill and empty. It’s also very safe if the fuel remains liquid. Batteries have none of these qualities.

Nothing wrong with electric propulsion. It’s great. It makes sense. It’s the BATTERIES that are currently really crap compared to liquid fuel.

Austin A says:

My only disagreement is your comments on handling. I own a 2018 13kwh and I must say I can throw it into a curve on a 45mph road at 70-80mph no issues. In the rain if you give it full throttle at any point the tire is gone. It has as much torque as an H2, so that is completely expected

Vaibhav v3 says:

Price in India?

Curtis Alexander says:

What’s the cost of this motorcycle

Motor Mouse says:

they have tons of torque, its not recommended to hit the throttle while you are tilted or turning

x1tekja says:

The traction issue had several factors in play. Clearly the weight of the bike and massive torque from the electric motor. But I did notice you rode off road in damp conditions.. and reviewing the vid… I’d never give ANY bike that much confidence just by looking at the tires. 1.) Debris on tire not clean 2.) Standard all season tire on a wet road. But excellent review you put a lot of effort it shows

Fred says:

5 hours to charge for a quiet more deadly motorcycle? Not worth it in my book

Ans L says:

The battery is rated for 300k+ miles. Stop fear mongering.

Gerhard Symons says:

Do people remember the Sinclair C5 from the 1980s?

Whilst this is not quite as bad, I do not see this being a hot seller.

Too expensive, no soul, and does not inspire me to want to try it. Looks too generic. Perhaps if it looked like the Vitpilen.

Anyhow, you are right, leccy is the future, and I am a carbon dinosaur slowly stumbling towards the black abyss of eternal nothingness that is death. Great review!

Exhaust note choice: GETTA DA CHOPPA!

Thomas Osborne says:

Nice review, must admit, I agree with @Big Irish Yeti. Hope your channel keeps growing.

Etan Plan says:

You gotta remember around a corner you need to give it half as much throttle as a petrol fueled bike. This is because there are no gears it just jumps. As for the battery they claim it can last 240k to 360k miles. Even if it only last 5 years, you’d make your money back in gas money. It’s not all there yet, but for the 6th year of making it; it’s proficient.

Ben Davis says:

Batteries will last a loooooong time.

Big Irish Yeti says:

You do good work man. You deserve more subscribers.

ScooterCommuter says:

Scary. How haven’t they built traction control in as standard? Like you say if the go pro picks it up it’s not good. Every time I’ve had a wobble with my camera on I’ve rushed back to watch the footage of my heroic death defying save only to find it looks like I just rode over a small pebble.

Etan Plan says:

it has 120 lb’s of torque, you have to expect if you fully throttle it you’re going to slip the rear wheel if you’re not controlling it. But once you are ready to control it you won’t have an issue.

Mitch says:

Excellent review

Melvin Bartolome says:

What type of Motorcycle Licence can you ride it on?

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