2017 Zero DSR Review – Test Ride. Completely ELECTRIC Motorcycle!

Definitely a crazy motorcycle but not $18k+ cool lol

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Danger Ranger says:

Funky beat at the beginning of the video, pretty sweet.

ventende says:

Can’t really imagine Harley Davidson going electric. Gonna be fun watching a Hells Angel gang arrive sounding like a sewing machine. For some the sound of a fossil fueled MC is part of the experience. People buying powerful exhausts just for the sound of it etc.

Peter Almvall says:

Electric all the way, for me.

phil tripe says:

if you get on a new bike and the handle bars feels bent, its bot the new bike its your crooked handle bars

jmcdowell1972 says:

$18K? For a golf cart? No thanks…

Wesley Alexander says:

Why isn’t it solar powered?

tino sosa says:

No cussing

Delajuan El Bey says:

Oh ok make sense

sasholsuma says:

Not for me.

I ride motorcycle to have a big fuck-off engine between my legs, to hear the noise from the exhaust, and to use skill to shift up and down.

Fuck these bikes.

Jessa Phillips says:

650ib had a drag race with his 275 hp H2 against a zero and the zero pulled him halfway through first gear…

Delajuan El Bey says:

Why do these bikes look like dirt bikes? I like them but they look to plain, I like sport bikes. What I would also like to know is can you modify the fairings on these bikes? If I were to purchase one of these bikes I would definitely have to purchase a Yamaha R1 or R6 I just may do that….

le Jake says:

What a great video, the many facettes you mentioned were especially cool to me, it just seemed like an around great review 🙂

Gary Chandler says:

Andrews 21 torque cams and a clutch on my tuned Harley and I HAVE that instant torque, just a hair later than the battery powered bike of course.
Bad thing about the cams though is the power and kicks in at 1400, so it’s virtually impossible for me to keep my fist out of it, especially with modded suspension and tires (double darksider). Soooo, I get only about 36 mpg, unlesss I clench my teeth and slow down to pack speeds, and I’ll get 42.
Still, I’d have an electric for a runabout….uhhh….when I get rich….!!!

Jay Dillon says:

For $18,000 you should be getting a Zero VTOL aircraft for chrissakes.

Shaniqua 52-leben says:

I love videos that show a side-by-side of a bike from like 9 feet away, then zoom in on the dash…nothing tells me the video creator is a nub or a Dodge driver than that.
I saw this video and creamed your pants.
how’s 40 and still listening to 16 year old music?
I have the answer: bawbababwgbwbwgbwbwbhanannaaanaananaanaabanbanbanbnabnabnabnanbanbnabnanbanbnabnawhwhbhhasbahbhahbah
Fast is bullshit. Learning to ride with a clutch is riding.

Roy Poud says:

wouldnt it be nice to see various reviews and road tests by people that know what they are talking about?
All these guys doing reviews sound like they jus found out about motorcycles. sheesh

Angel Espino says:

Can you put it on eco ! Fuckin gay ! Put that bitch on super sport !

MrKevinontube says:

Not a fan of electric bikes, but if they introduce electric growl to it I may like it.

abbaby555 says:

I like this bike, it would make a great daily rider to work and back

Shaniqua 52-leben says:

Sport mode is like OH MY GOD he went from 20 – 50 mph.
My 919 sends its regards on that overpriced POS that sounds a lot like a dildo.

SemperFi 83 says:

18k? Are you fucking kidding me? I just had to buy a new car on account that I’ll car unfortunately blew up.

I ended up buying a 2016 brand new Hyundai i30 for about $23,440. The reason why it was so cheap when normally they’re priced at about 30 to 35 k was because they were having a special.

I can justify spending that sort of money on a car when I go through a car about every 10 to 15 years but to ask $18,000 for a motorbike and then you have to add on anywhere from 1500 to $2,500 for riding gear what a fucking joke!

You’re asking people to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a motorcycle that isn’t as safe to ride as driving a car albeit electric. I would love to go electric but seriously fuck off!

Vitabrick Snailslime says:

Couldn’t take my eyes off the triple clamp slightly turned to the right, so was pleased that you noticed it too. Such imperfections are chronically annoying.

Brandon Mccalla says:

I need this…..

yo93yeah says:

so if you dont buy the extra battery thing you dont get the standard charging port??

Oscar Javi says:

y a colombia cuándo llega !!!!!

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