2018 BMW C Evolution Scooter Review

When it comes to two-wheeled practicality in an urban environment, it’s hard to beat a scooter. Perhaps that is why, in much of the world, you’ll see cities crawling with them. Scooters are easy to maneuver, easy to park, and most offer some cargo carrying capacity. They’re perfect for commuting or running out to pick up some groceries.

BMW has classified its three scooter models as urban mobility vehicles, with the C Evolution being the company’s only electric entry in the category. Outwardly, the C Evo resembles its closest sibling the BMW C 650 GT in many ways, but the similarities are only skin deep.

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MotoRider DK says:

Needs engine sound…

SunzOffski says:

Seems all the money has gone in to the batteries and motor?
The rear shock, forks, wheels and brakes look budget and rather ancient, especially considering the cost of this machine. (£12,250)


two wheels on battery ???
no way !!!

no knee down ian says:

A bit disappointing that the battery life hasn’t been improved since its original launch years ago

Becker Inal says:

Range Anxiety is all I can say

Sweeptheleg ! says:

Cool, but can it do wheelies?

John Grey says:

Evan – been reading and respecting your work for years! Thanks for a great review. I think electric scoots, bikes, and cars could be the future, if they can improve the range and charge times. A lot!

Guest Ahole says:

Why do they cut the floor boards short? I want my feet underneath me, not forward. That’s why I’ll never give up my Helix.

Michael Moretti says:

I know we’re not supposed to respect scooters – they don’t have the “coolness” of REAL motorcycles.

But, the truth is, they’re VERY nice rides – comfortable, quiet, EASY to control, cheap to run and maintain. In many ways, scooters are superior to motorcycles.

If scooters looked as cool as motorcycles, and had anywhere near the high-end power, they would be MUCH more popular than they are now. And, the way the emissions Nazis are going in Europe, it’s entirely possible that scooters will be the predominant means of 2-wheeled transport in a few decades time.

Lina Hermans says:

those database interpret twelve circle vitamin extreme oxygen.

Benjamin Hasselgren says:

Interesting how this will compare to Niu Project X (when it comes out in the end of the year or early next year).

D. F. says:

Gas is still better. Sadly. I want electric but it’s just not as versatile as I need it to be

My Opinion Doesn't Matter says:

Do you know what a REVIEW is?
Hint: it’s not reading spec sheet over few shots of driving while playing dumb music in background -.-

Screeex says:

Its so ugly..

Daffy Dill says:

Give me ⛽

Human Nature says:

Finally a decent review on this Maxi. I am on the fence buying it but I would really wanna use it for commuting to work and back.

BestRex says:

I test rode that baby last summer, and it felt superb! It’s absolutely smooth, and very quiet. It has no vibrations at all (unlike its gasoline counterpart C650GT). Throttle response is absolutely instant, and there’s very much torque everywhere from 0 rpm up to the redline. Acceleration is very strong and rapid. Handling is superb due to very rigid frame – bike handles very good and easily (again, better than its gasoline counterpart). By the way, it has reverse. Brakes are quite weak – worse than on other BMWs. Such expensive bike should have better brakes for sure. Stock screen are not tall enough, and stock seat are to firm. Both of this issues can be addressed since accessories catalogue has both tall screen and comfort seat. Again, for such a price as this bike costs these parts should be stock – not an accessories.

Other than that this bike is flawless. And it’s REALLY fun and cool to ride. I’d definitely buy it if I had a lot of money. Sadly, I don’t.

richard rosario says:

Scooters are for old people and food delivery.

smith jones says:

Pretty neat. I wouldn’t buy one, but I’m glad it exists.

Papashvili says:

electric evolution vasca da bagno!

Broadcast Channel says:

I always love electric vehicle

Francois Brice says:

You forgot to mention about the weight and handling at low speed… These things need heavy batteries and this is a challenge for competing against other petrol powered scooters

telocity says:

Quick calculation shows it’s carrying 14Kwh of battery. My I-miev 4 door has 16Kwh and goes 60 miles. So about 4 miles/Kwh. So 7 miles for BMW. Not bad for 2 wheels. In fact the Zero motorcycle does combined city/hwy of 95 miles on a 13Kwh battery. So very similar. BTW the chevy Bolt with 60Kwh battery does about 4miles/Kwh. So at least everything is consistent.

Toshesh Daulta says:

I need this in India, like very soon please.

ไม่ดีเสมอไป SP MODELCLUB SP says:


tomble womble says:

Let me know when the review is ready

Romina Talpos says:

Thank you for this video! :*

ham_sandwich says:

look kids, an electric sofa

Future Gundam Pilot says:

Go electric!!!

Gene Long says:

It’s a $10000 bicycle. Never work in Texas

M CUBED says:

I won’t consider these until they can go 200+ miles, and charge fully in 20 minutes…probably will never see that though

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